Vampire's Pet

Chapter 1- The Caged One, Rescued.


The werewolves laughed at their group leader's joke, as they sat about the large camp fire.

"Hahahahaha!" The leader laughed deeply, smirking at the smaller werewolves under his control. "What a hunt! What a feast!" He rumbled deeply.

He looked up as a black furred werewolf of his pack, red streaks through- out his fur.

"Ah! Kino! You're back! Finally!" One of the smaller ones said to the larger werewolf, as he approached the fire.

"Now that you're back, you can return to your duty, of tending to our treasure." The leader smirked, biting into the turkey leg he had, and ripping a huge chunk of meat clean off the bone.

The werewolf didn't say a word, but went away after taking a bone from their fallen prey. It walked in the direction of an old ruin, a place where no one dare enter, for its telling of it being haunted. This same place was their den, which they protected, day in and day out.

Because- in its depths- was the only thing that was worth them throwing their lives to protect. Something so rare, that its kind was now EXTINCT, from existence.

Kino walked down into its depths, deep enough, until he came to an area that was surrounded with dim torch light. In the center, was a large, carnival-like, cage.

"Hey, hey, I brought you some books!" Kino said, unlocking the cage, climbing up into it. The treasure, was sitting obediently on the ground, in chains, looking at him curiously, as the werewolf crouched down in front of it.

"I know how you like books- it took me a while, but, I found some that you might be able to read- I think." He said, pulling out a couple books from the bundle he was carrying. He set them down on the ground, and slid them towards the chained being. They looked at the books curiously.

There was crashing and rumbling, before an injured werewolf came down the stairs.

"Kino! We're under attack!" It growled, making the werewolf exit the cage, locking it up, before running back up the stairs outside.

The being was silent, looking at the books, one being a picture book. They picked it up and opened it, before hearing shouting and yelling. Howls and roars filled the air, full of pain and agony. They dropped the book, covering their ears as best they could.

They shut their eyes tightly, trying not to hear it, but they still could.

"Hey- you can come out now."

The being removed their hands from their ears slowly, opening their eyes in the same slow pace, to look at the ground.

"You idiot, She can't come out. She's in chains-"a male voice hissed.

"Poor thing's caged up like a savage beast-"another voice said.

Someone stepped into their cage walking up to the, others behind them. The first crouched down; lifting the chained being's chin, before there was a gasp.

"Look, Sasori! It's a HUMAN!" They said.

"Don't fuck with me, Deidara; you know damn well humans are extinct." The second one said.

"No, really! I'm not joke! Come look!" The first said the other coming over to the first, and looking down.

"Ah, seems like you're telling the truth-"

"I was always telling the truth! vein"

"Well- you're certainly right." The second said. "She will make a fine present- for our king, yes?" The second one said.

"Ah!" The first said, standing up and moving aside.

A high pitched sound filled the chained creature's ears, making them cover their ears in attempts to block the sound. They doubled over, biting their lower lip, eyes squeezed tight. The first stood up.

"Ugh! What is that sound?!" The second growled, the first hissed angrily.

"Ah! My ears!" They said, the creature still bent over in pain, even after the sound stopped.

The second growled. "I can't stand it here anymore! It reeks of werewolves!" They said, taking a swipe at the being's chains, destroying them. The first knelt down to the creature, looking sad.

"Those horrid werewolves! They completely neglected the poor thing!" They said in a sad manner, the creature looking at their shackles, which still remained on their wrists and ankles, dazed.

"Yes- they don't know how to take very good care of anything other than themselves-"The second said. "But, somehow, it seems they were able to keep this one alive."

The being hugged them self, shivering violently, before looking seldom at the floor.

"Look at her! Don't you just feel sorry for the poor thing? Look-"The first said, gesturing to the figure's clothing. "They barely dressed her!"

The first one removed their coat, and draped it around her, cutting her bonds that still remained. The second one took her hand.

"Come on." He said, leading her out. The first one smiled at her.

"We'll take you somewhere better than here, ok, cutie?" He laughed.

The girl was looking back. She turned around, trying to run back wards, before the first boy stopped her with a curved arm out to catch her.

"What's wrong? Why are you running away?" He asked in a slightly injured tone.

She was reaching for something, making the two looking the back. A couple books were on the ground.

"Come on! We have no time to waste! The king will throw a fit!" The second boy said, making the first nod.

She was picked up bridal style by the first boy, who followed the other out of the ruins and her confinement. All the while, their capture for the day, not doing a thing, out of confusion of what the two were, and why they were being so nice, and letting her out of her cage.