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Weeks and days passed. Nothing changed.

Ichigo was left alone to try and figure out what her heart was trying to tell her. What the words that came from the mouth of the handsome blue-eyed boy meant. And for this she had needed time. As she laid on her bed she remembered what had happened after the blond boy left.

--Flash Back--

"Mamomiya-san," said Masaya as he saw her walking towards him, "What's wrong? What happened? Why are you crying?"

She looked at him. "Aoyama-kun... we need to talk."

As they walked towards the park she tried to un-jumble her thoughts and think straight. Unfortunately it didn't help. The more she thought about what had happened the more she cried. Different feelings formed within her. Sadness, anger, and... Happiness. Something she did not expect.

They entered the park and she finally began to try to explain.

"Aoyama-kun," she said, while sitting on a bench, "I-my head is really messed up."

"Well maybe if you talk about it, you'll feel better."

She nodded. "Aoyama-kun, I think, I don't know, but lately I've been thinking about Ryou a lot," she said.

He looked at her a little shocked and said, "Ok."

She knew that she could tell Masaya anything. He would always listen and try to help. "I'm sorry," she said, "but I think-"

"We need a break," he interrupted.

She looked away from him. The words stinging her heart. "I understand. I know you need time to think this through," he said calmly, "but, Ichigo, no matter what happens, let's always be friends, ok?"

She smiled and said, "Thank you." She then got up and walked home.

--End Flash Back--

"It's strange," she thought, "It hurts me more not to able to see Shirogane then Aoyama-kun. Why?"

She starred at the ceiling of her room, something she seemed to be doing a lot lately.

"Ryou," she said.

"THAT'S IT!" she yelled, "I can't take this anymore! I'm going to see him!" She then got up and ran out of her room.

When she reached the cafe' she pushed the doors open and saw Keiichiro.

"Keiichiro! Where is he?" she said.

The surprised Keiichiro answered, "In his room."

She ran up the stairs and slammed the door of his room open. And there she saw him. A startled Ryou sitting on his bed.


"Ichigo?!" He interrupted her, "What are you doing here?"

"And why shouldn't I be here?"

"I don't know, maybe because it's my room..."

"WHATEVER! Shirogane that's not what I came here for-"

"Ichigo I think-" He interrupted.

SHUT UP!" she interrupted, "Just shut up, Shirogane! I didn't come here to talk! I came here to have you listen! Now your going to listen, whether you want to or not!"

"...ok," said the dumbstruck Ryou.

"Ryou! I lied. I hate you. I'm not in love with Masaya. I'm in love with you," she yelled. "Wow! Somehow I feel much better getting that out," she thought.

"What?" Ryou said, "You're what?"

"I'm in love with you, Ryou. I hate not seeing you everyday. I hate not being with you, too!"

"..Strawberry..." Ryou said. "I'm so shocked I don't even know how to feel," he thought.

She looked at him. "Ryou?"

"I don't believe this..." he said. Thinking that he didn't believe her feelings for him to be true, she kissed him. Lovingly. As if trying to show him her feelings with this type of physical contact, but unfortunately for her, the Ryou who had kept his feelings bottled up, wasn't about to stop with just a kiss. Of course she didn't resist. As he passionately held her and kissed her and loved her. Making sure not a bit of her went untouched. Making sure she was completely his with every kiss. They made love.

Light spread within the room. She woke up and looked at him. At his beautiful sleeping face. His body lying beside her. His arms around her. She smiled and kissed the man she loved. He woke up and smiled innocently.

"Ichigo, I love you."

She smiled, "I love you, too."

And there lays the end of the beginning of the love story between the two. May their love flourish as their hearts entwine and their bodies unite. To be one in love is truly a blessing and it is my hope that we all have the opportunity to feel what true love is.