I know I shouldn't be starting another story but I can't help it this one is always on my mind, I found out about the new episode of season nine that's due to air, Inconceivable. Ever since all I do when I sit in college is want to write this. SO I figured I need to start writing it before I end up sitting in class writing it when I should be writing about the functions of the kidney's or whatever rubbish it is the teacher is trying to teach us.

So like I said this is an idea I had after reading the spoilers, rumours things from the episode Inconceivable. Everyone placed their opinion, some people even blamed the fanfiction boards, so therefore I'm gonna give em' something to blame it on.

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Chapter 1

"Come on Callie help me." Kate pleaded.

Kate was helping her friend Callie to walk. They were being followed by someone and Callie was sick, really sick, she hadn't eaten for days because when she did she threw it up and she was so weak now.

Kate wasn't very tall for her 15 years of age, and Callie was even smaller for her 14 years.

"Callie please help me. Pick your feet up please just try to walk." Kate pleaded again. She kept looking over her shoulder down the alley she couldn't see anyone but she could hear a screeching car getting closer and closer.

"We need to find somewhere to hide." Callie whimpered. She was in a lot of pain.

Kate looked around. Callie was getting heavier and heavier. She spotted a car that had been dumped in the alley and went over to it. She helped put Callie in it. There was a blanket in there so she covered her over slightly with it.

"Stay here okay? You have to stay quiet. I'm gonna try and distract them."

There was no door and the shell that was the car didn't offer much shelter at all, she picked up a big piece of cardboard that was on the floor nearby and stood it up by the car, hoping it would shelter her some.

"I'll be back I promise." She whispered as she ran off.

She ran back down the alley as the car that had been following her turned up. She turned on her heels and ran back the other way. She was fast and kept a good distance between her and the vehicle that was struggling in the small alley.

She came to a wall and jumped up it as high as she could, but she was short and no where near reached the top. She turned to see two people running towards her. She turned and ran another way, the alley was dark and she kept tripping on things, she managed to steady herself each time though before she hit the floor.

She was getting tired. She lived on the streets so months of little food and rest had left her weak too. She saw a dumpster, she looked behind her, the people chasing her couldn't see, she ran and managed to jump up and fall into the dumpster.

She lay down and listened she heard their feet on the ground as they ran past her but kept going. She slowly climbed up she looked and they were gone. On the opposite side of the alley was a fire escape, the ladders where down she could climb up it.

She jumped out of the dumpster and looked in the direction of the alley where the two people had just run down. Suddenly a pair of arms wrapped around her and lifted her off the floor. "No get off me, please somebody help." She screamed as loud as she could.

She was kicking her legs and throwing her arms wildly trying to break free.

"Calm down before you hurt my partner." Munch said as he reached them.

"Cool it." Fin told her, not that she listened. "Cool it." He said a little more stern.

Elliot and Olivia ran back down the alley to where they were. They were both pretty out of breath. "Where's your friend?" Olivia asked.

"I'm not telling you. Now let me go." She brought her leg forward then thrust it back it hit Fin's shin with a crunch, he let go of her and fell forward holding his knee. She tried to barge passed Olivia and Elliot but they both got hold of her.

"Please I don't have anything you need, just let me go. Leave us alone." She pleaded with them.

"We're not going to hurt you." Olivia said softly.

"Here take this." The girl said as she took off a gold chain and reluctantly handed it to Olivia. She tried to run off but Elliot grabbed her jacket and held her in place. The three men all looked at Olivia she looked completely confused.

She kept glancing at the necklace then at the girl and back and forth. "Where did you get this?" She asked her.

The girl ignored her she wasn't sure what to say. "I don't have anymore that's it that's all I have, please take it just don't hurt us." She said sounding desperate.

"Who gave this to you?" Olivia asked looking her in the eyes.

"My mother." The girl answered.

"What is it Liv?" Elliot asked.

Olivia held her hand up and let part of the chain drop so they could all she the open heart shaped locket pendent that was attached to it. One side had an old faded picture, the other side had the initials O.B "This was mine. I gave it to my daughter." Olivia confessed.

The guys all looked at her in complete shock and confusion. The girl did the same. Olivia's bottom lip was trembling, there was only one explanation as to why this girl had this.


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Olivia is shocked when a she and elliot arrest a young girl who claims to be her daughter.