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Edward placed his cool hands on either side of my face, like marble on my skin. I was shaking as I tried to fathom what he was saying.

"What? Edward, no, you swore!" I was trembling, and I was sure he could feel my heart skipping.

His eyes flashed in misunderstanding before he gave me his crooked half-smile that made my head spin. His hands slid down to my shoulders, and he pulled me against him. He kissed the top of my head, leaving cold fire.

"You don't understand, Bella. I'm not leaving permanently, just for a few days."

I shook in his hold for a moment before pulling away, remembering recent events with panic. "But don't you understand? Every time you leave me, something happens! If not to me, then to you." I licked my lips, widening my eyes against the wet. "I couldn't stand it if I never saw you again."

"Bella, I would be extremely surprised if the reason I never saw you again was because something happened to me." His expression said he was insulted; his eyes darkened from topaz to a dull orange. "I'll only be hunting. What could happen?"

I shuddered. He was going to jinx himself. His cool grasp on my bare shoulders, just beside my tank's straps, was messing with my concentration as I tried to come up with an answer. "You could be overpowered by a bear, or something . . ."

My voice trailed off as I shivered in delight. One of his marble fingers was tracing a circle on my throat, below my ear. Edward was distracting me, on purpose.

"Have you forgotten what I showed you in the clearing?" he shook his head and ruffled my hair.

I blinked, woozy. "If you keep doing that to my neck, I may just forget everything." I said, not unkindly.

He chuckled, flashing his teeth briefly. Then, with infinite slowness, he leaned forward to press his icy lips to my throat. A soft sigh escaped my lips.

He pulled away. "Did you like that?" his smirk was infuriating.

I set my lips stubbornly and stood, brushing damp grass off my jeans. He looked up at me, the sunlight filtering through the spring-green leaves of the oak, catching in his hair. I stalked off, across the parking lot of the park and climbed into my truck.

"You honestly think I couldn't keep up with you?" His condescending tone grated on my nerves as I pulled away. I kept my eyes to the road, knowing the moment I looked into his, we'd be in danger of dying. Or I'd be . . . he might just walk away unharmed.

Edward took my free hand from my lap and stroked it with an idle finger. "Bella, look at me."

"We'll die." I stated.

"I won't let anything happen to you, Isabella." My full name across his lips sent a shiver down my spine as my heart rate climbed.

I sighed, giving in. "Edward,"

Suddenly, his head snapped up. He stared at the road as I looked at him. "Bella!"

I returned my gaze to the blacktop, horrified as I saw the semi. It was in the wrong lane, speeding towards me. I jerked the steering wheel to the left, running off into the grassy ditch. Cars behind me honked in annoyance. Then I felt the truck begin to flip, nose over tail.


As the truck rolled over, I reached out to Bella. I snapped her seatbelt with one hand, and with my other I pulled her to me. I folded myself around her, protecting her fragile body with my iron frame. I knew I should've gone ahead and gotten her the Audi . . . at least that one had airbags.

The vehicle came to a stop upside-down. Bella was limp against me as I punched through the window and slid out. I lay on the grass, winded for a moment, then returned my glance to Bella.

Anxiety over her gripped my chest. "Bella? Wake up, please, Bella!" I pressed her close, her scent washing over me in strong waves. I couldn't resist pressing my lips to her throat as her head lolled back. I gritted my teeth as I heard sirens coming closer.

Instead, I brushed her hair out of her face. "Bella, look at me." I cradled her head gently, not wanting to hurt her more. Her eyelids fluttered; I watched her brilliant brown eyes try to focus.

She licked her lips, and I almost kissed her. But now was not the time. "Edward?" her voice was slurred, so it came out more like "Ehward."

I cradled her against me gently. "Bella, are you alright?"

Her eyes slid shut. "My head hurts." There was no strength left to her words.

Narrowing my eyes, I brushed her bangs away from her face. There, beside her hairline, was a rapidly darkening bruise the size of a peach. With careful fingers, I probed it from the edges in. It was swollen, but solid underneath. I was almost positive she hadn't broken her skull, but if it was cracked, I wouldn't be able to tell.

Bella let out a soft moan as she tried to sit up. I gripped her carefully, but firmly. "Lie still Bella." I heard the ambulance pull up, and a few attendants began to pull the stretcher over.

A police cruiser pulled up, and Charlie climbed out. He rushed over as one of the female medics snapped a protective collar around her neck. I could see embarrassment cloud my Bella's already pain-hazed eyes at the click.

"Bells! Are you alright, kid?" Charlie trailed a knuckle down her jaw.

She smiled weakly, eyes closing once more. As they loaded her into the back, I heard her whisper.

"Wait. Edward, come with me. Please."

I looked to Charlie, and he nodded. His thoughts assailed me: Bella is too attached to that boy for her own good. . . .but if it gives her comfort right now, I won't be the one to deny her. My poor little girl!

I leapt neatly into the back of the ambulance, and knelt at Bella's head. I pulled out my cell phone and snapped it open. I kept one hand threaded into her hair at her scalp, fingers just brushing her.

Carlisle answered with a very professional: "Doctor Cullen speaking."

"Carlisle! It's me, I was just in a wreck." I swallowed the panic rising in my throat.

There was a pause, then a quiet "With Bella."

My breath caught. "Yes." My voice shook. "We're on our way in an ambulance. Could you meet us in the ER?"

"Of course. Are you alright?"

I almost laughed. There wasn't a substance, metal, person, place, or thing that could hurt vampires. Except other vampires. "I'm fine, but worried about Bella."

Another soft whimper from her. I stroked her head. "Sh." She reached up and took my hand. I almost dropped it in shock. Her hand was cool and clammy, and her grip was weak. I gave it a comforting squeeze, careful not to do it too hard.

"Stay," she whispered so quietly I was the only one to hear. I kissed her temple softly.

"I will never leave you."

Carlisle then said, "I'll see you there, Edward." I could tell he thought he was intruding.

I shut my phone and stuck it back in my pocket. The medic looked up at me.

"Are you friends with one of the doctors?" she asked, her voice raspy.

"My father is Doctor Cullen."

Her eyes widened. Everyone had heard of Carlisle, and knew what he contributed to Forks. She merely nodded and went back to sticking an IV in. Bella flinched under my hand.

"I don't need a needle," she protested, turning paler.

"Don't argue, Bella." I would never understand how she can put up such a cool front when surrounded by my vampire family, but still be afraid of needles.

I felt the ambulance slowing, and I looked through the windshield. We were at a red light. People in cars were pulling over, and when we were through, we were still going only eighty. Slow humans . . . but they probably wouldn't let me drive. Just like they wouldn't believe me if I said I had a medical degree, and was a vampire. Ha, they'd most likely hold out the straightjacket.

Finally. We pulled up at the emergency entrance. As the doors opened, I could feel a protective growl rising low in my chest. If I wasn't so afraid I would hurt her more, I'd carry her in myself. These humans were so idiotically slow. Although, if I was being truthful to myself, I should say I felt guilty.

I'd promised her that I wouldn't let anything happen to her . . . and here she was, being wheeled into the emergency room. I swallowed my rising tension.

Carlisle was already in a sectioned-off area. When the medics went to transfer Bella from the gurney, my patience snapped and I scooped her up carefully, cradling her head, and lay her gently on the bed myself.

The female EMT just stared at me. I'd broken the rules. Well, they would have to get over it. If only everyone had vampire speed, this world would be much better off. On second thought, though, I don't think vampire grace could take away the beautiful clumsiness that my precious Bella had. But I was never going to tell her.


Through my hazy consciousness, I could feel Edward lift me up in his arms, then lay me on the bed. I could feel cool fingers checking me over, then I heard Carlisle, as if from very far away.

"Leave for a moment, please, Edward. I would like to examine her more thoroughly." I could feel Edward start to pull his hand away. I grabbed for it.

"No, stay! You said you wouldn't leave." My eyes flew open, searching for his face. I had to have PTSD or something from last time. I couldn't seem to focus on anything, so I saw three Edwards. Oh no, one was more than enough. My heart monitor one of the nurses so kindly hooked up beeped faster.

I could hear surprise in Carlisle's tone. "I am trying to preserve your modesty, Bella."

I could feel my strength leeching out of me, as if someone was sucking it away. "Don't care. He stays." I closed my eyes again as the beeping slowed slightly.

"Very well. I'm going to move your shirt up a bit, to check for broken ribs."

I just answered with a toneless hum. I couldn't do anything more, everything was getting so sluggish. I felt like I was swimming in sand.

I could feel Carlisle's cool hands pressing first on my left ribs, then my right. When he checked the latter, I felt something give, and I gasped, then moaned quietly. I couldn't keep it in.

Edward stroked my face with his free hand. "I am so sorry, Bella."

I shushed him. I had a headache the size of Washington. Ow.

"Bella, if I hadn't had you look at me," he started.

"Not your fault; shut up." I muttered as forcefully as I could.

I could feel his surprise. I peeked through my heavy eyelids at him. He had on his amused smile, but anguish rang clear in his eyes.

"Not your fault," I repeated more gently, reaching up with my other hand to touch his jaw. "Stupid semi,"

His eyes brightened playfully. "Are you calling me a truck?"

That got a smile. I chuckled, wincing as my ribs shifted.

"Alright, Bella, I'm done now." Carlisle pulled my shirt back down. "You have two broken ribs on your right side, and I would like to X-Ray your head."

"You'll break your machine," I muttered.

Edward threw his head back, laughing. "I think she's ill, Carlisle," he said, amusement still coloring his tone. "She's actually funny."

I would've stuck my tongue out, but suddenly I felt very tired. "What's in the IV?" I breathed.

"Nothing yet, just the needle. Why?" Carlisle answered.

I could feel myself getting closer to the darkness pressing at the edges of my consciousness. Everything was like I was hearing it from far away. "I feel strange," I murmured, before giving in completely.


My beautiful angel's eyes slid shut. "I feel strange," I watched as she sunk into unconsciousness, feeling helpless. The monitor began to beep more slowly.

I shot my gaze to Carlisle. "What's wrong?"

He pursed his lips. "Let's get her to radiology." He pushed her bed away from the wall effortlessly, and steered it out into the hall.

When he went into the Radiology unit, he told me I had to stay outside, then went in, leaving me alone with my guilt. I sank onto a bench across from the door. I lowered my head into my hands and groaned. If only she hadn't looked away! Why did I have to be so irresistible? I called myself all kinds of idiot. The minutes passed like hours.

Carlisle came out, leading the gurney. He shoved it against the wall. I stood and went back to take Bella's hand. She was shivering, and her hand was still clammy.

"No fracture to her skull, but she has an awful concussion. She has two ribs broken in a couple places, and she's in shock." Carlisle told me. He lay his hand on my shoulder for a brief moment. "A nurse will be here in a moment to take her to a private room. I must go speak with Charlie."

I nodded numbly. The shock would explain her clamminess, fatigue, and chills. I shrugged out of my jacket and draped across her torso.

After the nurse settled Bella in the room she'd been given, Charlie walked in. I stood and offered my chair. He declined, shaking his head and knelt beside her pillow.

"She'll sleep for awhile," I offered. "It's because of the shock."

Charlie just nodded, and I could see the torment in his mind. I blocked out his thoughts, giving him privacy.

After what seemed an hour, Charlie stood and looked at me. In his gaze was something I couldn't read. "I saw the condition of that truck. The way her seatbelt had frayed suggests a rapid break." he looked at Bella, eyes shining. "She should be dead, and so should you. I don't know how you came away without a bump, but I know that you did something, and that's why she's here right now." He strode forward, staring me straight in the eyes. "I know I've been less than civil with you, and for that I apologize. You know that her mom and I married way too young, and I was scared she was rushing into the same mistake."

He ran a hand through his hair. "I just want you to know that I'm not going to oppose you anymore. I've never seen her so happy. You take care of her, respect her, and I respect that. If you want to marry her, eventually, I give you my permission, and my blessing." he held out his hand.

This was the longest I'd ever heard him talk. I was speechless myself at what he'd said. He'd always been one of the main forces against us. He'd thought our relationship was unhealthy. Now, he was giving me the most priceless part of his life. I took his hand in both of mine and smiled carefully, not showing too much teeth, even though I was ecstatic.

"Thank you, sir. This means more to me than anything you could ever do."

He nodded, embarrassed. "I'm going to get some coffee." And then I was once again alone with my angel. The exact opposite of the hell-sent I once pegged her as. The ray of sunshine I didn't deserve.

I knelt beside her pillow, occupying the same spot Charlie had been, and where I had been after James had nearly killed her. I rested my chin on the pillow and waited for her to waken.


I woke up with my face pressed against the biology table I shared with Edward Cullen. I looked over at him. Had I fallen asleep? I had a headache. I touched his arm gently with two fingers. He stiffened and glared at me.

I felt my insides turn to ice. Something was wrong, he hadn't looked at me like that since I first came to Forks.

He pulled his arm away and leaned as far as he could in the other direction. I glanced at the board, confused. Then I saw the date.

Oh no. No, no, no, no, no, no, no. No, it couldn't be! Horror brought a flush to my face and I suddenly felt very faint. The date was my third day of school. But how could it be? It had been - a year? Two? - since then. I could feel myself hyperventilating. It couldn't have all been a dream.

Mr. Banner caught my look. "Miss Swan, are you alright?" I shook my head.

"Would someone take her to the nurse's office, please?" I didn't even have to look up at Mike as he came over and put an arm around my waist to steady me.

Once sitting on the cot in the nurse's office, I pushed away from Mike and struggled to breathe evenly.

The nurse came in. "You can leave now, Newton." I could sense his reluctance as he shut the door behind him. "Now, take deep breaths. It's not so hard, dear."

It wasn't working. I could sense myself falling backwards. I never hit the bed.

Then, I woke again.


I didn't move from that spot. Not when a nurse came in to hook up the IV bag, or when another came to check the monitor's paper feed. Not when Charlie came back an hour later, or when the clock struck midnight and he went home to sleep. Bella often told me no one could be still like I could. I just liked to think of it as a matter of timeless patience.

At about one in the morning, I sensed a change in the room. Then, about twenty minutes past, Bella stirred, rolling to her left side, snuggling deeper under the covers and my jacket. Her face was inches from my nose, and her heady freesia scent made me want to kiss her until I had no breath left.

Then her eyes opened. They were clearer than they'd been earlier, but there was a spooked look in them. "Hi," she whispered, her breath tickling my face.

I smiled, relief flooding through me. "Hello, Bella," I stroked her bangs away from her face gently. "How are you feeling?"

"What happened? Don't you hate me?"

I felt fear grip my insides. Did she lose her memory? She didn't remember anything?

She kept going. "Why am I at the hospital, Edward, did the nurse call for an ambulance when I collapsed?" she was getting panicky.

I took her face gently between my hands. "Sh, no no. What are you talking about Bella? Don't you remember the car accident?"

Bella's face was flushed as I watched her brow crease in concentration. Then, she relaxed wearily into me as I pulled us forehead-to-forehead, careful not to jostle her.

She nodded against me, and relief filled me. "I had the most awful dream." I could tell she was holding back tears. "I dreamed everything never happened." sniff, then a whimper. "Ow, everything hurts."

I pulled away. "I'll call a nurse in for medication."

Bella stiffened and grabbed for my hands, clutching them tightly. "No! Stay, please?"

I kissed her gently, smiling with amusement as the monitor registered her increasing heart rate. "Did I not tell you I'd never leave you?"

She smiled, looking sleepy again. "Yes," my angel said, trying to hide a yawn. I kissed her nose this time.

"Then get some rest." She nodded obligingly.

"Alright, Edward." Those words were filled with such trust if I could've cried I would have. I settled myself down for a wait while she slept. I didn't mind waiting, though. I could watch her sleep forever.

And suddenly, Forever sounded very lonely without her.

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