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Warning: nonsense and plotless musings. Shin being slightly less stoic than usual. But I don't think it's as out there as to call it crack…

Summary: Sakuraba, Takami and Ootwara discuss the identity of Eyeshield 21 as Shin listens. (Thanks to Scrunchy for correcting me about Takami's name!)

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Who is Eyeshield 21?

"I wonder…" Sakuraba mused.

"Wonder what?" inquired Takami. He, Sakuraba, Shin and Ootawara were walking to school for morning practice.

"I wonder who Eyeshield 21 is…" Sakuraba continued, eyeing Shin. The stoic Linebacker had been walking along without paying much attention to his companions. But at the mention of his rival's name, his head snapped round.

"Eyeshield 21?"


"I have no idea." The Quarterback responded.

"Hahaha! He must be really big and strong to avoid Shin and take the ball away from Panther of the Aliens!"

"NASA Shuttles" Takami corrected, "and Ootawara…"

"Haven't you seen him on the field?" asked Sakuraba in exasperation. "He's around the same size as the Receiver, #80!"

"Oh? I'm only interested in the line!"

"How typical…" the duo sweatdropped.

"Though he has to have some hidden strength…" mused Takami. "He may wear the thinnest layer of padding since so few are able to catch him, he doesn't need them."

"I don't think so…" the three – since Shin was mildly amused, even if he didn't show it – turned to look at the blonde.

"What do you mean?" boomed Ootawara. Takami adjusted his glasses, nodding in agreement.

"Remember when he crashed into me and sent me to the hospital during the Spring game?" They all nodded. "He was actually really light…it was only because he was going so fast that he did such damage."

"Hmm…what do you think Shin?" They all turned to the shortest boy who seemed to consider the question.

"Sakuraba is right. He doesn't have lost of muscles. He doesn't have the build of it and his body hasn't fully developed yet. He's fast through years of practice."

"Wow…as expected from Shin" muttered Sakuraba.

"What else Shin?" Takami asked curiously. "You probably know him the best…outside his team of course."

"He had brown hair and eyes." The linebacker deadpanned. The other three halted in their tracks. "And a fair complexion." Shin began to run. "I'm going ahead." The other three stood dumbstruck until…

"Oi Shin!"


"You know who he is, don't you!"

"Oi! Wait up!"

"Tell us!" The three pursued him, but of course, couldn't catch him.


Shin smiled to himself. Yes, he was one of the few players, in or out of Deimon who knew the true identity of Eyeshield 21. And he didn't mind keeping it that way. The thought of Sena asking him how to become stronger, looking up at him, flashed through his mind. No, he didn't mind at all.

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