Author's Note: Since I got so many requests for newbiefic, these are all set in Season Four. However, they are not all set in the same Season Four, unless you want to believe that everyone has multiple personalities. Each one is its own interpretation of canon-compatible 'verse. These are rated individually and posted in the order they were requested. Also, there are multiple pairings since I let people request whatever they wanted. I'm posting all six at once since they're not really long enough to stand alone.

Pairing: Kutner and thirteen

Rating: T

"Why are you here?" It's not rude, really, though the words themselves aren't polite. The question is what she's come to recognize as a typical Kutner-blurt in which his mouth gets ahead of any theoretical sense of tact (nobody can say for sure whether he actually has one), and something bordering on indecent comes out.

Thirteen opts not to comment on the nature of his greeting. It is the middle of the night, after all. "House just hired me. He said to come in right away, but I probably should have guessed that we don't really have a case."

She starts to say something else, but then her eyes focus on what he's doing. He has a bottle of Elmer's glue, probably stolen from one of the playrooms on the pediatrics ward, and is systematically spreading it over the back of a slice of congealed-looking pizza.

Thirteen raises her eyebrows. "And the purpose of that is…?"

Kutner shrugs. "Bored. Also, House can't fire me now."

Sitting at the table, Thirteen tugs gently at one of the other slices still in the box, and finds it stubbornly tacked in place. Kutner gives her a thumbs-up followed by a goofy grin. It's like something out of a sitcom, or possibly a cartoon, sitting here in the dead of night, pulling a prank on their boss. The laugh that bubbles up in her throat is mostly cynicism and incredulity, but she thinks maybe there is a little bit of anticipation there as well.