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Bella POV (a/n I pretty much know that POV means perspective, but what does it stand for?)

I squinted out with one eye the tiniest bit to peek out at my room precautiously only to emmediantly slam it shut when I saw beautiful sunlight leaking through my window. It was going to be a long day of school; it was sunny, the birds were singing, and the sky was a beautiful shade of blue. I hated it with every fiber of my being.

Of course, I knew that it would be sunny today, but I couldn't help but hope that it would be cloudy and rainy like any other day in Forks. Stupid weatherman.

I hated it when it was sunny because that meant that I couldn't see Edward for a whole day. But even worse, it was a Friday. This weekend Edward and his family were going hunting. Since it was sunny, Alice would be coming over at my house later today. I hate being Alice's Barbie doll. Ugh.

I skipped breakfast, my appetite disappearing with my good mood. Driving to school, the sun seemed to taunt me, shining bright and golden through the leaves of every single tree in Forks. Not. My. Day.

School was a drag. Mike assumed his position next to me in the halls, and I didn't have it in me to tell him nicely that I didn't need him to follow me around all day as if Edward wasn't coming back eventually from his "hiking". Rub it in much? To make it worse, I caught angry stares from Jessica and Lauren all day. This was something odd, coming from Jessica at least. Sure, she wasn't talking to me any more ever since I had gone crazy when Edward had left, but I didn't expect her to act like she hated me or anything. With Lauren, well, she never did like me….

Finally! The last bell rang through the halls, and I was free. I walked out of the locker room quickly to find Jessica and Lauren blocking the door to the parking lot. They had their arms crossed and their glares were icy with hate. I froze.

"What do you guys want?" I asked nervously. They ignored my question.

"God, Bella I don't know what Edward sees in you," Lauren said in disgust, apparently wanting to get to the point.

"You're so plain, and not even that pretty." Jessica added, looking me up and down. I chocked back a gasp at this.

"You don't deserve him!" That was like a slap in the face.

"Do us all a favor and leave him for somebody that he deserves," Jessica practically spat at me in disgust.

"Like me!" Lauren added in her nasally voice.

"Or me!" Jessica added smirking.

The next thing they said surprised me even more.

"We expect him to be free by Monday. If he isn't… well we're just going to have to take things into our own hands," Jessica said with a smirk on her face, Lauren's face matching hers.

I stood there frozen for a few seconds trying to fight the tears that I knew were going to start pouring at any second. Then I shoved my way passed them, a sob escaping my mouth.

I ran to my truck and slammed the door. I had stumbled a few times but managed to get to my sanctuary. The deafening roar of my truck covering up my sobs as a sped out of the parking lot as fast as my truck would let me and finally turned off of the main road, letting my truck come to a stop.

I let the silent tears fall as I thought about what they had said, their words echoing in my head. I would have never imagined them saying anything like that to me. They were insane to think that I was going to break up with Edward just because they told me to.

The worst part wasn't exactly that they had said that to me. It was that they were right. What they had done was taking one of my worst fears and stated them out loud for me to hear over and over.

I knew that Edward was too good for me. I knew that I didn't deserve him, no matter how much Edward said I had it in reverse. I knew it so much more than they thought possible.

When I had stopped my crying, I wiped all the tears away and drove home. Alice's yellow Porsche was parked in the driveway also. If Charlie didn't see through my mask, I knew Alice would.

I came through the door to see Alice chatting with Charlie at the kitchen table.

"Hey Bells. How was school? Alice is feeling a lot better from missing school today. She says that you girls have plans for a sleep over at her house while the family is camping," he said, face cheerful. Alice always made him that way.

I nodded stiffly, going through with whatever he said.

Of course the story was that Alice missed school because she was sick. She's certainly pale enough to act the part, I thought. I saw Alice's gaze on mine, daring me to look at her, and looked away quickly. I could tell by her expression that she knew something was bothering me, and I felt her knowing gaze on my face.

I said goodbye to Charlie and headed for Alice's car. She already had my things in the trunk, so I didn't bother to go upstairs and get my bag.

I sat down in the passenger seat and Alice was in the driver's seat in seconds. The car purred to life and we drove in silence for a minute, me staring out in space thinking about how Edward could love somebody as plain and maybe as ugly as me, when Alice interrupted my thoughts.

"Bella what's wrong?" she asked in a way that I knew was going to get answers out of me. There was no way to pretend that there wasn't anything wrong.

I sighed and told Alice the whole story, watching her face. I didn't expect her reaction at all. Her butterscotch eyes turned pitch black, turning to slits, and her hands were gripping the steering wheel so tight that I was afraid she was going to break it.

When she finally spoke, her voice came out as a hiss.

"How dare they say that to you! How dare they threat to make you break up with him!"

"Alice it's not a big deal," I lied under my breath, trying not to let my eyes water again. I was tired of acting like a baby. Of feeling vulnerable, of feeling unwanted and unwantable….

"Oh, yes it is, Bella! They are not going to get away with insulting you like that!" She practically shrieked.

My eyes felt like they were going to pop out of my head. What did she mean by "not getting away with this"?

"Alice, what are you going to do?" I asked nervously.

"Bella, you're going to do this. Don't try to get out of it either. Nobody talks like that to my sister!" I was surprised by her choice of words. But even more surprised by what she was thinking. Nothing good by the look of her determined face.

"But Alice…." I tried to protest but I knew it wouldn't work so I trailed off hopelessly.

When we got out of the car, Alice seemed to cool down a little. She walked over to me and gave me a bone-crushing hug. When she released me, she gave me a reassuring, dazzling smile.

"Bella, don't believe them at all. They're just jealous. We'll fix this," she said in a reassuring voice.

I nodded but didn't say anything. There were two things that I wasn't sure of: one that I didn't know if I wanted Alice to do anything. Two, I had no idea what Alice was planning, but I had a feeling that I was going to find out.

But if Alice said that I was doing something, I knew there was no way out. Never bet against Alice….

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