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Warnings: Strong language, Yaoi

---Write Kind of Wrong---

-Captain My Captain-

"What is this swill?" Yami Atemu tossed a neatly stacked manuscript across the room and glared as it fluttered against the wall and fell to the ground with a thud. "Is this all these writers can produce?" he glared. "This isn't what sells. I hate losing money." He glared down at a small man with a notebook. "I need the names of the authors we are currently publishing."

"Yes sir." The man took notes as Yami spoke and ranted around the stacks of manuscripts on his new desk. A new job and an all new set of problems, Yami had been offered the job by Seto Kaiba himself, to pull his publishing division out of the hole and bring in the most income. Yami was the best editor in Japan, ruthless and strict. No mistake missed his eyes, no word in the dictionary was new to him, and he was determined not to let these writers ruin everything about the written word.

"First I need to talk to the Romance writers." Yami looked at the romance stack and picked up the three-hundred-paged manuscript and snorted at the first few lines. "Is he the only one?"

"I believe so, Sir. Mr. Motou." The stubbly man looked up at Yami with fearful eyes. "He is, actually pretty good."

"I think he can do better. Sure that shit was fine back in the nineties but this is a new time. He needs to write something hotter." Yami's eyebrows collected in the center of his forehead and he glowered down at the man. "Why am I telling you this? Just set up a meeting with him."

"Yes, Sir." The man stood at attention with his notepad and waited further instruction. Yami just looked at him and let out an annoyed sigh.

"Now, Jenkins!" Yami spat and the man wasted no time in getting out of the room. Yami sat at his new desk and shoved the manuscripts off listening to them crash in a flickering crash. Kaiba wanted him to bring the writers up to speed in two weeks. Yami snarled. Kaiba was certainly a dick. How was he supposed to bring these nothing's up to speed in that amount of time.

Jenkins stuck his head back in and swallowed hard seeing the mess around Yami's desk. "Sir, Yugi Motou seems to be out of town."

"Do I have to tell you how to do your job? Find out where he is and set up the meeting. Oh and send someone in here to clean up this mess. And send out rejection letters to all of the writers." Yami waved the small man off and turned in his chair to partake in the view outside his office. Jenkins exited the room and shut the door quietly.

Yami let out a breathily laugh of irony and smirked, the fifth floor, it was an insult and Kaiba knew it too. Well, not only would Yami create the greatest writers in the world, he would move to the top floor. Yami's eyes glided down to the calendar and circled the date with a thick red marker and licked his lips. Two weeks.

Yugi Motou looked up from his laptop and smiled at the scene before him, a handsome man was tossing a ball to a dog that effectively caught the ball in the air. He looked back at the screen and watched the curser blink before typing. He closed his eyes and put himself out in the lush green field and took a breath, he could smell the fresh green grass and sweet nectar of flowers all around him.

The dog barked as his master tossed the ball to him, his paws kicking up blades of soft lush grass as he pranced through the air. A light breeze picked up and caressed the petals of the wild flowers, carrying their sweet aroma to…

Yugi was ripped from his concentration at the sound of the fax machine crunching to life. Old piece of junk, Yugi thought. He let out a sigh; he hated getting faxes in his vacation home. He needed to think, to write, to be creative. He hit save on his computer and scooted over to the fax machine and ripped the paper from its mouth before it had a chance to finish and looks it over.

'New editor. Wants to meet with you. Beware of temper… Jenkins.'

Yugi read it again and blinked, why the heck did Jenkins write like he was in some sort of danger? His letters usually were lengthy and redundant but this… New editor? Yugi's mind shifted and his eyes grew. "What happened to Ryou?" he whispered and picked up the phone and dialed. It rang three times before Jenkins finally answered. "We have a new editor? What happened to Ryou?"

"Mr. Motou." Jenkins smiled, happy to hear his friendly voice on the other end. "Ryou decided to retire early. His boyfriend convinced him to leave."

"And when was someone planning on telling me this? I was going to come back to work on Monday and find a new man in Ryou's office? Man?"

"That's right."

"Right. Well anyway, what was that fax about?"

"Is that Mr. Motou?" a baritone voice ribboned its way through the phone and Yugi felt his heart flutter but ignored it.

"Yes, Sir." Jenkins answered and held the phone close, desperate to keep Yugi a little longer. Then the phone was snatched from his hands.

"If you are writing now, I suggest you stop before you waste more paper than you already have." Yami said in a cool but terrifying tone.

"Excuse me?" Yugi couldn't believe his ears, how dare this guy. Yugi worked hard to write his books, they were masterpieces and he had a huge fan base.

"We need to talk about your writing ability, you need to be here by tomorrow or you are fired." The line went dead and Yugi hung up the phone mechanically as shock enveloped him. Fired? Writing ability? Waste paper! Yugi glared at nothing and stalked back over to his laptop and began typing.

little did the man and dog know, their world was about to come to an abrupt and immediate end…

Yugi shut his laptop down and closed the lid before packing it away, he grabbed his coat and the small sports bag he was living out of and headed out the door toward his car. He would be damned if he let some big shot editor tell him that his writing was a waste. Yugi was greatly proud of his work and he knew his books were literary works of art.

Yugi walked down the rubble road that lead to his summer house toward his rusted-orange red pick-up truck and tossed his bag in the back and climbed in setting his computer in the passenger's side and started the engine. He was happy when it roared to life on the first attempt. He backed out of the drive way and took the curved road back to town to fill up on gas. The drive back to Domino City would take a little over three hours.

As he drove the more he got to thinking of the new editor's arrogance, to think Yugi would drop everything just because he decided to up and call a meeting. And it made him angrier to know that it was exactly what he did but he couldn't let this prick talk about his work the way he did. There would be hell to pay. He stopped for gas and smiled when he caught a glimpse of honey blonde hair on the other side of the pump.

"Jounouchi?" Yugi called happily causing the blonde to peer around at him. "Hey."

"Aw, Hey, Yugi. I was just going up to see ya." A heavy Brooklyn accent fell from his pillowy pink lips. Yugi watched his lips move in fascination, he could see why Seto had fallen for him. "Seto hired a new editor."

"Yeah, I heard." Yugi ran a hand through his hair and glowered.

"Ah. I take it he called you, Yami that is."

"Y-Yami, Yami as in Yami Atemu, Yami?" Yugi's lips quivered and his heart raced. "Can't be."

"Yep. It is him. The great Yami Atemu."

"Holy crap." Yugi slumped against the door. "I have dreamed of him reading my books. He hates them."

"You don't know that?"

"He told me to stop writing, that I was wasting paper." Yugi looked back at his computer. "He's right. I'm not good enough."

"Hey, you can't let him get to you already. Maybe he wants to help."

"Yeah right."

"Anyway. Here's the scoop. Seto hired him in order to fire him. See he wants Yami to lose his reputation. If Yami fails to produce better writers then Seto will fire him and that will be the end of Yami's career. He has two weeks."

"That's impossible. It takes a month to get a new book on the shelves."

"I know. I don't get him sometimes." Jou stared off in a daydream. "He is hot though."

"Jesus, Jou, don't you think about anything else?"


"Well I'm going back to Domino." He looked at Jou's sleek green '07 Corvette and sighed, "He spoils you. Why did he give you that?"

"He liked my hair that day."

"No offence but how does the mail boy get a Corvette and I'm stuck with this piece of crap."

"Duh, you screw the boss."

"Ugh, thanks for that image." Yugi pulled the pump from his truck and grabbed his receipt before climbing back in"

"Wanna race?"

"Screw you." Yugi glared. "I'll see you later." He started the engine and began his drive to Domino.