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"Ichigo, I told you, that you had to stop being late," Ryou said.

"I know, but I had to stay back for detention and-"

"Stop," he interrupted.

"Ichigo, you've been late everyday this month," he said. After the mew mew project finished the girls had kept their jobs.

"Not only that but you've been slacking a lot, too. You don't seem to understand that this is a part-time job. I've been letting you off because of the project, but I can't anymore, Ichigo." he said.

"But, that's because I've been-"

"I don't care." he said, "Let me make this clear. Ichigo, your fired."

"WHAT?!" all the girls screamed in unison.

"You can't fire Ichigo!" Purin yelled, "She's our leader!"

"Project ended, Purin. She isn't your leader."

"Wait," Mint said, "Don't you love her?"


"If Ichigo quits then I quit," Zakuro stated.

"Yeah! Me too!" Purin said.

"I see no point in working if Zakuro isn't here!" Mint added.

"I want to work with my friends," Retasu said.

"HAH! So there you have it, Shirogane!" Ichigo said, "You can't fire me!"

"Fine. You're all fired," Ryou said, "I have no need for incompetent workers."

"Ryou!" said Keiichiro, "you can't do this."

"Yes I can and I will."


"No buts, Keiichiro. If they don't want to work here, why should they?" Ryou interrupted.

"Ryou, why are you doing this?" Keiichiro thought, "Not only do you still love Ichigo, but these girls have become your friends. I know you care about them."

Meaningless thoughts and a wasted effort by the girls. The cafe' closed early that day. After the girls left, Ryou attended to all the current customers and closed the cafe' when they left. A day later all the girls saw in the newspaper want-ads for maids for Cafe' Mew Mew.


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