Accidents happen

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Chapter 32

Remus stood outside for even he didn't know how long, just standing there. No thoughts were able to process, his brain was on the fritz as he tried to absorb what had just taken place.

"……Did that really happen?" he wondered.

He absentmindedly pinched his arm, just to see if he was even awake.

It hurt.

"I…I'm awake…" he said softly.

And just like that, his brain clicked on to it. That was real. Sirius had come down there, they threw rocks in the lake and he's not mad about what happened and he agreed to go out with him and…then he left.

But he didn't leave until he'd agreed to go out with him.

He had a date with Sirius.

Sorry, repeat that, he had a date with SIRIUS

Remus looked at the lake…he chuckled "I…I have a date with Sirius…"

His chuckles grew a bit louder until he was all out laughing "Hahaha! I- I can't believe it! He…he's giving me chance?! I…I have a date with Sirius! Me! I mean…oh, oh wait, that means I have to think of what to do, god, I didn't even think he'd say 'yes' I haven't got any plans!"

Now mental aware of the situation, he rushed back to the castle.

"I have to talk to James or someone, anyone who can help me plan this out. It has to go just right, this may be my only chance, I can't blow it!" he muttered to himself.

Though he felt nervous about it, he couldn't suppress the smile that came to his face as he went. It seemed that luck was finally on his side! He just made it up the second flight of stairs when he heard cackling ahead: "Filthy Filchy, can't catch the pestering Peeves!"

…Luck switched sides again.

He could go back down the stairs, but Peeves would probably see the top of his head and if he went the other direction his back would be seen, he was trapped!

There were a line of some coats of armor he could hide behind and maybe, just maybe, Peeves wouldn't notice. At of all the other options he had, this one seemed the best.

He quickly wedged himself between two of them and silently begged to be unnoticed…

…You know those situations that go from bad to worse?

Peeves cackled as he passed, completely over looking Remus it seemed. Still, Remus waited a moment or so before slowly moving from his hiding spot.

"HA! FOOLED YA!" a voice screeched behind him.

Remus turned to see the Poltergeist smirking deviously at him "Ohhh, naughty student out of bed…"

He didn't speak, he couldn't. If Filch caught him he'd get detention and that'd mean he'd have to cancel with Sirius and-

"Peeves, please…" he said softly, not knowing what else to say.

Peeves looked up, the evil look still on his transparent face "Should I tell? It's for your own good that this curfew is set…whatever should I do?" as he said this he moved next to one of the coats of armor and looked ready to push it over.

Remus clenched his fists anxiously "Don't do it, please."

Peeves grinned "I hope you're a fast runner!"

Remus had taken off almost as soon as the word left his mouth because the loud crashing of the suits of armor was enough to make anyone jump. A few of the portraits grumbled angrily at the sudden noise, but Remus ignored them and took off down the corridor. Maybe, he'd be able to get to the third floor and find a storage closet to hide out in.

Luck turned out to have suddenly hated him.

Just as he rounded a corner, Mrs. Norris meowed, not loudly, but enough to get his attention. The look on her face was that of satisfaction and he knew, there was no getting away now.

And sure enough, not more then a few moments later, Filch jogged to him, wheezing and gasping "You…detention…come with me!" he managed to say, grabbing the arm of his robes and walking to his office.

Mrs. Norris followed right beside him, purring in approval as they went. Remus frowned and wanted nothing more to give the cat a good kick, but why deepen the hole for himself?

He looked angrily at the ground "What happened to my good fortune? And…what am I going to tell Sirius?"

Just the thought of it made his stomach drop. All that trouble, all the nerve…and now he had to cancel and what's more, if he did, Sirius might think it was all just a joke and never really give him a chance again.

The air seemed to be getting thicker, harder to take into his lungs as they trudged down the corridor; his chest felt like it was collapsing in on itself.

How could such a great and wonderful day turn so horrible….

…In only 3 minutes?

James, now back in Gryffindor tower, turned over in his bed, trying to stay in blissful sleep. But the sun was an evil star first thing in the morning and in the end he reluctantly opened his eyes.

"Ugggghhh…ahh, damn sun…" he murmured, rubbing his eyes and head.

Some of the Quidditch members were able to sneak into Hagrid's firewhisky and, as promised, they saved a pint for their captain when he got the OK from Madam Pomfrey. He'd gladly drunk that pint and another…and another…and another…and another…and if he drank another or not he wasn't sure because thinking back to it made his head ache further.

"Ahh…if people wanna make something useful they should come up with a spell to cure hangovers!" he thought painful as his head throbbed.

Which there probably was somewhere, he just didn't know it.

And because of that, he'd have to deal with the feeling that a giant monkey wrench was on his head and squeezing tighter. The light was more painful then usual and he felt like he was going to throw up.

With a groan he laid back for a moment and closed his eyes…but sleep had left and he slowly got out of bed, staggering a bit. He bent to his trunk and started to get his cloths

"Wow, the dead can walk." A voice screeched painfully in James' sensitive ears.

"Ahhh! Please, don't yell." He whimpered, abandoning the cloths to rub his head.

"Hm, hangover, should've expected as much." The voice said, though the tone had softened a bit.

James turned to see Remus walking into the room, holding his nightclothes and towel. If that wasn't enough evidence to say he'd just taken a shower, the dampness of his hair gave it away.

"So how long did the party last?" he asked dully.

James scrunched his eyes shut "I don't even know how I got up here, don't ask me…"

Remus only nodded before putting his stuff away and sitting on his bed. It was now that James could see the evident misery on his friend's face as he stared at the ground.

James sighed and got up from his trunk, being a good friend could be a pain sometimes.

"Alright, what's up?" he asked, plopping himself right next to him on his bed.

At first Remus didn't answer, just continued to stare at the ground gloomily…finally he said softly, without looking up "I have detention…"

James blinked "…Uh-ha…is that it?"

He sighed and closed his eyes "It's not the detention that bothers me. Yesterday, Sirius finally agreed to go out with me-"

James' eyes widened "You serious?"

Remus gave him an annoyed look "No he is. Yes James, I'm serious. Unlike you, I haven't had a drop of whisky touch my lips; it wasn't just a drunken fantasy."

James smiled "Well that's great!"

Remus frowned "NO, it's NOT! Didn't you just hear what I said?! I have detention today! Or is that stupid drunk stupor still your current state of being so you can't understand?!" he shouted frustratedly.

"Don't…yell, PLEASE!" James begged, squeezing his head tightly.

Remus sighed heavily and closed his eyes again "Sorry…I'm still a bit peeved about the turn of events…god, why today? Why now, of all times? He finally gives me a chance and I screw it up! I'm gonna have to cancel and if I do, what if he never takes me seriously again? My one chance…gone…"

It was quiet after that, though not quiet enough in James' opinion.

He sighed and gently put a hand on Remus' back "Well…I'm sure he'll understand-"

"But what if he doesn't?! What if he thinks I was just do all this to make a fool out of him…what if he thinks I had it all planned out like this, what if he thinks I was just playing around…what if…he never wants to speak to me again…" his voice had started out forcefully but now softened to almost nothing.

James was glad to hear his voice lessen but knew it wasn't a good thing.

He shook his head "Oh Moony…you…you and all you're 'what ifs'! What if the world ended today? What if the muggles somehow found out about our world? What if all the giants left in the world banned together to get revenge on all the witches and wizards in the world? What if…giant purple kangaroos fell from the sky and threw carrots at everyone while screaming about how they lost their shoes?!"

Remus gave him a look after that last one "…Are you still drunk?"

"No, that's just the first thing to come to mind, but don't change the subject! Point is, you can't just think a 'what if' to everything in life. I mean, yeah, ok, that all could happen, but you can't say. The only way to find out is to live it. Tell him about detention, maybe he'll surprise you. Nothing you think will happen is set and stone."

Remus stared at him for a moment before dropping his gaze to the ground "I…I dunno James…"

As though on cue, there was a small grunt and movement to their right, where Sirius' bed was…he sounded like he was just waking up.

James grinned and grabbed his arm "Come on, you can tell him right now, I'm here for ya!"

Remus' eyes widened "What? NOW?!"

James nodded "Yeah, come on!"

"No, no, no, James, I- I really don't think I can, not so soon, just…couldn't it wait a few more hours?" Remus protest as James dragged him over to Sirius' bed.

James made a face "Don't be such a baby about it! Come on, you can do it!"

Remus shook his head "No, I don't think I can, let go!" but James ignored his pleas.

"Alright James, you asked for it!" he thought.

He stopped struggling and came right next to James' ear and said "No!" firmly.

Though in reality, he'd only just emphasized the word but to James' ear he might as well had had a megaphone and screamed it as loud as he could into his ear.

"AHHH! GODDAMNIT REMUS!" he howled in pain.

But his cringing agony was enough to get his robe out of James' grasp and he was out the door. Just in time to, for once he left Sirius sat up from his bed in pure shock "What the- James? What's wrong?"

"Stupid werewolf vocal cords…" James managed to say through his gritted teeth.

Sirius blinked "Um…what?"

James closed his eyes "Argh, he…he yelled in my ear…"

Sirius looked around the room, Remus was no longer there.

"…But, I didn't really hear a yell, aside from you screaming right next to my bed." He whispered, a little annoyed at the end.

James frowned, still clenching his head "10 pints of firewhisky entitles me to a hangover, don't you think?"

Sirius scoffed "Oh right, the drinking game. Come on Prongs, back to bed…" he was kind enough to keep his voice at the whisper level while helping him to his feet.

They tottered a bit as they walked back to James' bed. Carrying most of your friend's body weight first thing in the morning was harder then he'd first thought.

Eventually, he managed to lunch James back into his own bed.

"There. Now what the hell are you going on about?" he asked, a bit snappishly for being so rudely awoken.

James closed his eyes for a moment, as if trying to go back to sleep, but opened them again "I was trying to get him to tell you something but he didn't want to so he yelled in my ear and ran out, coward…" he muttered angrily.

Sirius frowned at that "Don't call him that, what'd he want to tell me?"

James started to open his mouth but stopped then smirked "No, you know what? I'm not gonna tell you, he'll tell you. That'll get him back for this…"

Sirius rolled his eyes "Fine, I'll go ask him."

James turned over in his bed and pulled his blankets over his head "Good luck with that."

Sirius cast him one last fleeting look before heading downstairs, still in his pajamas.

Remus sighed desolately as he sat in the common room. There were tons of places for him to sit, but he sat on the biggest couch, that fit at least 5 people. Just incase he were to suddenly get sleepy, he didn't want to risk going back in the dorm room. The great escape was a success. Attempting to cheer himself up rarely worked, but he gave it a shot.

He would have left Gryffindor tower altogether, but he was afraid of leaving to early. When the 'proper time' to be up and about without getting in trouble was a mystery to him and he didn't want to risk doing anything stupid and lengthening his sentence.

"What does it matter, I had to cancel anyway and he'll probably never take me seriously again…more detention does make any difference." A part of him thought pessimistically.

"Well…maybe…James was right, about all that stuff…" a smaller part said, with little confidence.

He scoffed aloud "Yeah right, and after that all the pigs in the world'll try to over-throw man kind."(1)

"Really? Well, my favorite barn animal is a horse but pigs are ok to, I guess. Mind the stench of course." A different voice said.

Remus knew who had spoken immediately, yet he still jumped when he did. He bit his lip "Sirius…"

Sirius yawned as he walked over to him "Hey."

Remus looked at the ground "Uh, good…morning…" he murmured.

"Heh, James would appreciate it if you kept that tone around him. Maybe I'll get some strong tea for him from the kitchen." Sirius said, more to himself then to Remus.

He still seemed partially asleep.

"Er, yeah…" Remus said, not really knowing what else to say.

Sirius sat on the couch and Remus quickly took his seat again.

He smiled a sleepy smile "Well don't sound too excited about it, you'll wake up the whole tower."

Remus smiled back, but it was only halfway. Did James tell him or was he going to have to?

"Knowing him, he probably just told him I wanted to tell him something…git…" he thought.

Sirius sighed "It's weird, waking up to your friend yelling in pain…he said you yelled in his ear or something…"

Remus frowned "I didn't yell."

"I know, I'd have heard you…and then, he says somethin' about you wanting to tell me something?" at this he looks him straight in the eyes, trapping him in the conversation.

Remus bit the inside of his mouth but didn't speak.

Sirius smiled slightly "What, you getting cold feet about all this?"

Remus shook his head "No, never. It's not that…but…"

Sirius raised his eyebrows slightly "…Buuuut?"

"…But…well…y-you know how we were out by the lake, after curfew? Well, I didn't have the best of luck…sneaking back in here, I mean…" he said, mentally hitting himself for sounding stupid.

Sirius blinked "You got detention then?"

"Not on purpose though!" he found himself saying, once more to his feet "I tried getting out of it o-or changing it to some other day but Filch is a stupid prat a-and that damn cat of his! I swear, I'd never choose detention over you, who the hell would?! I wasn't trying to bail, I really wasn't! I'd much rather go somewhere with you then serve stupid detention! Just…give me a chance to make it up to you; don't think I'm making this all up! Please, I'm really serious, I…it wasn't my fault! But…well, if you never want to give me another chance…I guess…I deserve it…"

To his immense surprise, Sirius laughed.

He had a hand over his mouth to keep it quiet but it was obvious he was laughing pretty hard; Remus couldn't help but feel a little angry at this. He'd just poured his heart out and now he was laughing.

Something must have shown on his face because Sirius put both hands up defensively and lowered his laughter to a chuckle "Easy, easy! I not laughing at what you said just…heh, you really think I'm that cruel?"

Remus blinked, he didn't dare speak and mess this up.

Sirius grinned widely "Ah Moony, I thought you knew me!"

"I didn't…say you were cruel…" he murmured, looking at the ground.

This just made Sirius laugh again "No, but you were apologizing like I was going to kill you!"

Remus didn't respond, he stared at the ground and felt heat raising to his face. More then likely, he was probably as red as a tomato in the face; he felt embarrassed enough to be.

Sirius took a deep breath and was able to swallow his laughter, but it still shined in his eyes when he spoke "Sorry, I'm sorry. I'm not trying to be insensitive-"

"Well you're doing a lousy job at it." Remus muttered.

Sirius snickered "Heh, I know. Sensitivity isn't really my thing."

Again, Remus didn't answer.

Sirius sighed "Oh don't be like that. Come here…"

Remus looked up to see Sirius was motioning him to sit back down, next to him.

"…Well come here!" Sirius repeated again, though now he was smiling.

Remus timidly sat once more, though he still didn't look Sirius in the eye.

But, Sirius didn't seem to care as he went on "As I was saying, I'm not trying to be insensitive, but you're just so…funny." He said the word 'funny' rather abruptly, as though he were going to say something else but changed it at the last minute.

Remus looked up and gave him a confused look.

Sirius quickly recovered with a smile "I don't mind Remus. I know it's not your fault or anything, I'm actually kind of surprised you'd think I would blame you for it."

Remus glanced at his feet "Well…I just thought…if you knew I was going to have to cancel…you wouldn't take me seriously, you'd think I just did all this to make a fool out of you and…y-you'd hate me for all eternity…"

Sirius chuckled "There, you're doing it again!"

Remus closed his eyes embarrassedly, but they snapped open when he felt Sirius put an arm around his shoulder, pulling him closer.

Sirius didn't notice or ignored his sudden attention as he went on "You're acting like I'm some heartless prick! As if I wouldn't understand mistakes. Me, of all people, who's made more mistakes then I dare count. I'm not gonna hold anything against you or make stupid assumptions like that! If you tell me with your own mouth that this was a joke well, even then I might not believe you. You're too nice to mess with someone's feelings…"

Remus' mouth went dry; he didn't know what to say to that.

"I'm not gonna persecute you for something that isn't your fault. Ok?" Sirius said softly.

Remus felt his heart rate quicken, he hadn't been this close to Sirius in what felt like ages. He didn't know what to do; his brain had taken flight and left him in the situation alone.

Those gorgeous gray eyes stared back at him with understanding and caring…he felt his head nod, though he didn't give the command for it to.

Sirius smiled "Alright. I'll catch you later then; I'm going to try squeezing an hour in before we have to actually wake up. See ya at breakfast."

Again, Remus nodded but his voice box seemed broken and all he could do was watch Sirius as he ascended the stairs, mostly on his swaying hips and backside…left, left, left right left…they'd been really close just moments ago, the last time they were that close…

He shot up from his seat and walked strangely to the showers again.

"Stupid hormones!" he thought as he left.

Sirius gently closed the door to the dorm once he was in and tip-toed into the room. It seemed James had already managed to get back to sleep. He was sure to close the curtains to the windows before getting into bed.

With the room nice and dark, he could finally get back to sleep…except, one thing kept rolling around in his mind.

"I almost called him 'cute' back there…" he thought.

When he'd said 'funny' it was the best cover up he could think of for the word.

"Did you see him in there? Of course that was cute!"

"Well yeah, it was, but guys don't call other guys cute. Cute's not macho."

"If anyone else had seen that, I bet you everyone one of them would tell you that was cute."

"I'm not saying it WASN'T cute, just…that was a close save."

"Why do you care? It's just Remus, you don't have to impress him. Manly or not I think he likes you."

"Even still, cute's not a word I often say to describe…anything. I don't even use cute on girls! Girls are hot or attractive…not cute…"

"I don't think it matters either way…"

"You're probably right…still, I wish…oh, what is it all those muggles are always saying? Er…I wish I had that on tape or whatever, so I could watch it again…that was so cute…"

He chuckled lightly at the thought of it.

Just thinking back to Remus' jumbled worlds, blushing face, embarrassed eyes…it was positively adorable!

"Ok, that's where I draw the line. NOTHING is adorable" He mentally corrected.

Even still, the image of it made him smile as he closed his eyes to sleep.

The rest of the day went by so fast, was almost as though it were in fast-forward. Remus spent most of the day dwelling on his little talk with Sirius that morning and it had him in a good mood all day.

It was only when detention came to be that the great mood vanished.

Everyone knew Filch's little cubby that he liked to pretend was an office was down, closer to the Great Hall and it was as small and dank and windowless as ever.

As he walked in the open door, Filch grinned nastily at him "Finally, justice is served to you little punks."

Remus inwardly rolled his eyes and mentally prepared himself for the speech that was almost ALWAYS said when serving detention.

Filch inclined with his head for Remus to follow him and the two of them walked outside his office. As they did, he spoke "You no good little prats. Always runnin' around whenever you please! Wand wavin' at everythin' and acting high and mighty above everyone else, just because you can do a few magic tricks, always taking everything for granted! You-"

"You no good little monster. Just because you know the magic, doesn't give you the right to disrespect the authority of hard working adults." Remus thought along with him as he said it, but both he and Filch looked up in surprise as another voice said it to.

"We'll have to learn that someday, the authority we're under is to protect us, but of course, you do it just to teach us a lesson and in no way want us to have a better life, you hate us, and we can all…burn, in hell. Yeah, I think we've been over that." The person continued as they came down the stairway.

Remus couldn't fight back a grin as Sirius gave a huge fake yawn.

Filch scowled "Shut your yapper Black! You were thrown on me at last end of the day and if you're here, I'll have to give you an especially nasty job today!"

Sirius grinned "Of course! I wonder if they let guests into hell this late in the evening…"

Remus put a hand over his mouth in an attempt to silence his laughter.

Filch's face went a bit red "Alright, that's enough! I've got a job for you two, follow me!" and practically marched down the corridor.

Sirius grinned and silently waved as he made his way down.

"Sirius what're you-"

"Shhh, can't talk now, if he thinks we know each other we'll get different things." He whispered, though not looking or stopping towards him and continuing after Filch.

It was always Sirius and James serving detention, only a few times had he and Peter been involved and Filch probably thought that those times, it was just that they were by-standards in it all that got caught in the mess, so he didn't realize they knew each other at all. Remus nodded in understanding and followed a good distance behind him, even going as far as looking uneasily at him to encourage the thought.

Filch grumbled angrily under his breath as they made their way. And to their surprise, he went outside.

"Forbidden forest duty, maybe…" Remus thought to himself as they went.

Oh, if only they were so lucky.

Filch walked a good ways until they came up to the Owlery and then he stopped "Alright, I've been putting this off for awhile, just for you Black."

Sirius gasped dramatically "For me? Why old Filch, you shouldn't have! I…I didn't know you cared…I'm touched that you-"

"SHUT UP! You mangy pole cat! You two'll be cleanin' the Owlery BY HAND until DAWN!" Filch screeched furiously.

Sirius nodded "Alright."

"There'll be two back up there and two shovels. It better be spotless when I get back, or I'll see to it you're finishing it tomorrow night." Filch grumbled.

Sirius saluted "Sir, yes sir, Filch sir, on the double sir!"

Remus bit his lip, Sirius better stop or he was gonna break a lung by keeping in all this laughter.

Filch gave him a murderous look and you could practically see what was going through his head when he did. He wanted nothing more then for Sirius to just suddenly drop dead…but none such thing happened and he just marched away angrily, cursing under his breath.

The two of them stood under the Owlery in silence for a moment, even after he was far from eye sight. Slowly they looked at one another…someone giggled (though it was a manly one, not a girly little 'heeheehee') through their teeth…which led to more giggles, then laughing softly and then all out laughing, spooking the owls a bit as they went up the stairs.

"Hahahaha! Sirius, what on earth are you doing here?" Remus asked between bouts of laughter.

Sirius smiled "Well, we did have a date planned, and Sirius Black is not one to be stood up!"

Remus blinked "Wha?"

"Come on, think of it! Just the two of us…this could be our date!" he said, though Remus couldn't tell if he was joking or not.

"You…wha? But…but don't you want something better then this?" he gestured at the owls dung which was virtually everywhere.

Sirius grinned "Oh come on! It's perfect! Just the two of us, under the brightly shining stars…the moon's not even out yet, and we're shoveling loads of owl dung by hand. If that's not romantic I don't know what is!"

Remus laughed a bit at that and shook his head "How trivial…still…I just thought, you'd want to have this be…well…a bit more special then…being here in detention."

Sirius shrugged "Well, that's just my style. I've never snuck out of detention to go on a date before though, this'll be fun!"

Remus gapped at him "What? But don't we have to-"

"Ah, ah, ah! Don't underestimate me now…" he said, turning his back for a moment. But when he turned back around he had two wands in hand with a huge grin.

Remus' eyes widened "You-"

"The best thing to do when you get detention is start getting Filch steamed and fast. If you do, there's the off chance he might be so angry, he just wants to get away from you as soon as possible and will forget to check and take your wands from you. James and I were able to do it a few times, but only a few, he started to catch on after awhile. But I got him this time!" Sirius said, grinning at his own cunning and throwing Remus his wand as well.

Remus caught it with surprise, but slowly smiled and rolled his eyes "I'd never had known."

Sirius winked and pointed at the bags and the shovels, which sprang to life and began working. He laughed "Yes! Ah, I love these nonverbal spells! Genius…well, lets be off then." and turned to the door.

Remus blinked "Where to?"

Sirius stopped and looked back at him in surprise "What, you don't have anything planned? You're the one who asked me, you've got to take me somewhere."

Remus felt his face heat up again, as it had this morning and once more, his mouth started moving embarrassedly, without his permission "Well I didn't think you'd be coming today! It's not like you really told me or anything! How was I suppose to-"

Sirius laughed "Calm down! I'm just joking! I didn't tell 'cuz I wanted it to be a surprise. Hm, well, we've got until dawn, let's go to Hogsmeade. They usually keep their places open until 12, it's only 9!"

Remus stopped his rambling "…Hey, that actually sounds like a…a pretty good idea!"

Sirius grinned "So, come on!"

With the shovels and the bags working on their own, the two of them went out of the Whomping Willow and in the passage to Shrieking Shack. Remus noticed going through the tunnel was a lot different when you weren't on the verge of turning into a werewolf. Normally, he wouldn't have been able to feel the pain in his knees and eyes when a bit of dirt got kicked up, still, it was better then having that prickling feeling on the inside.

Behind him, Sirius was doing some thinking.

"He is a bit handsome…in his own sort of way, I guess…"

"Yeah…and he's got a nice ass to…"

Needless to say, he was glad it was a dark tunnel only lit slightly by wand light.

Eventually, they were able to reach the trap door of the Shrieking Shack.

Remus brushed the dirt out of his hair and coughed a bit as they entered the Shack "Ok. Home sweet home…" he said jokingly.

Sirius chuckled as he got out of the tunnel "Yep. Good times here, like that time you went crazy and attacked…good times…"

Remus shook his head and the two of them went to the front door.

"Hey, you know, I've been thinking…" Sirius said slowly.

"You should be careful doing that, I hear you could break something." Remus said, without looking back.

Sirius made a face "Oooh, funny. No listen, I've been thinking, your wolf form knew us by our names. James was James to him."

Remus blinked "…Your point?"

"Well, maybe, if we use our nicknames, you know call him Prongs, instead of James, maybe we can start coming back with you up here when your, monthly visitor arrives…" he said with a snicker.

Remus sighed "Are you serious?"

"Last time I checked I was." He replied, beaming.

Remus gave him a look "Now who's being the funny one? The wolf has a sense of smell, when it smells you guys, it'll know!"

Sirius shrugged "I dunno, I think he'll be to busy smelling me to notice Prongs and Wormtail."

For the third time in one day, Remus felt his face get red "Do you have to put it like that?" he muttered embarrassedly.

Sirius grinned "Yep! Because embarrassing you is my life mission!"

"And because you look so damn adorable when you're embarrassed!" he added in his head.

Remus smiled slightly "Well…if you really think it'll work…"

"It's worth a shot." Sirius said casually.

Remus seemed to be mulling it over "Wellll…lets just go see Hogsmeade; we can talk about that later."

Sirius mock bowed "Yes my lord!"

"Oh stop. Come on." Remus said amusedly.

Well, he didn't know about Sirius, but for Remus, this was one of the best dates he'd ever been on, including the other dates he'd had with Sirius. They messed around in Zonko's and bought a few things, they were good friends with the owner so they were able to screw around without getting in trouble for it, testing the products before buying.

It was because once, James and Sirius had brought Zonko's a lot of business. When the two started saying they got most of their prank ideas from his shop, near half the school purchased his stuff.

After that, they visited the little book store Remus had found before and pretended to be interested in buying books. Sirius read a few aloud in funny voices and accents, which made Remus once more have to bite his tongue to keep from laughing so loud…but eventually, it was to much and the two got thrown out.

Sirius huffed a bit at the lady, but didn't make too big a fuss over it. Next they went to Three Broomsticks where they drank butterbeer and laughed and talked about random things, just having a good time.

It was here that Remus noticed something. He hadn't been injured once on this entire date! It had to have been a miracle! But, more likely, it was probably due to that fact that, when Sirius wasn't trying to be romantic, it just kind of came naturally. Just listening to him talk, laughing and making him laugh to…it was almost as though, he were under the potion again. The only really difference was physical contact. When the potion was in play, he was all touchy-feely, putting his arm around him, kissing his cheek, holding his hands, all that! This time however, he kept his hands to himself, but still having a great time overall.

Remus smiled at this, it was probably best not to rush physical stuff and now that Sirius was in the right state of mind, he probably knew that to.

They got a few things from Honeydukes to eat in the shack because even if the town was closing down for the night, they didn't really feel like going back to clean up bird crap.

They probably stacked up on enough sweets to feed the Gryffindor tower and snuck back to the shack, were once more, they talked and laughed as they sat in the bedroom-ish area.

Remus laughed "No way!"

"No really! I turned her cloak into a bunch of frogs and they started croaking like mad! She screamed so loud and ordered me detention for 3 days!" Sirius said, laughing.

Remus laughed and shook his head "I…haha, I think you went a little overboard with trying to get here!"

Sirius shrugged "It's weird, whenever I actually TRY to get in detention no one wants to punish me!"

Remus smiled as he finished off a cream cluster "Well, maybe it's that. If you want punishment, I doubt they'd give it cuz then it wouldn't be punishment."

Sirius nodded "Yeah, I guess."

"You know, this is nice." Remus said, more to himself then to Sirius.

Sirius blinked "Hm?"

Remus smiled "This. Just hanging out, talking and stuff…it's nice. Better then a few of our other dates…"

Sirius chuckled "Oh, I remember a few of those. Knocking you out from head-trauma's not exactly what I'd call a successful date."

Remus laughed "That one has to take the cake! But really, when you're relaxed and stuff, you're pretty good at this romance stuff. It's almost like the love potion thing all over again…"

Sirius said nothing to this.

For a moment neither said anything, just ate a few more sweets and drank some butterbeer. Madam Rosmerta was kind enough to give them a few bottles or so.

Then, Sirius spoke "Did you…" he started unsurely.

Remus looked back at him "Hm?"

He sighed "Did you…like…well, me? Or the person you were with when I was out cold?"

Remus stared at him for a moment before he realized what he meant.

"I mean, it wasn't really me with you, with the potion and all…I like to think of it as 'the other me' or something." He said slowly.

"Oh no, it was you alright." Remus said, opening another butterbeer.

Sirius turned so quickly he rubbed his neck "What?"

Remus smiled "Well, it's not like you acted any different then you usually do. You were just as cocky, just as arrogant and just as savvy as you are now. The only real differences I can see is that logic, was taken COMPLETELY out of your head as was rational reasoning."

Sirius blinked "…Really?"

Remus nodded "Hm-hm…that, and you did this a lot." As he said this he grabbed Sirius' hand.

Sirius' eyes widened slightly, but when Remus did nothing more, he relaxed.

"Physical contact wasn't that big a deal to you." Remus said, just incase Sirius didn't get it.

Sirius looked down "…You like, that sort of thing?"

Remus shrugged, releasing his hand "Oh I don't know. It doesn't really matter to me. I just like being with you, talking with you…you know, I think I'd always liked you…it just took me a long time to figure it out and stop hiding from it. It was that date, when we had the encounter with the centaurs that it came to me…the way you comforted me then. The way you, talked to me…I'm sure that, even if there hadn't been a potion, you'd have spoken to me the same way, whether or not you'd almost kiss me I'm not sure, but I think you'd have been just as comforting. I was talking to you, not some other person…if you could remember that memory; I think you'd see it was you all along, just with logic and reason gone…"

Sirius said nothing to that.

His hand felt…bare, now that Remus wasn't holding it…cold…

He frowned slightly "Centaurs…it was in the Forbidden Forest?"

Remus smiled "Not your brightest idea, but it's the thought that counts…"

Sirius nodded silently and stared at the ground for a moment…then slowly stood up.

Remus gave him a surprised look "Sirius? What's wrong?"

He didn't answer, just walked to the window that pointed in Hogwarts direction…he could just see the edge of the Forbidden Forest and concentrated on it with all his might.

Looking at something triggered a memory before, maybe it could this time. It's not that he didn't believe Remus word, but he wanted to see for himself.

He waited…and waited…a good 13 minutes passed and still nothing! He was slightly surprised Remus hadn't done or said anything in this time and he was starting to lose hope…stupid memories, they only came at random!

Remus finally got up and came up behind him "Hey, are you ok?" he asked, placing a hand on his shoulder.

The words barely registered in Sirius' mind as suddenly his mind's eye opened: He and Remus walking to the forest, talking…Remus has a strange look on his face, he asks what wrong. Remus breaking down almost completely, sobbing about the girl he'd killed. Himself, hugging Remus, talking to him…a couple of centaurs arrive, they start talking, one calls Remus a monster and he snaps. Himself, yelling at them, them getting angry…he and Remus ran in the cold rain, the centaurs shooting at them.

Outside of his mind, his eyes were wide and blank…it was almost frightening.

Remus shook him a bit "Sirius? Sirius…are you, ok?"

He didn't answer, his didn't respond at all! He just stood there, staring, his face blank…as if he were zoning out…then suddenly the life came back into his eyes and he blinked a few times.

Remus smiled at his return "You always get like that when you're remembering something?"

Sirius blinked a few more times "…Get like what?"

"You…oh…er, never mind. You did just remember something right?" Remus asked.

Sirius nodded "Yeah…sometimes, when I look at something, it triggers a memory. That's what I was trying to do."

Remus stared at his feet for a moment "And you…remembered, that incident?"

Sirius nodded "Oh yeah. You know, I think…you've got a point there. I'd have said that…but I wouldn't have been dense enough to pick a fight with centaurs!"

Remus chuckled "I tried to stop you…"

Sirius nodded.

And then nothing was said…it was quiet enough for them to here the wind rattling the little house, though it wasn't howling and shaking the place…

"You know I…I've never really been with…another guy, before…" Sirius said awkwardly.

Remus shrugged "Well, neither had I."

"I like how I was in the memory better…" Sirius muttered.

Remus blinked "Oh?"

He nodded "…'This is only flesh! And it's not your flesh I'm after'…pht, what a corny line…I wish I could think like that."

"Well, it came from your mouth, so I assume you do." Remus said slowly.

Sirius smiled slightly "Yeah?"

Remus nodded "Yeah…" he paused for a moment "…I know it's not easy but just, stop thinking about gender and stuff. Who cares? It's no one else's business anyways. Love is love and if they've got issues they could all just bugger off."

Sirius smiled a bit more "How outspoken of you…"

"Well, it's true." He said confidently.

Again, silence…but it was a far more comfortable silence then the one before it.

Sirius walked away from the window and slowly approached Remus. Remus didn't back away but didn't look slightly confused.

"Well…if you're willing to try…I don't see why I shouldn't. You're a great person Remus, I really mean that. Maybe, who knows, this could work out and…well, even if it doesn't, can we be friends?" Sirius said slowly, no sign of joking anywhere on him.

Remus beamed "I'd like that a lot Sirius."

Sirius grinned "Good. I would to."

They laughed a little…then looked at each other a while, as though having a telepathic conversation. Sirius moved a bit closer, until his was right in front of him. Remus' heart beat a little fast with every step towards him he took.

His cheeks started to burn again. Dammit! He got embarrassed to easily, he thought, thinking also about how stupid he probably looked right now.

Sirius came to a stop when they were face to face. For a moment it seemed like a stare down because that's all they did. They just stared at one another, though Sirius was just a tiny bit taller.

"…I'm not…really use to this…so forgive me if I mess it up…" he said softly as he leaned forward.

Remus thought process got as far as 'Oh God' before he felt his lips gently brushed against Sirius'. It was a timid, unsure sort of kiss. Remus kissed back, just to give him a bit of confidence and pulled him closer. Sirius' eyes widened a bit in surprise but he didn't back away from him.

Both cursed the need for oxygen when they did pull away.

Sirius smiled "…That's the first time I've really kissed anyone since Gloria left…"

Remus didn't answer, not really knowing what to say to that.

"…You kiss a lot better then her." Sirius said with a chuckle.

Remus blushed again, he was starting to feel so stupid and looked at the ground to hide it. But, again, Sirius surprised him and lifted his head so he could see his blushing face.

"Hm…you're so cute when you're embarrassed." He said softly, leaning forward once more.

Remus blinked "I…I am?"

Sirius nodded "Down right adorable, even…"

Remus racked his brains to find some memory anywhere when Sirius had used the words 'cute' and 'adorable'…none came up. He remembered Sirius once saying those words weren't macho, manly enough for him to use as a description…but he just did…

Accidents always happen and people usually learn from them or get punished for them which makes people hate accidents…but this was one accident he was glad happened.

A wide smile came to Remus face as his and Sirius' lips once more met.


END, end A/N: WOOOOOT! YES! Alright! I love that ending! Sorries guys, but after this point, I just couldn't see it going anywhere. All good things, must one day come to an end. Sorry! Hope you all liked the fic, I thank all of you who've stuck with me through it, you're all great! Really guys, I couldn't have done it without you. More then once I felt like just abandoning the fic, but you guys kept me going. Thanks, I'm glad you did. Hope you really enjoyed. Who knows, there might be another one in the near future. See ya guys, HAPPY EASTER!! (Again)