"Lucas, I've got to hand it to you. This was a really good idea." Haley told him.

It was Friday, and most of the gang was at the River court. Haley had to hand it to herself, Brooke, and Lucas. They had gone all out on this. Everyone had. The river court now had several small tables set around it, bistro/ café style; Peyton had brought a huge stereo, which she had blasting; Haley, with the help of everyone else, had cooked enough food for them all to live off of for the next few weeks if necessary and Luke had managed to get a nice array of alcohol. Though everyone was quite confused as to why Brooke had set up a huge projector screen in the middle of the court.

"So, who all is still coming?" Lucas asked.

"Um, just Chase and Rachel I think."

"I'm not even here yet and already everyone's talking about me." The redhead laughed as she came up behind them.

Luke smiled. "Hey Rachel"

She nodded towards him. "Lucas. Still hot, I see. And Haley, still…. short."

"It's nice to see you too, Rachel."

"Whatever. Point me towards the booze." Haley pointed to where the food had been set up and Rachel smiled. "Later bitches."

"Okay, I need everyone's attention, right now!" Brooke said into the microphone she had set up in front of the screen. "Hello?" She looked at Mouth.

"Have to turned it on?"

A look of realization came onto her face. She looked down and flipped the switch. "Hello?" There. That was better. Everyone stopped talking and looked towards her. "Okay, hi! So, in honor of our reunion I've prepared a little something. So, everybody grab a chair or an ass and sit down. This is my gift to all of you for being the greatest friends in the world and making sure that even after four years we all made sure this promise was kept. Oh! And a big thanks to Mouth, for all your help. Without you I would've had to hire someone and that would've been a major pain in the ass." She turned the microphone off and ran to her seat, giving Mouth a big thumbs up. He nodded and hit 'Play' on his laptop, from which he was controlling the surprise. At once, the projector set up in the back roared to life and a picture filled the huge screen.

As the movie played, everyone soon realized Brooke and Mouth had created a video montage of pictures and clips from the past. Some were old, from the gang's days in high school; others were more recent, of their time back in Tree Hill. There were pictures and clips from basketball games, hanging out, different couples, and of the friends and families. Pictures from Nathan's press conference, announcing his apology for point shaving; cheerleading competitions; Dare Night; both proms; sleepovers; road trips. A couple of Ellie and Derek; a few of Anna and Felix; in one of Brooke and Peyton posing at school they saw Tim in the background flipping them off; Jake and Jenny; Rachel and Brooke in their Clean Teen shirts giving big thumbs up. They saw Haley at school, in her classroom; Jamie with his soapbox car; Nathan showing off his new hair cut; Lucas and his book; Brooke in her store; Peyton in her office at Tric with Mia; and much, much more. The video lasted for about fifteen minutes, with different songs playing at appropriate moments. The final thing shown was a picture of everyone at Graduation, their arms around each other smiling. It dissolved and was replaced by a picture from a few nights ago of everyone out at dinner together. It hung there for a minute or so, and then the screen went black.


"-and I was said, 'If you're going to fire me because I won't sleep with you, you're worse of a person than I thought' and she fired me. And you know what? I don't care."

"Good for you, Mouth. I'm proud of you." Peyton said a few minutes later. She took a sip of her drink. "I'm glad you're standing up for yourself."

"Thanks, Peyton."

"Excuse me." Lucas said coming up to them. "Peyton, can I talk to you? Alone?"

She shot him a look. "I'm kind of busy, Luke. Maybe later."

"Please? It's important."

She sighed and rolled her eyes. "Fine" She followed him to one of the tables off to the side and sat down, clearly not happy to be there.

"Look, Peyton about Lindsey-"

"Oh no. No, Luke. I'm not going to sit here and listen to you defend her!"

"Peyton, that's not what I was going to say."

"It wasn't? Oh."

"What I was going to say" he started again. "Was that I broke up with Lindsey."

Peyton's head snapped up. Now he had her attention. "What?"

"Nobody knows yet." He said hurriedly. "I wanted to tell you first. Look, I talked to Brooke a few days ago and she told me to picture my future."

"Did you?"

"Yes I did."

"… What did you see?" Peyton asked. Her heart was in her throat.

Lucas smiled. "I saw you." He said softly. "I saw you, Peyton. And I realized what I should've known all along. You're it. You're my one."

"You're one?"

"You're my person." He explained. "You're the one I want standing next to me when all my dreams come true and the one I want next to me if they don't."

"Lucas, I don't-"

"I want to be with you, Peyton." He whispered. "We're meant to be."

Peyton took a deep breath. God, he sure had a way with words. "I want to be with you, too." She said finally. "I love you, Lucas. I never stopped."

"I love you too. So I'm gonna do this again, and this time please think your answer over carefully." He got down on one knee in front of her and produced the extravagant ring he had kept stored in his sock drawer for the past four years. "Peyton Sawyer, will you marry me?"

She gasped, clearly not expecting this. Sure, they had just professed their love for each other again but now? Well, one thing was for sure. She sure as hell wasn't going to let him get away this time.

"Yes." She said smiling. "Yes Lucas Scott. I'll marry you." Lucas grinned and slid the ring on her finger. She stood up with him and wrapped her arms around his neck, kissing him.

Brooke was the first one to notice. "OH MY GOD!!!" She let out an ear piercing squeal and ran over to them. "Are you- did you- what- how-" Peyton proudly held out her left hand and grinned. Brooke squealed again and hugged her, both of them jumping and hugging and squealing together. Soon everyone else noticed, so while Lucas explained Peyton went around allowing everyone to examine her new piece of jewelry. After a round of hugs and pats on the back, Skillz cleared his throat.

"Uh, since everybody all happy and all, I wanted to tell ya'll that-"

"We're back together!" Bevin cut him off happily. Everyone grinned and another round off congratulations was passed out.

"This is great!" Brooke said hugging Haley.

"Yeah, it is. And we have a little surprise for you too, Tigger." Haley said smiling.


"Lucas and me. We got you something."

"Presents, yay!" she said as if she were a child.

"We called someone up." Haley explained. "In fact, he's right over there."

Brooke turned around and her jaw dropped. She turned around to yell at the Tutor-Bitch but she was gone. Brooke had no other choice. She walked up to him.


"Hi Brooke"

"So…what are you doing here?"

He smiled sheepishly. "I've been excited about this for months."

"You remembered?"

"Of course I remembered, Brooke. It was one of the best nights of my life. You 'deflowered' me, remember?" They both chuckled. "I really missed you Brooke."

She nodded. "I missed you too." She said honestly.

He was quiet for a minute. "I'm sorry about what happened to us." He said finally. "I was an idiot."

She nodded.

"You didn't deserve what I did. And I just wanted to let you know that I've thought about you everyday."

"Why didn't you call?" Brooke asked sadly.

"Honestly? I was scared. And I figured after all I'd put you through you deserved someone better."

She sighed. "I didn't want someone better, Chase. I wanted you. I still do."

"When Lucas and Haley called me and asked if I was coming, I told them I was and they said for me to give you this." He held out a small box, which she opened and found a small snow globe. She smiled when she saw the house inside with a red door and a note from Lucas and Haley:

Go be his girl behind the red door.

Brooke smiled. "I think..." she said finally. "...that we should give this another chance."

Chase nodded. "Me too; I love you, Brooke."

"I love you too Chase." They smiled and he pressed a small kiss on her lips.


"Nathan, I have to tell you something." Haley said later that night. "I wanted to wait until tonight and surprise you."

"Okay. What is it, Hales?"

"I…. I'm pregnant."

His mouth dropped. Then he grinned. "Seriously?"

She nodded, clearly afraid of what he would say.

"We're having another baby." He said happily. He leaned down and kissed her passionately. "This is amazing, Hales. I'm so happy."

"Really?" she smiled, a wave of relief coming over her.

"Really. This is great, Haley! How far along are you?"

"Five weeks."

"Five weeks." Nathan repeated. He looked down at her stomach. "Hey there, little Whoozit."

Haley smiled as her husband continued.

"I love you, little baby. And I love your brother and mommy too." He looked back up at his wife. "We have to tell everyone."

"Right now?"

"Right now." She stood back as Nathan called for quiet.

"We have an announcement."

"Oh god, not more good news; doesn't anybody have a screwed up life anymore?" Rachel whined. Everyone ignored her.

"Peyton isn't going to be the only new Scott." Haley said smiling. It took everyone a minute…. And then,

"She's knocked up!" Rachel shouted. "Tutor-Whore got knocked up again!"

"You're pregnant?!" Brooke screamed. "Oh my god! Tutor-Mom!" she let out yet another squeal and ran over to give Haley a hug. "We're preggers!" Brooke said happily.

"Um, I don't think you were there when it was conceived Brooke…"

"Ew, gross Nate. You know what I mean. I'm gonna be around this kid a lot. Hales, think about it! We can take them out for lunch, to the park…."

"And explain to all the kids at school why they have two mommies." Lucas put in.

"Haha. Very funny Doubt-You'll-Be-Broody-Anymore-Now-That-You're-Engaged-To-Peyton Boy."

"Gee, I love my new nickname."

"You're welcome. If you want we can just call you DYBVBAMNTYEGTP Boy for short."

"Anymore is one word Brooke." Haley said.

"It's like the apostrophe in my line, Tutor-Mom. I'll keep it how I like."

"Hey Brooke?"

She turned around and smiled. "Yes, senator?"

Mouth smiled. "I was wondering if you had Millicent's number. I thought I'd giver her a call."

Brooke grinned and pulled him into a hug. "Sure thing friend."


"Everybody come here! I'd like to propose a toast!" Lucas yelled a while later. The adults grabbed the flutes of champagne Brooke had set out, and Haley and Jamie grabbed flutes of sparkling cider. Lucas cleared his throat and went on. "To Haley, Nathan, Jamie, and our new family member; to Brooke and Chase for their reconciliation; to Bevin and Skillz for finally getting back together; to Rachel's new job at Playboy-"

"And to Lucas and Peyton's engagement." Haley cut in.

Luke smiled. "To happiness and our futures. Here's to our happily ever after."

"Here, here!" They all clinked glasses and drank to what they had and what was to come. They knew now that no matter what, they'd all be okay. Because there was only One Tree Hill and it was their home. It held their memories and happiness…. And now their future.


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