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Sasuke's thoughts

This is the epilogue, so I blow through a lot of stuff pretty quickly, but the lemon is over 3 pages. Enjoy!


Sasuke Uchiha is gay. That was this weeks newest rumors. And with who? None other than Naruto Uzumaki. The rumors were supposed to be going around quietly, but it was too big of news.

Sasuke and Naruto, knew that their relation to each other had been spilled, and by none other than the pink queen bitch herself. They also weren't stupid. They figured some people would accept it, others would be indifferent, and some would be down right appalled. It was only the last that really caused a problem. If too many parents called in about the basketball team captain, Naruto maybe forced to resign from the team, and even if he was allowed to stay it would look bad to recruiters.

Sasuke would also feel the pressure. He could be kicked off the team, humiliating his family, but in the end he new he would be accepted by them. If there was one thing he knew was that his mom was upset when Itachi hadn't sealed the deal with Sasori, then again, maybe she just liked red heads. His mom was pretty hard to figure out, but always seemed to have him figured out.

Wait, why was he thinking about this? Because despite the serious making out the two had done the night before, including begging by Sasuke to get fucked, which only resulted in a hand job (like he cared if his ass was sore during their next game), he still didn't get to sit next to Naruto. But it was for the better. They needed to make it appear like they weren't together.

They worked out a system, gradually they spent more time together in front of people. After a while, everyone accepted them as best friends. Sasuke liked getting to be in Naruto's company during the day, but he like being in his arms at night more.

Soon rumors switched their tune to Sakura not taking herself getting dumped to well. Most believed she had made a final pass at Sasuke who rejected her and then she got dumped by Naruto shortly after. Strange how all the rumors were basically true, but no one really believed them, they just liked to talk about them.

They messed around a bit, but when ever Sasuke tried to temp Naruto into going all the way he would end up getting a blow job instead.

"My ass will still be playable even if you fuck me. C' mon, please! Just once, I know you want it." Sasuke opened up his very naked legs to reveal the prize that blue eye ogled. In stead of getting an intrusive object though he received a wet mouth. "Aaaaaaa…." It felt so amazing. His face scrunched up in pleasure, He always gave in. Naruto had a surprisingly talented mouth.


Game after game, the Konaha team blew through the competition. Itachi continually annoyed Sasuke telling him that he still owed him for how well things had turned out with Naruto.

"Itachi, just tell me what it is you want!"

"Well either you prance around in that maid's outfit or you get Sasori to do it, in my bedroom."

"You're kidding."

"You owe me."


Sasuke started his task by inviting Sasori to the games. Yes, usually Sasuke would blow his brother off, or tell Itachi that he actually owed him, for being such a miserable brother, and that he hadn't done anything, but Sasuke saw this more as a way to blackmail Itachi in the future than anything else.

He carefully set up situations which would drive Deidara to madness. Sasori, finally got fed up with him and told him to leave, and who did Sasuke so carefully place to pick up the pieces? Itachi.

It took a few more weeks, but from the uncomfortable amount of noise from Itachi's room after anonymously delivering Itachi's strange fetish to the boy, he figured his duty was done.


The night of the state final's was intense. It was the first game that Sasuke really felt any pressure. Not just because the other team was actually decent, but because after that night there were no more games which meant Naruto couldn't use it as an excuse to not sleep with him.

Every one on the team decided they were going to show school spirit by painting their faces a little. It wasn't really allowed in the rules, but there wasn't a rule against it either for now. After seeing Kiba's dog face everyone was sure there would be an addendum to the rules for the next year, but for now, it was just awesome.

Neji had light silver painting on his face so he looked a bit like a swan. He was by far the most graceful of the team so it made sense. Gaara gave himself, extra large raccoon eyes, but the effect just made him look super sleep deprived and ready to kill someone. Shino had attached antennae to his protective eyewear to look like a beetle. Lee had a giant green mouth with a long pink tongue, so that he looked like a frog.

Choji looked at every one confused as he finished his BBQ chips before the game. Apparently he missed the memo.

Finally Naruto entered the room. If Sasuke was an anime character, first he would be a gay one in love with Naruto and probably tossed into some sort of epic battle with him, but second, the current appearance of the blond would probably give him a hemorrhage from the massage nose bleed that would occur.

Naruto's face had three simple lines on his checks, and carefully drawing orange and white patterns to make him look like a fox. The guy was a fox, but now Sasuke wanted to be a female fox in heat so that they could fuck all the time. It usually took a little bit of action to get Sasuke fully hard, but gazing at his boyfriend at the moment he had a full on raging hard cock. Shit. How am I going to concentrate on the game?

Sasuke saw that he wasn't going to be the only one with a problem. It took a bit to get his hair out of its natural duck state, but he managed to force it into two adorable pointed ears atop his head. He narrowed his eyes a bit with eyeliner and blew a few hundred bucks on red cat eyed contacts. Finally, he had carefully glued three plastic whiskers to his powdered pink checks.

Naruto's first look at him was priceless. It said 'Why have I waited so long to fuck you?' Then again it shouldn't surprise Sasuke that much that Naruto was into dressing up, considering they got together the week he was forced to dress like a girl.


It was really distracting him. He would catch glimpses of his boyfriend skin or the whisker marks on his checks and be stunned for a second while the ball casually was taken by the other team. It certainly made for a more exciting game than the others, but it wasn't really meant to be exciting.

"Uchiha! Where is that youthful head of yours. Pay attention or you're on the bench the rest of the night."

Hmmm, on the bench? Would that be a good place for their first time he wondered.

"Uchiha, sit, Kiba your in."

Up and down the court that magnificent mass of muscle travel and black eye followed intently. God, Sasuke was getting hard watching him.

Naruto was up for a foul shot.

"Naruto!" One side of the room would yell, the other answered with, "Uzumaki!"

Sasuke turned to look. All sorts of girls held banners for the team and at the moment were defiantly eying his boy. As soon as that idiot got a scholarship, they were coming out, that was that. He owned the blond and no one was going to be eying him anymore.

"Sasuke…" Sasuke looks over to his coach like he had just got caught sleeping in math class. "Never mind, stay on the bench… Neji, replace Gaara."

Sasuke's head finally cleared after about ten more minutes. The team had an easy lead by that time. Once he got back in, Sasuke had a few good baskets. The clock whined down to a few seconds left. He had one more shot, but then he say some guy with a note book on the side lines right by Naruto, KU on his jacket. Konaha University.

His hands zipped the ball to Naruto before he really made a conscious decision too. The tan hands reached up releasing the ball.

As the buzzer rang the boys of Konaha High embraced jumping up and down to celebrate another year of winning the state championship. Naruto glomped Sasuke. With all the excitement no one really notice how longingly they looked at each other.


It was time to go out and celebrate. Patience was supposed to be an Uchiha virtue, but having to sit through a dinner with less than fabulous food while all he wanted to do was 'celebrate' the victory with Naruto was going to be torture.

"Uzumaki" Kiba called out. "Are you coming?"

"Sure, guys, I just need to go home. I kinda left my wallet."

"Don't worry, I'll cover it," Lee chipped in

"Thanks, but I kinda want to just get a few minutes with my dad too. I just got offered a full ride to KU, housing and everything."

Cheers of celebrate and congratulations were given to Naruto. He really deserved it.

"You need a ride home?" Sasuke asked a little too sexy like in his whiskers.

"Nah, my dad is here. You probably need to get home any how. Past the little sophomore's bed time isn't it?" An obviously annoyed look plastered across Sasuke's face.

"Whatever, idiot, I'll see you at the diner."


Sasuke was a little-a-lot disappointed. He sat in his car ready to pull out after the others when he heard his phone give the familiar beep of a text message. Sasuke read the text. 'My bedroom 20 minutes.' And there was the famous Uchiha smirk plaster around that sexy horny face of Sasuke's.


Sasuke walked up the stairs he had been up several times now. He opened the door without knocking.

"Hey, I'm changing." Naruto squeaked.

"Hn." Sasuke watched as his boy took off his shirt, his gym shorts, then his boxers. Nartuo reached out for some a clean pair of jean, but was stopped when Sasuke spoke.

"Don't bother, unless you want them torn off you."

Naruto turned around in all his glory. "Then you better get those off if you want them to stay nice."

Sasuke started to take off his own cloths. "This may not be the best thing to bring up, but is your dad home?"

"Nah, he just dropped me off and went straight to the club, it's Friday after all."

Sasuke sauntered over to Naruto and traced his hand up the perfected abs. "Mmmm" he hummed. The whiskers on his face gave him a certain mischievous look.

"My little kitten, what are you going to do to me?"

"Give you a bath."

Sasuke gave him a chaste kiss on the lips then started kissing and licking the rest of him. Before he got to low though, Naruto pulled him into his lips for a deep kiss. Sasuke felt blood rushing from his head to his other head. Slowly they stepped back together to the bed, never letting their lips part.

Sasuke turned Naruto to the bed and pushed him down. "Sasuke?"

He lifted one leg to the bed and stood over his fox. "You're so fucking hot, Naruto. I'm so lucky." He let his dominating leg bend until his knee hit the soft fabric covering the mattress. Then his other leg followed so he was straddling the lower parts of Naruto's legs. He lowered his head and started to give soft licks to Naruto's hard member.

Dark eyes flashed up to met the blue ones watching him. Naruto whined a bit to Sasuke and he gave a long hard lick as a reward before taking the whole thing into his mouth. He of course wouldn't allow Naruto to cum so easily. He just wanted to make sure he was really hard. Sasuke released the flesh from his mouth and crawled the rest of the way up to Naruto. His hips ground down into Naruto's flesh while they kissed and battled in their mouths for dominance.

The other's hands squeezed and gripped at his tight muscles, making him relax along with getting more and more aroused. Those wonderfully greedy hands finally made it to his sensitive flesh, but he wouldn't suffice with that tonight.

"If you don't fuck me, I'm going to fuck you, I swear."

Sasuke pushed both of Naruto's arms above his head. There was no way that they weren't having sex, and lots of it. Sasuke lowered his manhood and rubbed it against Naruto's hole to make a point. "You're going to like this and then you're going to be the one begging every night, not me."

Sasuke released one of Naruto's arms and placed his fingers into his lover's mouth. Naruto licked on them, but Sasuke wasn't sure about the evil grin he was getting. He lost his balance and was suddenly on his back with one of his arms pinned above his head and the one that was in Naruto's mouth firmly gripped to his body. It wasn't until a few more moments that he realized how Naruto had flipped him over.

"Baby, if you want something up your ass so badly then show me." Sasuke's wet digits were placed at the entry of his entrance. Sasuke pushed one finger in slowly. It didn't feel so great. "Keep going, I'll be right back."

"What?" Sasuke blushed. "I'm not doing this unless you're here to enjoy it."

"I always knew you liked giving a show, the way you walked around in those skirts."

"Hn." Sasuke started to pull his finger out, but he was stopped.

"I'll be right here I just have to grab something, I'll still be watching you." Naruto leaned in for a kiss and then spoke quietly. "It's making me so much harder knowing you want me enough to prepare yourself." Sasuke felt a burst of pleasure from those words. He moved the one finger in and out for a while until he started to feel some pleasure coming from a certain spot. He added the second and tried to ram his hand into that bundle of nerves activating the ultimate pleasure he would get from it. He grunted out a little each time. He brought his other hand down to stroke his manhood, but was stopped. He didn't even realize he had closed his eyes, but when he opened them Naruto was leaning over him. His dick dripped with something wet.

"God Sasuke, you're so fuckably hot right now." He let Naruto pull his hand out and away from his prostate, those nerves that so desperately wanted to keep being stimulated. His throat gave a protesting groan from the lose of pleasure.

"Do you want it?" The tight head of Naruto's penis stabled itself at Sasuke's entry.

"God, yes. Please fuck me!"

Naruto move in close to Sasuke's flesh, their heaving chest touching with each rise and fall. Naruto gently touched the pale skin and gave a soft kiss to the lips. Blue eyes pierced deep into the black ones searching for just one thing. "Though it's sexy to hear you beg, just tell me you love me."

"God Naruto, I've loved you my entire life, I've wanted you half of it, please just make us one."

The hard flesh entered him slowly. It hurt so bad. Was he crazy? He just begged to get ripped into pieces. He heaved and cursed lowly.

"Do you want me to stop?"

"Just go slower." It inched in new pain by new pain, but this wasn't like a pool or a band aid, having it shoved in one swift stroke would be worse.

"I'm in." Sasuke still breathed hard from the intrusion, but he could relax a little more knowing that there wasn't more, though, damn that already felt like a lot.

"Kiss me, Naruto." He needed something to distract him, and distract him it did. Kissing Naruto never failed to make him feel amazing. The electricity he felt from their first kiss still surged through him. He push into those lips hard, and was aggressively kissed back in return. He opened his mouth to receive the tongue swirling his lips for entry. It was amazing how Naruto consumed him, nothing made him feel more wanted, than being overwhelmed by Naruto's greedy mouth. "Mmmmmm…" He whined at his undeniable pleasure.

Sasuke's attention, though, was departed from those lips as he started to feel a very gentle rocking inside his body. The pain from the intrusion had subsided, it might have been uncomfortable if not for the distraction, and now the pleasure from the rocking, but he knew it could be better, if only Naruto would find that spot… that one spooot, but his lips were too engaged to direct his inexperience lover.

He was released for a moment, but then blushed instead of telling Naruto where to move.


Pant. Pant. "Sasuke? Does it feel okay?"

"Hn." It came out more like a grunt.

"I can tell by now when you're feeling good, tell me where to move.."

He blushed a little harder. "Left." came his barely understandable quit answer.

Naruto moved. "a little, ummm, down."

"Impossible." In a try to find Sasuke's pleasure spot his legs were suddenly lifted up and against his body. And he felt a slightly stronger thrust, "Aaaaaawwww…there, again!" Naruto had found the spot and began to rhythmically jaunt into it. The white pleasure he felt was enormous compared to what he had done with his fingers. He was thrust into again and again at a rhythmic pace into that one spot.

He no longer knew what he was experiencing, but he liked it, a lot, and didn't really want it to stop ever, but a tidal wave formed in him and something extra was pushing him onward, until it was to much. He felt the vibrations of his mouth, and wasn't sure if what came out made sense, later Naruto would tell him, he was very demanded in wanting more and more, harder and faster. But for now, everything was white with pleasure until his body couldn't take it any more.

He came harder than he ever imagined he would in his life. A body collapsed on top of him. "I love you, Sas."

"Mmmm." Sasuke agreed. He moved his body a little to get comfortable. Naruto must have pulled out of him. He was pretty sure it would hurt in the morning, but right now in the afterglow he just felt good.