The Grin

Cheeky grin...Potter's grin.

My tormentor of bygone days.

So why does it look different now

On someone else's face?

He has no right to be here,

No right to change my mind!

No right to be more her than him...

So quick, so brave...and kind.

My heart cannot love again;

It died that cold, dark night.

So why does it begin to stir,

To beat, to fight?

It will not do, this urge to care

For James and Lily's child.

It won't undo my darkest deeds,

Won't make me less defiled.

Numb has been my broken heart,

Dead with countless sins.

So why does it betray me now

When he looks my way and grins?

A/N: Just a practice drabble to help me stretch my writing muscles back into shape.