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Somebody to Love

She promised him her love but she had left more than once.

She promised him lasting heaven yet there she was, in a horrendous affair with another man.

Well, a man she was in level with and she deserved.

But she can't blame him for loving her. She can't blame him for falling helplessly in love with her. Yes, she wouldn't blame him for admiring her city girl good looks and feminine, perfect contours. She can't possibly question the rationale of his actions. Why would he prefer a brash woman like her for a goddess of beauty?

Yes, she herself had to admit that any man would be smitten with a girl like his girlfriend, a popular catch.

But she knew she was better.

She didn't have the looks, she didn't have the fame. The glory. The charm. But she had more than whatever she could give him.

She had all the love he will ever need.

But no, what did he do? Reject her everyday like a shadow behind the attractive Aya. Treat her like a soulless mannequin as his plaything. As no one, no one important. Just a former comrade.

But what was she to do? She knew she wouldn't even qualify as her assistant.

However, she could promise him she'll be twice the woman the flirtatious bitch will ever be.

That won't change a thing. There she was, dying in regret and drowning in the thoughts, 'what could have been' as she saw him obscure in pain.

She has nothing else to do but cry at his predicament…their predicament.

Time to face the truth, that Aya Takayama will always be his number one woman. And she will be nothing but a powerless, distant silhouette forever. Still she will always be there for him, waiting for a spark…a chance. Just one flicker of hope.

If he only chose her…

But it was his decision; therefore, she had no right to meddle. All she ought to do was to stare from afar and wait.

She promised him happiness, but she promised him forever.


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