Hello peoples of Earth (and any other planet, I'm not here to judge!), my name is crimson-obsidian-rose, and this would be my first FullMetal Alchemist fanfic! This story was inspired by something that I was wondering once, just how close are the Elric brothers to Winry's parents, and Winry to Trisha? I thought about that for a while, and thus this story was formed. It's going to be a two-shot; the first chapter is a scene with the Elric brother's relationship with Sara Rockbell.

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With Auntie

Chapter 1

"Good Morning Auntie Sara! Is Winry home?" The sweet, smiling innocent face of the four year old Alphonse Elric greeted Sara Rockbell as she opened the door to find him, and his older brother Edward, waiting.

"Good morning boys! No, Winry went out to get some groceries with her father, but you can come in and wait for her, it's pretty hot out today."

The two boys entered the Rockbell home, and Sara couldn't help but notice the distant, annoyed face being worn by Ed. A small smile tugged at her lips; she had a feeling she knew what this was about.

"So," she started, "I heard you asked Winry to marry you yesterday, Ed." And although she was only wearing a small smile, it was taking all she had to keep herself from breaking out into a massive grin. Especially when the young boy puffed his cheeks and narrowed his eyebrows in annoyance.

"She turned him down." Al said, and his brother glared.

"But do you know why, Al?" Sara was genuinely curious, and when she heard the boy's answer a smile broke out.

"She said she wouldn't marry him cuz he's too short."

And at that Ed became even angrier, and he had decided that it wasn't worth waiting anymore. He got up off his chair and turned to the door, but before he could get out something his Aunt Sara said had stopped him.

"Is that all? Well, I know a way that you could become much taller."

The 5 year old turned around, but he was skeptical.

"Are you sure?"

"Yes, but before I show it to you, you have to promise not to tell anyone about it because-" Sara quickly turned her head left and right, motioned for the boys to move in closer, and whispered "-it's a secret!"

At that, both of the boys' eyes widened.

"A secret?" Al repeated, and Sara nodded.

"It's a super secret potion my aunt showed me when I was little to help me grow taller, and I haven't showed it anybody before."

"Not even Winry?"

"No, not even Winry."

"It's not milk, is it?" Ed asked, looking very serious. Sara knew of his dislike for milk, so she gave him a very serious head shake in return.

"No Ed, it is not milk. Now, you boys wait here, and I'll go whip up 2 tall glasses." And with that, she headed into the kitchen, leaving the 2 boys waiting in the living room.

It was only a few minutes later when Sara Rockbell returned with, as promised, 2 tall glasses filled with a cold brown-colored drink.

"Okay, boys, drink up!" She said with a smile, but the boys seemed reluctant to try the liquid.

"Don't worry, it tastes good!" The boys trusted Sara enough to believe her, so they slowly lifted their cups to their mouths.

"Wow, this tastes good!" Ed exclaimed, and internally Sara sighed with relief. It was Ed who she was worried wouldn't like the drink more than Al.

"Thank you Auntie Sara!" Al exclaimed.

"You're welcome Al, I'm glad you like it. But remember, you boys have to keep this a secret okay?" She pressed her finger up to her lips, and the two boys nodded, slurping down the last drips of liquid in there cups, 2 identical liquid moustaches formed on their upper lips.

Then, after the boys had placed their empty glasses in the sink, they heard a barking sound coming from outside of the house.

"Looks like they're back…" Sara commented, as the back door opened and Winry walked in, holding her little puppy Den in her hands and her father walking in behind her. The three kids (and puppy) went back outside and spent the rest of the day playing, until night had fallen and the 2 boys had returned to the Elric household. When Winry went back home, she spotted the two glasses still in the sink and turned to her mother.

"Mommy… why did you make chocolate milk today?"

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