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It had been almost a year since the switch. And the two x-men groups had stayed connected, each wanting to know what the other group was doing or if they faced any new villains.

It was 3 o'clock in morning when Xavier got the call. A beeping noise had alerted him that the other Professor was calling in.

"Any particular reason why this couldn't wait till morning Chuck?" Logan asked groggily as he took a seat behind Storm. They were all still dressed in their pajamas and a little disoriented.

"I'm sorry Logan, but he did say it was an emergency."

"It better be a damn good one." Logan whispered hoarsely into Storm's ear. "Ahem," The two teachers snapped their attention to Beast "If you are ready?" The two nodded.

The computer screen went fuzzy for a second, but then a clear picture of the Professor's counter part showed, behind him were the other counter parts (Wolverine, Storm, Jean, and Rogue).

"Charles, is there a reason for the cold call?" Xavier asked seriously. He could see that the counter parts were tired looking as well. Except for Wolverine each looked physically ill, and this wasn't lost on him or the others.

"Are you all alright?" Beast asked worriedly

"Depends on what you would say alright is." Wolverine growled, massaging his knuckles.

"Well, what happened?" Storm asked, her blue eyes scanning them. Her counterpart, along with Jean and Rogue looked as if they were on the verge of tears.

"Did someone get hurt?"

Charles shook his head 'no'

"Then out with it, what was so important that it couldn't wait till morning!?" Logan shouted irritably, hitting his fist on the table.

"We found the last Summers brother." Wolverine answered, at that moment Jean burst into tears. As Xavier watched Jean being comforted by Wolverine and Rogue, he couldn't fathom what he had just heard.

"You…found the last brother?" he asked, his hands suddenly felt numb. Beast looked as though a feather could tip him over. Storm ran her hands through her white hair, biting her lower lip, and Logan sat speechless.

"How?...And when?" Logan asked.

After Rogue had left, the Professor told the rest of the staff members what she told him. They of course where shocked too, the main reason why the two the professors where so keen in contacting each other was to each other up to date about any discovery in finding the Summers brothers.

"We got into a fight with Sinister and his damn crew. Rogue here absorbed the maniac." Wolverine replied tersely as he remembered what his friend went trough after absorbing the maniac. His claws retracting in and out.

"You absorbed him? What were you thinking?" Storm asked, her eyes filled with worry for her long distance friend. Her hands were clutching the table, as lighting filled the night sky, Storm's anger was taking affect, "Ah wasn't, but it was the onlah way to get everyone out of there." Rogue responded twisting the excess fabric of her gloves. Storm watched as Rogue cradled her head in her hands, being comforted by the other Storm and Jean.

"It's all right Rogue, we too understand the sacrifices one must make to save the ones we love." Beast encouraged her.

"Thank yah, Beast."

Logan though was antsy to get on with business, "We're glad yer alright Rogue, but can we get on with this?"

"Of course, have you found Gabrielle and Adam yet?" Charles asked. The four teachers turned their heads. "We still can't find any Shi'ar Empire, the coordinates you gave us showed up nothing." Beast explained, Beast had been searching the galaxy for any signs of life in the sky. He had gone through all his resources in the just about every department level of NASA to find the rogue empire, but it was futile.

"Be happy, next time I see that Gabriel punk, I'm making him a new nostril." Wolverine growled as he remembered his last run in with the long lost brother.


"Ah'm gonna agree with ol'wovie here, Prof. That boy aint what yah call a peach." Rogue explained, getting a wink from Wolverine. "Hope that your run in with the two brothers end on a more positive note then ours did." Storm advised them, her eyes turning into slits as she too remembered the run in.

"We'll remember that."

"So who's the youngest Summers?" Logan asked, he wanted to know. "Actually Logan, the last Summers brother, is actually the oldest brother." Storm told him, she bit down on her lip to stop from crying.

"The oldest? How-how's that possible? I thought Scott was the oldest?" asked Beast as he looked through the files the other Beast sent him of the four Summers brother. "For there to be an older brother then that means…"

"That Christopher Summers did not tell his sons the whole truth."

"Did Mr. Summer or Mrs. Summers have an affair?" Xavier couldn't see how there was an older brother. How could a child be missed?


"Are you sure that-"

"We tested him out; he was a positive match to Christopher and Katherine Summers. He is the oldest child of the Summers children."

There were so many questions floating in their minds, their need for sleep diminished as their need for information increased. Logan ran his hands down his face, his hands itched for a cigar, a beer, ANYTHING!


Jean was the one to answer him. "When Rogue absorbed Sinister she was able to look into his memories. That's where she found it, a bit of his past that showed that he knew who and where each Summers brother was."

"Cant believe you absorbed that freak, Rogue." Logan told her.

Rogue pointed a finger at him "Believe it Sugar, it took meh ten days foah that mad man tah get out of mah head, and full week of me scrubbing mah mind out and skin to rid of him." Rogue shivered. At one point the whole team had to hold her down because Sinister was gaining control of her body and mind.

"Wait a minute, you found out about this man almost three weeks ago?" Xavier asked "How did Scott and the others take it?"

The group looked guiltily towards the ground. At that moment both Storm and Jean started to sob.

"Charles, is there something else you're not telling us? Do we know this older brother?" Xavier asked his counterpart. The clock on the wall showed it was almost five o'clock. The students would be waking up soon.

"I'm afraid so."

"We haven't told Slim and the rest yet, hell we didn't even tell the guy that he's related to Slim." Wolverine gave a coy smile "Actually I'm lookin forward to that!" Rogue gave him a sharp slap towards the back of his head.


The gang shook their heads at their counterpart's antics, "Please, can you tell us who he is? If he is some one we know, then at least we can give Alex and Scott a chance to know their only living brother." Storm begged as she looked at them.

"Are you sure you want to know?" Charles asked them.

The four looked at each other, they wanted to know. They needed to know.

"Who's the brother?"

Is the brother Piotr? Longshot? Or Apocalypse? (Marvel actually considered him to be a Summers Brother.)