Tittle: A view to a blessing

Summary: Everything is finished. Titans are back to Tartarus. But a curse was made...

Thanks to Mr. Riordan for creating this universe and characters. I only own Selene, Devvan, Arthur, Syla, Licor.

Thanks to all the Olympian Hearth members for the help the provided.


« I curse you, Perseus Jackson! You and all your family. My murder won't change anything. Your life will become a nightmare…"

That's when my spear entered his chest. He shot me an arrogant look, opened his mouth, and his head fell against my blade.

I couldn't forget his words. Rather classic, but a curse is a curse. Chiron had told me it could be important, but it could also have only been speaking in the wind. His face couldn't hide me the truth…

I won't say my life became a nightmare since this moment. I hadn't murdered Luke. He had died trying to fulfill his revenge desires. But time seemed to slow down.

I lived like in another world than my friends. Their joy didn't reach me. Clarisse didn't provoke me any more. And worst of all, Annabeth was distant. Not as if she avoided me, but more as if she didn't even notice that I was not close to her…

This is just a prologue. Real stuff starts after. Don't just judge it as the whole story.

First chapter very soon.