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Son Gohan the Warrior

Chapter 98:
Buu's Reincarnation

"Alright," said the announcer. "It's time to get the ball rolling. Fighters, please draw lots to see who will be fighting who in the tournament. This is a single match elimination tournament, which means winners move on and losers go home. The winner of the final round will proceed to the Championship Match against the current World Champion, the legendary Gold Fighter."

"Legendary?" scoffed Vegeta. "I wasn't aware he'd added a new segment to his title of the Gold Fighter. What, is he going to add the 'Strongest Brat in the Universe' too?"

"Aw, come on, Vegeta," said Goku. "It's still just Gold Fighter. They just have legendary because he's defeated his last two opponents in one hit."

"Is the amazing guy you were going on about really one of... these?" asked Trunks, surveying the competition. "They all seem kind of... normal."

"Come on," said Vegeta. "Which one is it, Kakarot?"

"Now, then, fighters," said the announcer. "When I call your name, please come on up and draw your numbers. The first fighter is Ikose."

"Hey, Buu," whispered Gohan into the ears of Buu up in his private viewing balcony. "Could you do a little favor for my dad and I? I want you to change the box numbers so my dad is matched up against this specific guy, so you'll have to use your magic."

"Okay," said Buu, grinning stupidly. "Buu do."

"Ikose has drawn number 8!" said the announcer. "And the next fighter to draw is Wild Tiger!" The massive man with a ponytail walked forward.

"I wouldn't want to be matched up against that guy," said Bulma.

"He's nothing," said 18. "Just a paper tiger. Even Krillin could beat a guy like that."

"Oh, well thanks a lot," said Krillin grumpily. "That's a heck of a thing to say!"

"Well you should have entered. Maybe you would have won some prize money. The odds are better than the last tournament we fought in."

"Wild Tiger is Number Two!" said the announcer. "Next up is Idasa!"

The brother of Ikose moved forward and put his hand, drawing out the number two ball. He was matched against Wild Tiger in the first round of the tournament.

"Idasa is number one!" told the announcer to the audience. "The next fighter to draw is Goku!"

"Let's do it!" said the Saiyan, stepping forward. He turned to look into the private viewing box, where Gohan gave him a nod.

"Make my dad number three," said Gohan to Buu.

"Hi!" said Goku, greeting the announcer happily.

"Long time no see," said the announcer as Goku reached in for a ball. "The competitions just haven't been the same without you, Goku."

"It's good to be back." He pulled out the ball, revealing it to be number three.

"Goku is number three! And the next fighter to draw is Narig."

The blond haired fighter walked forward, all the ladies' eyes following him. "Alright, Buu," said Gohan. "Make this guy number six."

"Six, yes," responded the fat pink blob.

"Narig is number six!" came the announcer's voice. "Now, Uub. You're next!"

"Yes, right!" said the ten year old boy, running forward nervously.

"This is the last one we care about," said Gohan. "Make him number four."

"This is him," said Goku, watching as Uub ran forward and reached into the box.

"You've got to be kidding me," said Vegeta. "He's a kid!"

"He's been waiting a long time for this. Don't be fooled by his appearance. He's the one alright. "

"How could you possibly know that? I don't understand."

"It's strange, but just before Gohan and I destroyed the final evil form of Majin Buu, we made a request. We asked him to come back as a good person so we could fight together. Apparently King Yemma heard our request and decided to make it happen."

"Wait, hold on," said Vegeta as Uub revealed the number four ball, completing his match-up against Goku. "You're saying this boy is Buu?"

"I'm almost certain. And there's a pretty significant clue. Just look at it's name. It's U-U-B. That's Buu spelled backwards. Bizarre, huh? He's the final form of Buu reincarnated."

"Did you hear that?" asked Dende to Piccolo from where they watched in the private viewing balcony.

"It's crazy!" said Piccolo, his eyes wide.

I'm afraid that what mother said may be true, thought Uub. Even though I'm the strongest in my village, there may be some in this world that are even stronger than me! These men look so powerful.

"Twelve," said Vegeta, drawing the ball. As he walked away, he looked at Uub, trying to figure out if what Goku had said was true.

Heaven help me. What am I going to do? I promised everyone that I'd win the prize and come back with lots of food. I can't go back empty handed! Uub turned to look at the board. Goku... which one is he? He looked at the Saiyan, who was staring at him.

"The first round match-ups are now final!" screamed the announcer. "We'll go over the brackets one more time.

1. Idasa
2. Wild Tiger
3. Goku
4. Uub
5. Narig
6. Captain Chicken
7. Pintar
8. Ikose
9. Trunks
10. Odakoske
11. Nok
12. Vegeta

Fighters, the judges are going to need a few moments to get ready, and then we'll call the names for the first bout. Until then, you are free to rest, warm up, and do as you please to prepare. Good luck."

"Hey, old man," said Nok, walking over to Vegeta. "Looks like we'll be fighting each other." Vegeta ignored him. "Got a little attitude there. Or are you just so old and ugly that you can't hear anymore? Hello?" Seconds later, he had drawn over Vegeta's shoulder, and he was then flying into the screen across the entrance to the ringside area.

"Tell the officials my opponent has decided to forfeit," said Vegeta. Nok's name was crossed off from the board.

"Couldn't he wait?" asked Bulma, exasperated.

"That's Vegeta for you," said Gohan, chuckling.

"Wow!" screamed Bra, smiling. "Poppa's strong!"

The first match passed quickly, the monstrous Wild Tiger defeating his opponent easily.

"Hi there," said Goku, turning to face Uub. "Guess we're up next. My name's Goku. Let's do our best." He held out his hand, Uub eying it with some surprise.

"Yeah, sure," said Uub, shaking Goku's hand. "I'm looking forward to it, Goku."

"And now it's time for the next bout," said the announcer. "Featuring Goku and the youngster Uub! Goku has appeared in numerous tournaments over the years, and is a former world champion himself! His last tournament appearance ten years ago was his loss to the Gold Fighter in the finals, in one of the greatest matches I've ever seen! His opponent, Uub, comes from a small village on Faraway Island. He is the oldest of five children, and he entered the tournament in the hopes of winning the prize money so he could use it to buy food for his village."

"It's a shame that nice boy came so far just to be matched up with Goku in the first round," said Bulma.

"This is going to be a true championship bout," said Piccolo, so quietly that only Dende and Gohan could hear him.

"That's for sure," agreed Gohan. His baby brother Goten stared out of his mother's arms at his father down in the ring, clearly not understanding what was going on.

"Hey, don't be so tense," said Goku to Uub in the ring. "You can't fight to your full potential like that."

"Yeah, right," said Uub, still shaking like a leaf. Goku, to test Uub, shifted his foot slightly. The boy nearly jumped out of his skin in fright.

He's got it bad, thought Goku. I hate to do it, but this calls for drastic measures! Goku got a very Vegeta like smirk on his face.

"Hey kid," he shouted. "Your diaper's dirty. I smell it from here. Oh, and drop the goody-goody act, you stinky village rat. And I'm gonna finish that haircut for you, you half-pint reject. Oh, and you're ugly, too. And that's not surprising when you consider what the rest of your family looks like, is it, uh, mohawk boy? You're mother's so ugly, cows moo at her!"

My mother? thought Uub, getting angry. "HOW DARE YOU INSULT MY MOTHER!"

"Then come on, kid. Right here. Right on my Uub." Goku patted his backside tauntingly. Uub's expression of rage grew even more fierce.

Now I'll go for the jugular, thought Goku, launching at Uub. "Your dad's a bedwetter!" He kicked Uub, nearly sending the kid out of the ring.

"MY MOTHER IS NOT FAT!" screamed Uub, his muscles swelling. "MY FAMILY IS NOT UGLY! AND MY FATHER IS NOT A BEDWETTER!" He charged at Goku, screaming with blind rage.

Uub leapt and threw a kick at Goku's head, which the Saiyan blocked. The shockwave shook the entire stadium. Goku examined his forearm, finding it throbbing from the attack.

Uub spun and punched Goku in the face, sending him flying backwards. A gouge appeared in the stadium floor as Goku lay there, motionless.

"Oh my goodness!" screamed the announcer. "It looks like Goku is out cold. One... two..." Goku slowly climbed to all fours, grinning.

"This is really exciting," he said. Just then, Uub shot over him. Goku phased out of the way of the punch and reappeared behind Uub, jumping back away from the boy. "There's no doubt about it. That kid is Majin Buu, alright."

Uub turned and looked for Goku in surprise for a few moments, finally spotting the Saiyan directly behind him. He barred his teeth again and charged directly at Goku. He threw a flurry of attacks, all of which Goku dodged or blocked.

Finally, Goku landed again, his back to Uub. The human took advantage of the situation, throwing a punch at Goku's head, but Goku leaned out of the way and caught Uub's arm. He leapt upwards, then pelted Uub into the ring to the point that only the boy's head was pointing out.

"Hey!" said Goku. "Fight's up here!" Uub looked up at Goku, who was leaning over him, grinning sheepishly. Uub got red faced and leapt out of the rubble. Goku launched at him, the two beginning to trade blows.

The announcer stared in shock for a few moments before finally recovering. "Wow!" he shouted into his microphone. "Feel the force of those blows! They could stop a train in it's tracks! Are you watching this, Gold Fighter?"

"I don't believe it," said Vegeta. "The kid is actually learning how to fight as he's fighting." Most of the other competitors had already fled in fear of being matched up against some of the super-warriors they were seeing.

The two warriors suddenly phased out of sight, gaping holes appearing in the ring, the stand walls, and the roof of the waiting building. They finally phased back into sight, Goku throwing a full kick at Uub, who skidded and gouged a hole in the ring.

"Amazing!" shouted the announcer as Uub sat up. "Young Uub is still in the fight!"

I can't lose, thought Uub. I gave them my word! All of them! My family, the elders, the children! I promised them all! "I WON'T LOSE!" Uub screamed, a powerful white aura surrounding him. Tiles began to be ripped from the surface, forcing Goku to close his eyes.

Uub threw a punch at Goku, who vanished. A tile smashed Uub in the back, knocking him out of the ring, but he managed to grab the edge just before he fell out. The crowd was staring into the sky in surprise. Goku was hovering over the dead center of the ring.

"You can fly?" asked Uub, staring up at his opponent. Suddenly, the ring he was clinging to collapsed. Just before he hit the grass, a hand reached out and caught him.

"I take it you can't," said Goku, setting down Uub in the ring. "And I apologize for insulting you earlier. Please forgive me. I just wanted to see your true power. It was all bottled up inside of you. You kind of remind me of my son. Well, my eldest son now- we just had another. But in any case, just look at you. You learned something about yourself. You're strong- real strong. You just don't know how to control your power yet. I bet you've never fought in a fight like this before, have you?"

"No," answered Uub, shocked by how his adversary had seemingly transformed from taunting to the vision of kindness in a second.

"Yeah, I see," said Goku. "Alright. I've decided to train you personally, let you gain control of your powers. You're a quick learner- you learned some abilities just by fighting me. My son Gohan would love to help. What do you say?"

"Well, yes, of course!" said Uub excitedly. He suddenly turned downcast. "But I can't. I come from a poor family. I spend my days working with my father. Sports are fun, Goku, but there's no time for that!"

"Oh, I see. Well, we'll just have to find you a sponsor, and I know one that's perfect. Gohan, winning these tournaments has gotten him more money than he knows what to do with. Add that to his merchandising deals, and we have plenty to help pay for food for your village."

"Really?" asked Uub. "Your son's won these tournaments? But I thought that was the Gold Fighter!"

"They're the same person," replied Goku. "But if anything ever happens to one of us, it'll be up to you to maintain peace in the world. I'm sure my second son Goten would be glad to help once he gets old enough. I'll be right back." He flew over to the private viewing balcony.

"Hey, dad," said Gohan. "Did he accept the deal?"

"He sure did," said Goku. "Of course, we may have to sponsor him so he can take the time to train, but it won't be much. Just enough to ensure his village can eat."

"Gladly. I've got more than enough money to spare."

"Speaking of that," said Bulma, "how much do you have? The money I wire to you has long been in the tens of millions."

"At last count, it was around 500 million zeni," said Gohan.

"Great," said Goku. "I'm going to go and start the training right away."

"I'll meet up with you after the tournament. I'll put this year's winnings towards sponsoring Uub."

"You mean you're leaving?" asked Chi-Chi angrily. "For as long as it takes to train that boy?"

"No," said Goku. "When it's time to train him, I'll just Instant Transmission over there, then Instant Transmission back. You guys will always be more important. See you guys tonight!" Goku flew down to Uub.

"It's all a go," said Goku. "Every day starting tomorrow, I'll come to your village around six in the morning and train you. Expect me to be quick. I can move a lot faster than most people can. But you'd better show me where you live right now, so I can continue with this later."

"Alright," said Uub. "How?"

"Climb on my back. You live south of here, right? Then let's go!" They shot off to the south.

"Hey! GOKU! UUB!" screamed the announcer. "WHAT ABOUT YOUR MATCH? WHEN ARE YOU GOING TO FINISH?" But they were looong gone.

"How about it?" asked Goku. "When you're flawless, we have another battle to test our powers on one another? I'm sure Gohan would love it too."

"Sure," said Uub.

"It sounds thrilling, doesn't it? Going at it in an all-out battle? I can't wait for that day to come! LET THE TRAINING BEGIN!"


That day was a great day for all of Earth. Majin Buu's great power was now turned to good, and under Goku and Gohan's tutelage, Uub would one day grow to be one of the strongest in the universe, only surpassed by his unchanging teachers.

At the tournament, Gohan won narrowly after an all-out battle with Vegeta in the championship match. Afterwards, he joined his father in Uub's village, being assailed by fans, and giving the village elders the promised 10,000,000 Zeni as Uub's sponsor, and promising more as they trained Uub. The money was distributed to the village's people, and the entire village from that day forward became massive Gold Fighter fans.

The two of them rose early every day, went to train Uub, then returned to their family. Occasionally, Vegeta or the others would assist them in training Uub, all eager to add one more to their ranks.

But what was next for our warriors, after they finished training Uub? That, my loyal readers, is a story for another time.

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