The night's cool breeze did little to calm the tension in Gambit. His head was throbbing full of what ifs and whys. He knew Sinister never liked the X-Men. He also knew that Sinister had something against Jean and Cyclops.

But why him?

What made him so special that Sinister would want him that badly?

He ran his fingers through his hair; His whole body was shaking, full of adrenaline and wanting to kick anyone who told him "It will get better" one more time.

"Go away." He told his unwelcome guest.

"We have to talk about this sooner or later. The more we put it off then the more we just hurt ourselves." Scott advised him.

The Cajun snorted. "Listenin' to Stormy again, eh?"

Scott took a seat next to him on the grass. It was awkward, the two never really talked except when it came to missions or danger room practices. But here they were, sitting in the backyard of the mansion. With their father and brothers waiting for them to return, it made them want to sit forever.

Cyclops rocked back and forth patiently, not wanting to make the first move. The lighting bugs and cricket chirps was more inviting than compared with the drama he was facing with his "new" family.

"I can't go back dere." Gambit whispered after five minute of silence. "I spent years wondering what my folks were like." He looked at Cyclops. "Never t'ought dey would be your folks as well." He smirked.

Cyclops looked at Gambit dubiously; the Cajun was actually starting to laugh.

"What's so funny?"

"Nothin'. It's just- kind of wish I was dere to see your face when dey tol' you I was your frère." He laughed. "What did you do?"

Cyclops coughed awkwardly into his fist, "I did a spit take."

Gambit laughed harder and so did Cyclops, "Guess I shouldn't have accepted that cup of coffee Jean and Professor offered." He sighed.

"I did one better, mon ami. I fainted."

Cyclops's eyes widened behind his ruby glasses. "You?" he asked in disbelief.

Gambit nodded, his face reddened at the memory of fainting in front of Wolverine, Rogue, and Bobby. "Didn't believe dem at first, thought Logan was trying to get me back for blowing up his drink last week." The Cajun chuckled; he plucked a blade of grass and rolled it between his fingers. "Don't even remember my head hittin' de floor." He turned to look Cyclops, who was studying the Cajun very intently.


Cyclops shrugged, "Nothing. Just never heard you refer to yourself in first person before."

It wasn't that big of a deal for Gambit. But it meant a lot to Cyclops, who knew Gambit only talked in first person in front of people he felt comfortable with

Gambit nodded and stood up, dusting of his trench. "What are we gonna do about dis? I can't look at him. I-I…" he rubbed his face wearingly. The news had shook Gambit to the core. He was worn out physically, emotionally, and mentally. The bags under his eyes were getting darker and his five o'clock shadow had grown into a beard over the last three days.

He had called his family; they were iffy about the situation. His father, brother, and cousins wanted to come up to get the truth (and a blood test). His aunt on the other hand suggested that he talk with his new father. She reminded him that even though life was rough for him that it was probably hell for his parents after they were told he was dead.

Gambit hated to admit it, but he knew she had a point.

He felt Cyclops's hand on his shoulder.

"You know it isn't his fault. I blame him for not telling us but he didn't start any of this." Cyclops told him. "You don't have to accept him. You don't even have to hear the rest of the story."

Gambit shook his head in confusion and pain. He really did want to know what happened to him after Sinister told his parents he had died.

"Part me wants t'hear de rest of what Cosair has t'say…"

Cyclops cocked a brow, "And the other part of you?" he asked hesitantly.

Without a word Gambit pulled out a deck of cards, shuffling them a few times before pulling out the ace of spades. The card hissed and glowed brightly between his fingers. Gambit flipped the card a few times between his fingers while the color grew brighter. He threw the card into the air causing a major explosion in the night sky. The impact threw off Cyclops and destroyed a few trees surrounding them.

Cyclops spat out the dirt, looking up he saw Gambit's eyes glow like the devil's headlight. He's hands were burning with raw power. His clothes and face were dirt stained from the explosion. He looked unruly, angry, and dangerous.


"De next time we face off against Sinister, his little goons will be picking up his pieces for weeks." Gambit growled, walking away from the mess he had caused.

Inside the mansion…

"So Sinister gave you an already dead baby and kept Remy for himself?" Adam asked a bit disgusted. His father was pacing in front of the door waiting for Cyclops and Gambit to return.

"Yes. I can only imagine what he did to him." Cosair shivered, he had always imagined Kate and him finding Remy and bringing him home.

That time seemed so far now.

Havok had stayed quiet, he was trying to remember his childhood before he and his family had been separated due to the plane crash. His memories were choppy and fuzzy. He could remember certain moments like when he and Cyclops broke the kitchen window with their football or when he and mother made a chocolate cake to celebrate Cosair's birthday.

He turned to his father in his chair, "The picture on the kitchen fridge. That sonogram, that was Remy, wasn't it?" he asked in disbelief. The memory of that picture was fuzzy. But it was the only time he ever remembered seeing both his parents cry.

Austin, Texas…

Alex stared intently at the black and white picture, it was so small and fuzzy. Alex frowned and strained his eyes to see what exactly what the thing in the picture was.

It looked like an alien from the cartoons.

"Scott, what's this?" he showed his older brother the picture. The young brunette boy shrugged, he had always seen the photo stuck to the fridge, but never really cared to ask.

"I don't know. It looks like a baby though."

Alex's face perked up excitingly, "A baby!? Is it a picture of me?"

Scott shook his head, "I don't think so. Let's go ask mom, maybe she knows."

The two young boys ran upstairs to their parents' room to find Kate on the phone. Scott waited patiently by the door, but Alex was all too excited about the picture. He jumped onto his parents' bed and wrapped his arms around Kate's neck, giving his mother a kiss on the cheek.

"Amy, can I call you later?" Kate smiled at her three year old little boy in mock annoyance. She hung up the phone and playfully tackled her son, tickling him until he cried uncle.

"You two got bored with your cartoons yet?" she asked Scott, hugging Alex close to her.

Scott shook his head, "Mom, who's this?" he handed her the picture.

Alex had never seen his mom turn so pale before.

"Why do kids want to know?"
"It's been on the fridge forever, is it me?" Alex asked, he looked up at Kate giving her a charming little smile.

Kate's eyes began to water. She knew her sons couldn't figure out how many years had past between when the picture was taken and when Scott was born.

"It's Scott when he was a baby."

Scott jumped onto the bed and looked closer at the picture. "Really? No way!"

Alex frowned, "Why does he look like an alien?
Kate smiled at their curiosity, "One time Scott was in my tummy." She took her two son's hands and placed it on her belly. "Right here, for nine months he was with me. And I cherished those nine months." She sniffed. Her eyes were no longer on Scott and Alex; she was lost in the memories of her caring for Lucas.

"Mommy, why are you crying?" Alex asked with tears in his eyes, he gently wiped his mother's tears with his little chubby hands.

"Are you okay mom?"

She nodded and kissed both Scott and Alex, "Yeah, I'm just remembering the happiest time in my life."


The sound of Nathan's voice made them jump, "Why don't go watch television down stairs?" he led his sons out and closed the door behind them.

While Scott followed orders, Alex kept his ears to the door. Eager to know why his mother was crying. He peeked through the key hole to see his father and mother sitting on the bed. His father's back obscured his vision, but he could still hear them.

"Leave me alone Nathan, please!" His mother cried, he saw his father hand something over to his mother. "I know he's out there. He's alive, I know he is!"

Kate, listen to me. Nothing in the world would bring me more happiness than having Lucas back with us. But we both know he'll never come back."

Alex could now hear both his parents cry. He had never seen or heard his father cry. His dad was superman in his eyes. What could make the invincible Nathan Summers cry?
And who was Lucas?

"You have to accept it Kate. He's gone."

Havok stood up angrily, pushing his chair back violently. He took a hold of father's shirt and pulled him close. "It was him, wasn't it?" he barked into his father's face. The guilt written on Cosair's face answered his question.

Havok backed away in disgust and anger, "I can't believe you."

"You think this is how I planned my life? Our lives?" Cosair shouted at him. "I never wanted this for any of us. Until today I didn't even know Lucas was alive."

"It's Gambit, mon ami. None of dis "Lucas" till we clear some stuff up." A disgruntled Gambit advised behind the two. Cyclops carefully kept his distance as Gambit sat back down.

"You might want to talk to him now, before he destroys the rest of the mansion." Cyclops whispered to a stunned Cosair.

The older man coughed awkwardly and sat across from his oldest son. "Do you want me to continue?"

Gambit leaned back and forth in his chair. Cyclops was sure that he was going to charge the table

"Y'owe me dat much."

------------------Movie Verse-------------------

Remy banged Sinister's office door down. The maniac had always been able to push the envelope, but this took cake.

He slammed his hands down on Sinister's desk, grabbing the man's attention. "Why didn't you tell me about Jean Grey?" Remy asked in rage, he was charging the desk without knowing. But that didn't phase Sinister.

"I didn't realize that I had to run my plans by you." Sinister commented sarcastically, "All this time I thought I was in charge, but apparently I was wrong. I'll be sure to-"

Remy slammed his hands down again; cutting off Sinister midsentence was a very dangerous thing to do, but he didn't care.

"Y'should have told me you ordered Blockbuster and Prism to dig up Jean Grey's body from de mansion."

Sinsiter gave a cold smile; "Really?" he levitated Gambit off the ground and began to gag him with his powers. "Why is it that I feel you have been questioning my orders lately?" Sinister asked darkly while continuing to choke Gambit.

Gambit struggled to breath; he fought to break what ever power Sinister had on him. But it was pointless.

"Y-Y'should have told me d-dat y' took her." He choked out, "If Summers ever found out dat-"

Sinister didn't let him finish, he threw Gambit into the wall.

"What makes you think that Summers deserves to know that we have his little girlfriend?"

Gambit rubbed his neck while staggering to stand. "We took him from-"

Sinister held his hand up to stop him, "That wasn't a question."

"You want to Summers t'join de team? If he finds out dat we have Jean, he's going to lose it."
Sinister looked disappointed for a moment. "Now what makes you think that he'll remember Miss Grey?"

Gambit felt as though Sinister punched him in the gut. The thought of erasing Scott's memories made him sick to his stomach. He could feel his legs give out as he fell into the seat across from Sinister.

"A shot of vodka for your thoughts, son?" Sinister cooed mockingly as he gave Gambit a full glass of vodka.

"I aint your son." Gambit took a sip and sighed, "And you're no different den Stryker, homme. Both you t'ink dat you can control evert'ing and anyone you want. It aint right."

Sinister was impressed, if anyone else had said that to him he would have killed them on the spot. "Now you and I both know that Stryker wanted to control mutants, he wanted them purely for selfish reasons."

"Unlike you?"

Sinister stood up and straighten his designer black and red suit, "Of course. I do care what happens to the mutant species." He walked over to Gambit and kneeled down so that they were face to face.

"I want mutants to survive. I want to know that we can rule over these despicable homo –sapiens."

Gambit pushed him out the way and walked out without a second glance.

'You can run all you like Gambit, but remember at one point in your life you hated humans too.' Sinister reminded him telepathically. Gambit had spent years trying to block telepaths out his mind. He was good at being able to stop them from penetrating his thoughts, so good that Emma couldn't even sneak past his mental shields when he was asleep.

Sinister though had found away past his shields. It scared Gambit to the core, all the things Sinister could see put Gambit and everyone he cared about at risk. He had to keep his mind blank at all times around him. If Sinister ever found out that Gambit was planning to break out Summers he would be turned into Sabretooth's personal scratching post.

Sinister's Lab

Emma didn't visit the lab a lot. It was the sprawling white room that reeked of ammonia and bleach, filled with the latest technology in medical equipment. In the far corner of the room was a wooden casket covered in bits of dirt and grass.

The casket was cracked open and the foul smell of rotting corpse made her dizzy.

"Are you alright Miss Frost? You look a bit pale." Asked Dr. Cecilia Reyes, a young female doctor from Brooklyn, New York. She looked quite regal in a purple sweater, dark wash jeans under a white coat lab and trendy ballet flats. She had a cute heart shaped face framed by braided light brown hair and her hazel eyes showed mock concern for Emma.

"Perfectly fine, just not use to the smell." She covered her nose and mouth with a white gloved hand. "How is it going down here?"

Cecilia looked at the casket and shook her head in disappointment. "Off the record? I think your boss is a psycho."

Emma laughed, she began to pace the room, mentally taking notes to give to Sinister about the doctors progress and their standing on certain projects, "Oh don't act so high and mighty. You're working for him as well."

"Only because he twisted my arm. I wanted no part in this mess." Cecelia replied defensively, she went into her office and began to open files on her computer as Emma decided to follow her, "I've looked into your files Miss Frost."

"And who gave you permission to do that?" Emma asked, she barely knew the woman, much less liked her. Cecilia had no right into looking into her past.

"You were found running away from a Weapon X prison cell and then you joined the hell fire club, and now you're here. For a person who has been locked and abused you sure are fighting for the right team."

Emma forced herself not to break into Cecilia's mind; obviously the woman was suffering through some sort of emotional guilt.

Emma handed Cecilia a manila envelop. "Sinister wants to know how long it will take you and Pan to be able to get samples ready for cloning. He wants it done within the hour."

Cecilia dropped what she was doing and looked at blond dubiously, "You can't be serious. It will take hours to find a decent sample that hasn't been decomposed. Sinister knows how this works, what does he expect from us?"

"The world's militaries, every space program you can imagine, and every top university in the world would kill to have the kind of advanced technology Sinister has given you and the other doctors and scientist. You create clones of the marauders on a daily bases, you've been able to cut and copy every any mutant's powers." Emma reminded her in a cold clipped voice. She threw down the list of demands from Sinister onto the desk, "You have one hour."


"Where's Remy?" Emma asked Shiro as she past his room; it was a small windowless room with no pictures or mementoes. Like most of the marauder's room, it had a twin size bed, a desk with a laptop sitting on top, a closet, and full length mirror. The room lacked Shiro's fiery personality, but he didn't seem to mind or care as he laid in his bed reading a book.

"I think he's in room." He gave Emma a worried, "Something seems to be bothering him."

"Did you ask him what was wrong?"
"Nope."" he smirked as he got up and shut his door in front her face.


"Remy?" she called out, she tapped the door gently before letting herself in.

Unlike the other marauders' room, Remy's room was the biggest and, most surprisingly, one of the cleanest. She always loved coming into his rooms at night and sleeping over. His room was decorated beautifully, original artwork from M.C Escher hung on maroon colored walls, an expensive maroon and gold Persian rug adorned the dark wood floors. Remy's room was the only room with a bathroom, a living room, and a kitchen. And while it was great to able to get away and have their own little private apartment at times, it bothered Emma to see how much Sinister dotted on Remy.

It was border line creepy.

She spotted Gambit lying back on the black leather sofa. He was shirtless and had his arm covering his eyes. She quietly tip toed to him and straddled him.

"Mmm, how did you know I liked t'be woken dis way?" he muttered with his eyes still closed.

Emma kissed him on the lips, "What other way is there?" she giggled when he wrapped his arms around her and pulled her down. She rested her chin on his chest and studied him. He seemed so distant lately, she knew Gambit had his problems with Sinister, but he always got over them quickly.

"Are you alright, Love?"

"He has Jean Grey with him."

She pouted, "Yeah, I know. I saw the casket down in the lab." He pushed her up and stood.

"Remy?" she asked worriedly as he began to pace the room.

"I'm just like him, aren't I?" he asked in a feeble voice.

Emma ran to him and shook him by the shoulders, "Are you crazy? You're nothing like Sinister!"

Remy grabbed her wrist and pushed her away, "If it wasn't for me you wouldn't have been stuck in those Weapon X holding cells."

Emma could feel his emotions, it was the first time that he had let his mental shields down in front of her. He was stricken with grief about what to her and the other mutants.

"Darling, it wasn't your fault. Stryker told you that you were helping mutants. You didn't know-"

"Dat's de problem. I should have known." He ran his hands through his hair angrily, "I knew what I was getting into when I joined de Thieves Guild, Weapon X, and de marauders. I knew what I was doing, and I did it anyway." He looked at her with regret in his eyes. "What kind of man betrays his own, Emma?"

She couldn't answer him, before she joined Sinister; she had heard that they had killed the Morlocks, a group of underground disfigured mutants who lived in the sewers underneath New York City. Remy had been the one assigned to gather the marauders and the mission.

"You didn't know about the Morlocks, Remy. You tried to stop them." She raised his arm to show him the scars from his fight with Sabretooth when he had gotten in the way of his kill. "You almost died down there trying to save them."

"All dose mutants…" he picked a small antique bowl from his table and threw it against the wall. The bowl shattered on impact, sending pieces of sharp porcelain flying.

Emma bit her lip from trying not to cry for him, she watched him take a seat and put his head in his hands. "Remy, you can't protect everyone. You can't beat yourself up for trying to survive."

"Summers was in dose cells." He looked at her, "Did you know dat?"

Emma thought back to those horrible weeks, there were so many mutants being held hostage. She couldn't remember seeing Summers.

"No." she sat down next to him, "I didn't know that."

He nodded, "I still remember seeing him in dem, all bandaged up so he couldn't see. Stryker thought his powers were "remarkable", so does Sinister." Remy huffed; he leaned back against the couch.

"Sinister expects me to take his place when he's finished." Remy admitted.

Emma sat stunned, she was sure her mouth was hanging open. It was no secret that Sinister favored Remy. She just never imaged Sinister giving Remy the reign after stepping down. She could already see the others planning munity against him.

"Are you considering it?"

"Maybe, I don't know yet." He sighed.

Emma could hear his thoughts. They were dark and full of self-hate. He couldn't stop beating himself over things he couldn't control.

"Hey," she cupped his face in her hands; she brushed her thumb over his lips and was happy when Gambit kissed it.

"I don't blame you for anything that happened to me all those years ago." When he tried to turn his head away in shame, she grasped on a little harder. "Anything I could do?" she whispered seductively, nibbling his ear lobe. Without him saying or asking, she straddled him again and wrapped her arms around his neck.

Gambit's eyes glowed with mischief, "A few things, left de list in my ot'er pants t'ough." He smirked as she loosened his belt buckle.

"Oh, that's alright." She kissed him on lip, deep and full of love. "You won't need them anyway."

In the prison cell…

Rogue struggled against the cuffs; the rough metal was chaffing her skin raw. "Argh!" she pulled again against the restraints.

"Unless you're Houdini, there's no way you can get out of those." Scott mumbled tiredly, he laid lifeless on his small cot. He had been listening to Rogue trying to break the cuffs for the past two hours.

He knew that it wasn't the Rogue he knew. From the goth make up to the fiery attitude, this Rogue was a one-eighty turn round of his Rogue.

"Bettah than just laying here tah rot!" Rogue yelled. She was truly fed up with this Scott, he was so weak and un-sure of himself unlike the Scott she knew back home. He seemed so life less just sitting on the bed.

Rogue looked at him again, the scars on the back of his head looked crude and bloody, even though his shirt and pants were clean, he sure wasn't. His beard and his long hair was unruly and unkempt, slick with sweat and tinges with blood, the guy didn't look anywhere near close to the clean cut Scott that she had seen in Bobby's memories.

The one thing that intrigued her about him was his eyes. They were so clear, but lost. She knew what color Scott's eyes really were due to absorbing him a few times and seeing what he looked like before his powers manifested. It was weird though for her to see him without his glasses or visors.

The more she looked at his eyes the more she thought she recognized them.

Who else had those eyes?

She stopped struggling and sighed, tears were starting to sting her eyes as she soon realized that she was never going to get out without help from the X-men.

The door slammed open and in walked in a tall blond man, his muscles bulged under his black leather duster and t-shirt. His yellow eyes gleamed when he saw Rogue tied to the wall.

"Well, looky look what we have here." He growled.

Rogue went through Bobby's memories and gasped as she recognized the clawed man. "Sabretooth? Yah-Ah…No! Yoah supposed tah be dead!" she shouted, trying to hide her fear.

Sabretooth licked his lips as he got closer to her, "Dead? Little old me?" he pinched her cheek with his claws and drew blood. "Nah, Jimmy boy and his new friends just killed my clone." He licked her blood off his claws. "Mmm, sweet and spicy." He licked her cheek this time and wiped away the dribbling blood. "Just the way I like it."

Rogue closed her eyes to keep from screaming.

"You're a liar."

Sabretooth could hear the fear oozing from her voice. He gave a blood stained smile, "Nope, that was the last one too, I think." He grinned and showed off his body "You're looking at the real thing darling."

Rogue let out a growl that would make Logan proud, "Ah aint yoah 'darling'."

Her snappy comment made Sabretooth laugh; he looked at Scott and smiled wider. "Oh, it's my best friend." Scott tumbled out of his bed and crawled far back from the cell's gate as Sabretooth got closer.

"What's the matter Summers? Afraid to get close?" he sneered. He could smell the fear coming of off Scott; it brought back so many joyous memories. "You don't remember our first little run? Boy did we have some fun back then." He ran his hands down the iron bars, "Tell me Summers, you still scared?"

Rogue, still reeling from Sabretooth's personal greeting, didn't notice Scott shaking and clutching his head.

"You dirty old rotten-"


"ROGUE!" Scott yelled out, Sabretooth ripped his claws through Rogue's stomach, taking out a good chunk of flesh.

Sabretooth smirked as he watched Rogue spit out blood; he then pulled out a file from his coat and read off it. "Marie Charlotte D'Ancanto. Adopted by Chris and Lenore D'Ancanto." He looked at Rogue, "Surprising heritage you got here."

Rogue could feel her powers working to reverse the damage. Her healing powers from Logan were slow, but she could the blood starting to flow less.

"Mah parents are Owen and Percilla Black. That ain't interestin'." She groaned, confused as to why Sabretooth would find her birth parents so interesting."

"I think you've absorbed one too many people." He scratched her face again, ignoring the calls from Scott to stop. "You didn't your parents were mutants, did you?"

He waved the file back and forth in front of bloody face.

"Biological mother isn't really surprising; it's your father that surprises me. Gotta admit, guy knows how to get around." He sliced his claws through her other cheek, blood sprayed over him and the floor.

"Had enough, beautiful?" Sabretooth pulled on Rogue's hair to see her face properly. Rogue spat in his face, a mixture of spit and blood dribbled disgustingly down Sabretooth's nose and mouth.

His chuckled as he wiped his face off. "You little bi-" he raised his hands again.


The three looked to see a petite stony faced blond woman glaring Sabretooth. Dr. Kellog was a forty something year old woman who agreed whole heartedly to work with Sinister to create stronger mutants.

What she didn't agree to was to work with idiots like Sabretooth.

She tapped her black stiletto high heeled shoe impatiently, "Are you finished slaughtering my patient, or should I get back to you?"

Sabretooth growled, he grabbed Rogue's face, letting her absorb his healing power. Rogue screamed as his memories ran through her mind. Everything was blood and gore; she could feel her fingernails turn to claws, her vision and hearing advanced as well.

Sabretooth unlocked the cuffs around her wrist and ankles and shoved her towards Dr. Kellog.

"All healed up. You happy?"

Kellog grabbed Rogue by the back of her shirt and dragged her out, "Ecstatic. Clean up the mess before Sinister sees."

Sabretooth smiled and turned to face a cowering Scott. "Well, that just leaves you and me." He broke off a piece of the prison bar and opened the door to the cell. "Ever played prey and predator before?"


"This isn't going to work." Scott groaned as he watched Remy study one certain female cop.

"Oh ye have so little faith." The Cajun grinned devilishly, "Y'gotta stop worrying so much."

Scott rolled his eyes; they had been in their cell for the last six hours without a word from the cop about what was going to happen to next to them. Worrying was top on list for Scott.

"They haven't told us anything about who may have blown up the mansion. For all we know someone could have still have been in there."

Remy's eyes went cold; he still couldn't forget the tire tracks that were leaving the mansion. If his hypothesis was right, then he and Scott were really in big trouble.

"Dey took dem all." He mumbled menacingly.

Scott raised a brow; he had never heard Remy speak with such venous tone before. "What do mean? Who's 'they'?"

Remy waved him off and went back to looking at the female cop. His empathy was picking up lust and attraction from her, every few minutes or so she would look at him, trying her best to go unnoticed by the other cops. She seemed anxious for him to notice her.

"Never mind dat now." He gave the pretty cop a charming smile and was pleased when he saw her turn her head to blush. "We got bigger fish to fry."

"She's a cop, Gambit. She knows when crooks are bluffing."

Remy smirked; he pulled out a deck of cards from his pocket. For a second Scott was sure that Remy was going to blow the place up, but instead Remy shuffled the deck a few times and tossed the ace of hearts through the bars at the female cop's direction.

"Luckily enough for us dat I am a prince." He whispered at Scott before calling out for the cop. "Oh, chere." He glanced over at the card by her desk. "Do you mind?"

The cop gave out a fake sigh as she dropped her pen onto her desk and picked up the card. "Here." She put her hand through the bars to give back the card.


Remy grabbed her and hugged her close. "C'mon chere." he stared her down, smirking when she licked her lips. "Have a heart, y'know dat we don't deserve dis." He blew softly into her ear and felt her shiver in his arms.

"I-I can't. I want to, but I can't." she answered in a husky voice.

Scott stuffed his shirt into his mouth to keep from laughing, he couldn't believe it. The cop was actually buying Gambit's bluff.

Gambit held her tight by the waist, "S'il vous plait, we-"

"Caroline!" barked a rough voice, making the three jump.

Caroline broke out of Remy's hold and straightened up. Officer Miles gave her a suspicious look, "Can I have a word with you, please?"

The poor woman kept her head high; she suddenly turned indifferent as she followed Miles into his office.

"Well, that went great." Scott sulked; he fell back onto his cot already thinking of a plan B.

"Yeah, wasn't it?" Remy asked smugly, he showed off the keys he had stolen from Caroline.

"How-how…" Remy could only laugh at the 'fearless leader'.

"Told you to have a little faith, homme. Now comes de fun part."

"Which would be?"

Remy pointed to the wall, "Turn around."


"I don't need y'to be seein' all my tricks. Turn around."

With a loud sarcastic sigh Scott did as he was told and turned around to face the wall. Remy had only one idea in what to do next, and he hoped it work. His powers had been working up since his arrival which was causing him severe headaches. He stood on his cot and pulled himself up on the bars to get to the high window. The parking lot was full of cars, but no cops or pedestrians.


Unlike Scott's powers, his powers didn't need a constant stream of energy. All he needed to blow up something was one light touch. Or in this case, one good look at a few cop cars.

The whole station shook from the explosion. Every car alarm in the parking lot went off, along with the sirens inside the station. All of the cops ran out to check the explosion; Miles did a double take at boys before running after the others.

"What did you do?" Scott asked in shock. Remy shrugged, he didn't feel like explaining his third set of powers to him now.

He unlocked the door and bowed graciously to Scott, giving him smug smirk. "After you."

Five minutes later…

Miles was quick to notice that the ruined cop cars where right in the sight of Scott Summers and Remy Lebeau. He was ready to call back Val Cooper to tell her he wanted to press charges on the two boys.

"Damn it!"

The cell's door was wide open with a joker card taped to the front. Miles pulled the card off; the joker had a white painted face and was holding a toy gun. Scrawled in the corner in tiny block letters was 'Thank Caroline for me' with a smiley face next to it.

"You gotta be freaking kidding me." He rubbed his face tirelessly. He was already dreading his call to O*N*E.

"Yo, Miles. What's wrong?" Augusta, a fellow cop, asked his boss. Miles chuckled in self loath. Instead of answering he got everyone's attention and grabbed Scott and Remy's mug shot.

"How the hell did we let two young mutants out of their cell?" he yelled to his staff. No one answered, "Damn. I want everyone to look for these two. It's been only-" he looked down at his watch and flinch, "Holy crap-it's been more than five minutes." He sighed and took his coat. "Carter and Louis-" he pointed at two male cops, "I want you two to check out the station maybe their hiding out till we clear out." He then pointed to another male and female officer "Abdul and Ferraz, I want you two to find out if these guys have any connections to the city, someone or somewhere they could be heading off too. Everyone else look for these guys and drag them back here if you have to. And let's be quick about this before the D.A and the O*N*E gets on our assess."

Miles, along with the others, rushed off to follow orders. None of them noticed two officers slowly making their way towards the back exit with files in hands.

"So officer Dillon, y'feel lucky yet?" Remy joked, he unlocked the cop car that belonged to the guy he had stolen the uniform from.

"No." Scott answered sourly as he slid in the passenger seat. They had knocked out two police officers and stolen their uniforms in order to get out unnoticed, but before they left Remy took all of their files. Claiming he recognized someone who might have tipped the cops off. So far Remy's little plan was working; they were able to get out of the police parking lot and onto the main road without being caught.

For now.

"So where does this guy live?" Scott opened the file and read the name. Nathan Milsbury, the guy looked like your ordinary stereotyped college professor. Large square glasses, salt and peppered goatee and hair, a tired tweed suit and sunken blood shot eyes.

"What's so special about this guy?"

Remy's hands gripped the steering wheel tightly, he remembered Nathan Milsbury visiting his house when he was kid. The man always came by with job offers for him; it usually involved stealing back old journals or discs filled with information about past or future experiments on mutants. He wasn't so worried back then till Nathan started to get a little too interested in his powers. It was beyond creepy the way Nathan would show up unannounced or check up on him. When his father finally confronted Nathan, his excuse was that Remy needed to nurture his powers. Nathan claimed that Remy could be one of the strongest mutants alive, if only he could control his full powers better. An "omega mutant" was what Nathan called him, he warned than Remy's powers were just beginning to evolve and that sooner or later Remy would have to come to him for help.

It was sooner than later, unfortunately.

"Gambit!" Scott snapped the older mutant out of his daze "Who is this guy?"

Remy shook his head and focused back on driving, "Someone who you really don't want to mess wid."

Shi'ar space station, Florida…

Logan and Hank sat awkwardly across from Lilandra, a marshal at the space station, as she continued to laugh loudly at their confusion.

"I-I can't believe you actually thought-" she broke out laughing again.

Professor Xavier was way off about the place; it wasn't a democratic alien race from space. It was a U.S space station stationed fifty miles south of Cape Canaveral.

Hank let out a embarrassed chuckle, "I know this may be hard to believe, but we were under the impression that-"

Lilandra cut him off again, her eyes were soaked in tears from laughing so hard. "Oh my. I didn't actually think that Xavier believed me!" she looked at two apologetically. "When Professor Xavier explained the situation to me I couldn't believe it, until I read his mind."
Logan and Hank sat shell shocked for a moment, "You're a mutant?" they asked in unison.

Lilandra winked at the two, "Yes, I'm a telepath. Along with a few others in here. The U.S government may not always like us, but they value our gifts."

Hank gripped Logan's arm from jumping Lilandra. She sounded so conceded and cold to them; the U.S government was working on plans to register mutants and keeping them separate from "normal" people and here they had mutants willingly working for them.

"After Xavier called me the first time I told one of my officers, who is also a telepath, to look into Xavier while he was asleep."

Logan unleashed his claws, "You spied on the Professor?"

Lilandra didn't flinch at the sound of his voice; instead she crossed her arms impatiently. "We knew he had connections to Magneto, we didn't want a repeat of Asteroid M. Spying in on his thoughts was the only way we could tell if he was being serious or not." She smiled, "I guess he was."

Hank pulled Logan back down to his seat, now more embarrassed at his partner's antics. "Why do the boys think they were born here?"

Lilandra handed them the adoption papers for Adam and Gabriel, both were adopted by the same family. But the papers mentioned nothing about where they found the boys.

"Because that is what their family told them. All the boys know is that they were born here."

Hank looked through the papers and caught something rather odd.

It was Kate Summer's signature.

"Oh my stars and garters."

"What is it, Hank?"

He passed the paper to Logan who had the same reaction. "Mother of – you can't be serious?"

Hank stared at the signature in awe, "Kate Summers survived the plane crash."

"Long enough to give birth and sign over the babies to the state." Lilandra stated in a matter of fact tone.

Hank let out a soft growl and slammed his fists on the table, "She had family, she had children and you let her sign over her babies?"

"She was as good as dead with her injuries. Prolonging her death just meant more suffering for her."
The phone interrupted their little spat; Lilandra was quick to answer it. She only gave a few 'yes' and 'alright' before hanging up and giving the two men a cool smile.

"The boys are ready to meet you right now if you want."

Logan sucked in his cheeks, he was eager to meet the two youngest Summers and also dreading in explaining why they were here. He wasn't so sure how he and Hank were going to handle the situation.


Next up: Cosair continues his story in TAS, Sabretooth and Gambit face off in the movie verse, and Stryker finally gets his hands on the X-men in Evo.

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