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Twelve figures stood in a line across the front lawn of Oblivion Heights Boarding School for Gifted Children. They stood quite still, and all was silent. All of their heads turned as the front doors of the school opened and a single black-robed figure strode out to meet them.

No one moved for a long moment.

"Hello," came the voice from underneath the hood. The man's face—for the voice was obviously male—was obscured and many found themselves curious as to what this powerful man looked like. "I'd like to take this time to welcome you all to Oblivion Heights. I hope you will enjoy your time spent here." He paused, taking in the faces of the new students. "Your training will begin tomorrow. Be up on time."

As he turned to go, the light flashed off the ring he wore on the fourth finger of his left hand. One of the girls gasped.

"You're engaged?" she asked before she could stop herself. The robed man's shoulder's stiffened. He slowly turned around.

She waited nervously to receive her punishment. What she did not expect was for him to start laughing. It started out as a quiet chuckle and grew louder. He reached up and pulled off his hood.

Mirth danced in his startling blue eyes as the last rays of the summer sun turned his hair a bright gold.

"Yes." She held back another gasp. This boy couldn't be much older than the rest of them, and he was already engaged? The rest of them were shocked at how young the boy was as well. They thought they had been speaking to the headmaster!

"Who is it?" she asked politely.

"Oh, don't worry," he said with a cryptic smile. "You'll meet him soon enough."

Suddenly the door burst open and out stepped another man. This one had shocking green eyes and spiked bright red hair.

"Roxas!" the man called. "Will you hurry it up? Mansex isn't getting any younger!" The red head's eyes shown with amusement as Roxas began to laugh again.

"Coming, Axel!" he shouted, and turned back to the applicants. "As I was saying, your training begins tomorrow. It will be tough, and it will be frustrating. There will be times when you want to quit. Stay with it until the end and keep your head." He paused, eyes roving over their faces to make sure they understood.

Axel watched from the doorway as Roxas connected with every one of them, and wondered when his fiancé had grown up so fast. Less than two years ago, he had been the one looking out for Roxas. Now Roxas had his own new exorcists to train. Where had the years gone?

One by one, Axel was joined by the rest of the Organization, who fell in seamlessly beside him in order of acceptance. They formed a wall of hooded figures as Roxas turned around and headed toward the school, gesturing for the trainees to follow him. When they reached the foot of the stairs, the applicants stopped, and Roxas scaled the stone steps until he was standing two steps down from the line.

"We are the Organization. Those who pass the tests will join us in history, continuing the tradition for many years to come. You will guard the new exorcists and keep the old ways alive. History will belong to you."

Pride welled up in the heart of every student standing there on the walkway. Axel had to hand it to the kid; he gave one heck of an inspiring speech. But he wasn't done yet.

"Today you stand before the world as the next generation of saviors. You will allow the spirits of the tormented to rest and bring peace to those you encounter here on Earth. You hold the balance of life in your hands. Always remember that today you stand for something. Today you must remember the words of the exorcist's creed and hold them dear. These words you can never forget."

He took a breath, and smiled. The twelve figures above him turned and filed orderly into the school, leaving only Roxas and the new exorcists outside. Looking them over one last time, Roxas turned and scaled the steps. He paused in the doorway and ran a loving hand over the frame. He remembered his first day at this school well. He turned once more to flash a smile at the twelve below him, and strode into the welcoming darkness of the main entrance hall. As the door began to close behind him and the darkness swallowed him up, three words rang out of the silence.

"Vergessen ist ewig."

The door fell shut.

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Believe it or not, Oblivion isn't over yet. I haven't had enough fun with this universe yet, so I'm giving it another shot. I'm writing back stories for every exorcist, and maybe even those from Twilight Town. Not only will this be fun, but it will be an excellent opportunity for me to explore writing characters I never have before.

I will need your support and patience. These back stories will take a lot of researching to complete, so anything ANYONE could tell me about:

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1990's France
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1990's Ireland
1990's Russia
1990's Mexico/Spain (this one depends on which history I like better and which I find more on)
1990's Germany

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