Marguerite of Angoulême wrote, 'Though jealousy be produced by love, as ashes are by fire, yet jealousy extinguishes love as ashes smother the flame.'

End Of All Things

Chapter 1

Car Park

The car came out of nowhere.

Aaron didn't even see it!

Aaron parked in the outdoor car park. Spence asked if they could, at least at first, when they went back to work. He didn't really want to go into the place where his throat had been cut, at least not yet.

"I promise I won't let it grow into an anxiety disorder." he had said the previous night as they lay together in each others arms.

"I'll go down with you on a break. We can take it slowly." Aaron nuzzled Spencer's hair. "Maybe not even get out of the lift."

Spencer had smiled and snuggled closer. Aaron lay on his side and linked his arms around Spencer's waist, and kissed him goodnight.

So now, they were half way across the open car park. Spencer checked his pocket.
"I've left my ID in the car." He turned to run back to the car. "I'll see you upstairs!"

Aaron waited, watching him sprint back to the car and retrieve his ID. It was when he was running back that the car sped around the corner.

Aaron was still watching Spencer. The car was coming from behind him. Spence reached Aaron seconds before the car did.

He pushed Aaron out of the way, but he wasn't quick enough. The car hit Spence without even slowing down. Aaron watched in horror, as Spence was thrown onto the bonnet of the car, and off onto the road.

It all seemed to move in slow motion. Aaron saw every tiny movement as Spencer's body slid off the bonnet of the car onto the road. He rolled a few feet, and then stopped moving. Aaron drew his weapon, but the car was gone.

He ran to Spencer. He was trying to get up.

"Don't move, Spence. I'll get help!"

Spence was on his hands and knees. "Just help me get up. I'm not hurt."

Against his better judgment, Aaron held his hand out, and Spencer carefully got to his feet.

"Can't start the first day back in an ambulance!" laughed Spence, trying his best to make light of it. He brushed the gravel off his cords, and tested his legs. "I'm fine!"

Aaron looked round to see if anyone else could have seen the incident. The car park was deserted.

"Guess someone else is late for work as well!" joked Spencer, checking his watch.

But really, the incident had scared him. The car had driven straight for Aaron. In his eyes, it hadn't seemed like an accident.

They walked together up to the BAU office. They had discussed how they were to handle their relationship at work. They both decided it would be best to keep it private.

They walked through the door, and were greeted with streamers and party poppers. The team was standing round clapping and cheering. Even Strauss was smiling – whether because she was glad they were back, or because she wanted out of the field, and back in her cozy office, Aaron wasn't sure.

But it was nice to be missed.


There were no big cases, a situation which pleased both of them. Spencer needed to get his bearings again. Six months was a long time to be away. Straight away, he missed having Aaron at his side, but he wasn't far away.

He thought again about what had happened in the car park.

He was certain it hadn't been an accident. It was an FBI car park, and all the cars in it should be FBI owned cars.

He called up the database of car ownership on his terminal. He didn't get the plate, but he knew the make and model.

It wasn't there.

The car that had hit him wasn't a Fed car.

It had been aiming at Aaron, not him.

He glanced up at Aaron's office. He had opened the blinds so he could see his team. Aaron saw him looking and flashed Spencer a quick smile.

"So, welcome back, Genius Boy!"

Spencer quickly turned away from Aaron, jumping guiltily. Morgan had come and sat by him.

Spencer gave him a half smile, waiting for the punch line, but no, this time there didn't seem to be one.

"It's good to be back, Morgan." and Spencer really meant it.

He wondered whether to mention to Morgan about the incident in the car park, and decided not to. He'd talk about it with Aaron tonight.

JJ and Emily came over next. Spence was finding all this attention a teeny bit embarrassing. It was probably necessary for them though, so he quietly endured.

Garcia hadn't come out of her bunker though. Spence was torn. This was a totally new field of experience for him. What was the right thing to do? Go and talk to her, or pretend everything was normal.

He tried to think of a reason to go and see her, without it sounding too contrived.

Sighing, he went over to her door. It was open, so he went straight in.

"Hi, Garcie."

She turned her chair round to face him.

Yes, the feelings were still there. "Hi Spence."

They looked at each other for a minute without saying anything.

"I…um…I n-need to get b-back to work." Spencer turned and left. He felt his face burning red. He glanced at Morgan. Good. He wasn't watching.

Well, thought Spencer. That's what not to do.


"Do you want to take the lift down to the car park, Reid?" The others were getting coffee and chatting. Aaron was standing by Spencer's desk.

Spencer got up. "Yeah, sure."

Aaron called the lift. When it arrived, he got in, and Spencer followed.

When the door closed, Spencer turned to Aaron. "I've really missed you today."

"Me too. Are you ok from….."

Spencer stopped the lift and cut Aaron's words off as he cupped his face and pulled him down to meet his. It was only a little kiss, but deep and full of love.

"This is going to be harder than I thought."

"We'll be fine. We've just got to get used to it again." Aaron squeezed Spencer's hand. He started the lift again.

When the lift stopped on the car park level, Spence felt his heart beat faster. He took Aaron's hand and held it against his chest.

"You feel that? I'm really nervous about this."

"We can leave it for today if you like." Aaron said. "You've got in the lift. That's a pretty major undertaking."

"I'm going to do this. I couldn't do it on my own, though, Aaron."

The door opened, and Spencer and Aaron looked out into the car park. It was dark and uninviting. Spencer could see his spot, where he had been attacked. He wondered if he would still be able to see the blood stain.

He stepped out into the open.

"Ok, that's enough." Spencer stepped back into the lift and the doors closed.

Aaron put his hands on Spencer's arms. "That's great, Spence. We'll do a bit more tomorrow.

"He pulled Spencer to him and hugged him briefly as the lift returned them to the BAU office.