Characters/Pairig: Chase/Cameron

Rating: PG13

It's dark, and the laundry isn't folded, and Cameron is tempted to simply wear scrubs to work today and not bother to change. She pulls a sweater vest over her head and is halfway to the mirror before she realizes it isn't hers. Chase isn't much taller than she is, but the fabric hangs several inches down her hips anyway, tunic-like. Cameron stands staring at herself for a moment, then grabs her hairbrush, deciding not to change for the moment. She isn't sure what to think this means.

She's still standing there when Chase emerges from the bathroom, one of her green fluffy towels wrapped around his hips. He freezes at the sight of her, amusement and something else warring on his face, and she wonders whether she's done the wrong thing in leaving the vest on.

"Cute," he says after a very long moment. He comes up behind her and kisses the back of her neck, hands winding around her waist. "You gonna wear that to work today?"

Cameron turns in his grasp, putting her hands on his bare shoulders. His hair is wet, and she reaches up to catch a few drops of water making their way down his neck. There's a flicker of silent possessiveness in his eyes, and she thinks five months ago this would have been her cue to run. But she doesn't want to now. The side of his mouth quirks up as she meets his gaze, and a thrill of excitement goes through her.

"If you want me to," she answers, leaning up to kiss him.