(For those wanting to skip my speech and get straight to the story, the prologue is below my speech. Have fun.)

A Note from the Author:

I am aware that the idea of Gohan being trained when he was young has been done before. But I thought some of them got a bit too far out for my tastes, and decided to write my own. There are numerous twists and turns, but generally I follow the DBZ storyline pretty closely. No extra villains, only one extra mini-saga. But it's the kind of thing you would see if things really had played out that way. I try to keep to the feel and quality of the DBZ we all grew up with. I want you to feel like I'm Akira Toriyama, and this is the actual series before you. Which, of course, I'm not, and this is not, but you get the basic idea.

There are many similarities between my story and other stories on this site, particularly in everything up to the Ginyu Force fight. The reason for this being is that I am in college, and temporarily have in my possession a great collection of the episodes from my roommate. Those episodes do not include most stuff up to the Ginyu Force. They do include the arrival of the Saiyans, but for a lot I was going by other fan fics to provide me with the filler and general happenings of the points I didn't include. And I sometimes cut stuff out because I felt like getting to the more important stuff. Whoopsies!

Another note is that I try and carry on the feel of the earlier episodes (up to and including Cell Saga) into the later arcs (Buu saga). I do resort to a few... extreme measures to this. Various characters are forced to take back-seats where they had leading roles. Some don't even appear until later. Of course, variety is the spice of life, is it not? Sometimes you've got to break a few eggs... or skulls.

In any case, I present to you DBZ: Son Gohan the Warrior. Have fun reading it. I had fun writing it.

Oh, and for those of you wondering, Gohan does not stop training after Cell. So let there be much rejoicing. And, just as a little niggler to your minds, he stops doing something else after the Cell Games as well. And it is very major to the storyline of my story.

DBZ: Son Gohan the Warrior


"But Chi-Chi!" cried Goku. "Why can't Gohan train with me? It'll be good exercise, and he'll be able defend himself if he ever gets into trouble!"

"How many times do I have to say NO, Son Goku?" screamed his wife, holding her frying pan back threateningly. "Our boy is NOT going to grow up to be a fighter! He's going to be a great scholar!"

"A scholar?!?" Goku scratched the back of his head, looking down at his baby son sleeping. "But that's no fun! How about this. Gohan spends 4 hours a day and summer training with me, and the rest of the time studying!"

Chi-Chi simmered for a moment, thinking it over. Finally, she exhaled, completely defeated. "What can I say? You're Goku. You're so stubborn." She looked up at Goku. "Fine. Gohan can train four hours a day with you, and all summer."

"Alright! Thanks, Chi-Chi!" said Goku. "Now, I guess I better go get Gohan some training gear."