Author's Note: The Comet That Lit Up His Sky

First of all, I would like to say thank you for all those who have read and reviewed this story. It certainly means a lot that you guys liked it so much. It is because of you all that I have decided to make a companion piece to this fic.

Second of all, I hope you all liked the end of the story. I wrote it a couple of days ago after watching the previews and extra scenes for the 100th episode. Also, I went to Hillarie Burton's website to find the picture about Peyton's dream wedding, and that is where I got all the details from. Thanks to Hillarie Burton! To see the photo in question, the link is posted on my profile.

Third, below is everything you need/want to know about the companion to this story. Thanks again and I hope you all will read the companion!

The Comet That Lit Up His Sky: A Tale of Leyton (Companion Piece to The Comet That Lit Up His Sky)

Lucas and Peyton have been happily married for three years. Their marriage has been a happy one with no arguments at all. The first hardships are coming on the happy couple, though. The arrival of a baby girl and boy reset their entire future for the better. Then, a series of tragic accidents happen ranging from a near-fatal heart attack, to a frightening illness, to a shooting, to a car accident all in the span of ten years. Will the perfect couple be able to stay together and live happily ever after? The classic fairy tale of Leyton will reveal it all.

This story is supposedly written by Lucas Scott in the series, but it will be told from a general point of view.

Coming to soon to FanFiction in 2008!