"Why the fuck do those wankers with the cameras keep following us everywhere?" Owen snarled as he glanced though the rear window of the SUV, at the car following them.

Ianto sighed, keeping his eyes on the road, ignoring the small camera bobbing in front of his face. It wasn't the rift this time. Just an alien ship making a stopover. An alien ship piloted by an escaped convict and followed by some form of COPS, complete with tiny, floating, annoying cameras.

"They're only here until we capture the alien. Then they'll leave, and take their cameras with them." The alien had been responsible for a string of robberies since setting down on earth, more than a few frantic calls to the police, and apparently now a kidnapping.

"I don't fucking like it! They're all over you all the time!" Owen snarled, batting at the small floating orb that was hovering over Ianto's shoulder. It dodged to avoid him, and made what Ianto would have classified a rude sound, if the camera had been sentient.

Jack grinned, and added his two cents from his unusual spot in the back seat. "They think Ianto's pretty! And I have to agree. He is easy on the eyes." Ianto glanced back at the captain. He had though the man would be slightly more put out at not being the center of attention, but he seemed to be enjoying the fact that they had taken an unnatural amount of interest in Ianto Jones, teaboy and Guide.

"Well he's taken! They should keep their bloody eyes and cameras to them selves!" Owen looked ready to try to kill the camera again, so Ianto reached over and put a calming hand on his arm.

"It's only a couple more days, Owen. And they're paying us quite well for appearing on the show." It was the only reason that Ianto had even agreed in the first place. They had been offered a whole host of new technology, including several of the orb-cams. At the time, it had seemed a good trade.

Owen growled low in his throat and glared at the camera, which zoomed in on Ianto with a whir of lenses.

Gwen and Tosh ducked at the camera nearly hit them as it dodged a swat from Ianto. "This is getting a bit...intrusive don't you think?"

"I know, I know..." Ianto gave a long-suffering sigh. The camera hovered behind Jack, apparently realizing it was safe there, and continued to film, giving them a moment of peace.

"Here!" Tosh yelled, looking up from the computer screen, where she had been tracking the convict's monitoring device. It wasn't a very good one, which made Ianto worry about the quality of technology they would be getting, but it narrowed the range.

Ianto slammed on the breaks slightly harder than necessary, grinning as the camera flew past him to smack into the windscreen. He jumped out of the SUV, quickly followed by his teammates, and locking the doors quickly before the stunned camera could follow.

It made a noise that sounded like an objection and tapped at the glass, before floating down to sit on the driver's seat. Ianto got the distinct impression it was sulking.

Jack ignored the camera. "Gwen, Tosh, go that way, we'll go this way. Call if you see any signs of the alien." Jack said, pointing. They all moved off, managing to get out of sight before the camera crew caught up with them.

Ianto had his gun at the ready, trailing Jack and Owen as they made their way down a dark side street.

Owen paused and tilted his head, sniffing the air. "Blood. A lot of it."

Jack closed his eyes, and Ianto's hand automatically went to his back to ground him. "There's a heartbeat. One human, really fast, one alien, it's beating…differently? Victim's still alive. Half a block I'd say. This way." Jack tapped his Bluetooth to alert Gwen and Tosh to their location, already moving.

From the corner of his eye Ianto saw a pink tail disappearing into an alley, one long purple tentacle trailing behind. Ianto stopped, as the tentacle reappeared around the corner, the very tip crooking. He grabbed Jack's elbow. "They're in there."

They turned into the alley. Owen spotted the alien, and fired, jerking it back from its intended victim. Jack and Ianto covered him as he moved to check on the unconscious woman. "Ouch. Gonna need a lot of stitches, but nothing A&E can't handle. Vitals are stable, pulse is high but within acceptable ranges, breathing good, blood loss isn't too horrible, pupils are equal and reactive. She should be fine." Owen was putting pressure on one of the deeper gouges, talking mostly to himself.

A wave of outrage hit Ianto and he spun, lifting his gun on the alien who had started to stir. "Not dead!" he warned, keeping his gun pointed at the scaly head.

Jack turned and squatted down by the alien, checking him quickly for weapons and injuries. "Bullet wound doesn't look fatal." Jack sounded almost disappointed.

"Bloody wonderful, we have to lug the thing back to the hub so I can treat it, before we lock it up." Owen groused as Gwen and Tosh arrived at a dead run, guns drawn.

"Gwen get the SUV, and get some restraints. Tosh, go with her and get the first aid kit." Jack ordered, tossing a glance at the injured woman.

Both woman nodded and took off again while Ianto and Jack kept an eye on the scene.

"Wouldn't have this problem if they could keep their intergalactic scum to their selves for once."

Ianto holstered his gun, and stepped forward, stroking the back Owen's neck soothingly. "It's alright, Owen. We stopped him before anyone died."

"Yeah, yeah."

Ianto smiled. The anger and tension Owen had been broadcasting was slowly dissipating.

"We'll just have to-"

A loud happy squeal sounded from the mouth of the alley, and Ianto ducked as the camera barreled towards him.

"Sorry. It snuck out." Tosh apologized, following the camera and holding up the kit as a peace offering.

Owen took the offered first aid kit from Tosh, and started doing a quick patch up job while Jack slapped a bandage sloppily on the alien, and got him cuffed and into the back.

"We'll drop her off at A&E on the way back." Jack said helping Owen pick her up and get her into the SUV. Within moments both new passengers were secured and the alley was back to its original state.

Ianto felt a ripple of amusement from Tosh as the camera circled him, looking for a heroic angle.

"Oh yes, Tosh. Enjoy your self. Just wait until one of these things attaches it's self to you" He rolled his eyes, shoving the keys into the ignition before sliding into the passenger seat.

"It's like it's a baby chick, and you're it's mum. We'll see if you're laughing then." Ianto warned, his own amusement tingling his threat.

The camera chirruped as Owen growled and swatted it away from Ianto's face. Jack grabbed it as it flew past, and shoved it underneath the seat.

"He's never going to let you in the bedroom if you annoy him" Jack scolded the camera playfully.

"Jack!" Ianto protested, ears burning as Owen leered and the rest of the team laughed. He glanced at the clock embedded in the dash, wondering if it would be too early to put a nip of bailey's into the coffee when they got back.

- - -

Owen popped up behind Ianto, as he made the coffee, and wrapped his arms around his waist, burying his face in Ianto's neck, inhaling deeply.

Ianto laughed, but didn't pull away. "Aren't you supposed to be finishing up your paperwork before we started practicing?"

"Finished. Mmm what are you wearing? You smell good enough to eat." Owen continued to sniff at Ianto neck. Cinnamon, and the last traces of cologne, and…

Ianto snorted. "I think that's the coffee."

"No. I smell that all the time. It's you." Owen had moved past sniffing and was kissing Ianto's neck.

Ianto shivered and shook him self. He took a step backwards, bumping his head on his floating, slightly dented, shadow. Jack had decided to keep the orbit cam, muttering something about artificial intelligence, and 'cute'. He had named it, of all things, OC.

"Owen! Not now. Practice first. Lord I swear you're worse now then before."

Owen pouted. "But I don't want to wait. I want you now." Owen sidled closer, running his hands up under Ianto's shirt. "Quickie before practice time?"

Ianto laughed and gave him a light shove. "Go on, you. Get in Jack's office. I'll be in with the coffee in a minute, and after we finish, then you can have your wicked way with me."

Owen sighed and stepped away from the coffee area, walking towards Jack's office.

Jack looked up from the computer. "Didn't work?"

"Nope." Owen flopped down on the couch with a sigh.

"Damn...so close..."

Ianto stepped into the office carrying a tray, and a bag of Sentinel training supplies. "I know what you were trying to do, and for the hundredth time, No. OC is not filming us having sex!"

"Awww...but, but floating camera! High Definition! It'd be the best porn ever!"

Ianto looked slightly horrified. "No! OC shoo! Go play in the hub, we have work to do." Ianto ordered while he set the tray down. The camera seemed to sulk and made a whining noise, nudging Ianto's shoulder.

Ianto sighed. "You're not being punished, but you know Owen and Jack will never be able to concentrate with you distracting them."

The camera nodded sadly and zipped out

Ianto closed the door and turned to look at Jack and Owen, laughing at their exaggerated pouts.

"Oh look at you two. You'd never know I was the youngest one here would you? Children, the both of you." He kissed them both briefly then settled down on the floor. "Okay Jack first. Come on down here. We're going to work on taste tonight"

Jack slid down onto the floor with a sigh, stretching his legs out in front of him. "It's the poisoned coffee again isn't? It's always the "mystery" additive that makes me run screaming. Where's a nice kinky fun test, when you need it, huh?"

Ianto pulled a bottle of chocolate syrup out of the bag and moved towards Jack, straddling his thighs, wearing what Owen could only classify as a truly filthy grin.

"A kinky, fun test?" Ianto asked. "Hmm. You don't say…"

The End.

Obligatory Authors' Notes:

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