"Just Doing My Job" - A Project: Demonhunter Side Story (Two-Fer: Jake Long/Juniper Lee)

Note: After the first chapter, the story bounces back and forth between chapters for Jake/Liliana and June/Vincenzo. This will be noted at the top of the chapter.

Author's Notes:

- I don't own what I don't own (but I do own Project: Demonhunter, it's associated characters, concepts of mythological figures, and settings), and I don't actively look for other stories and plots, so if you see something familiar… just remember that by this day and age, everything's been done to death. This is just my take on a span of time with the events therein, and it's really for the development of my characters. It's just easier for me if they go play in worlds that are already established.

- The Hell Council is made up of leaders of the Underworld from around the planet and cover the majority of major belief systems. I mean no harm in any which way if anyone is offended, but I would appreciate if some research was done before flames are passed out.

- If you would like to see any illustrations done to go with these stories, or images of the characters from Project: Demonhunter, please visit the links on my user page.

Deep in the Underworld, there stands a place that not many people talk about… largely because they don't know it exists. This is the headquarters of Supernatural Control, lead by the Hell Council. It's members have long since stopped the war between Heaven and Hell, and have come into some semblance of a decent working environment. Gone are the days of epic temptations and salvations, pious heroes and sinful villains… that is not to say that these things do not still exist, but it is now on the shoulders of Supernatural Control to guide the balance between darkness and light.

The following is one of the many exploits that the employees of this organization have embarked on...

"You two are being reassigned." A magenta-haired human-looking demoness walked into the main offices of Supernatural Control, tossing a pair of case files down on the desk of a blond succubus and redheaded incubus.

"Why?" The succubus looked up from the paperwork she was currently working through.

"Because that's what I was told." The demoness shrugged. "You'll be heading to opposite ends of the continental US."

"Excuse me?" The incubus looked up at the woman. "Maigo, please tell me you're kidding. If you are, it's not funny."

"I'm not kidding, Vincenzo." Maigo crossed her arms. "You and Liliana are being put on the tail of a pair of guardians."

"Which ones?" Liliana reached for the case files.

"The American Dragon in New York and the Te Xuan Ze in Orchid Bay." Maigo continued. "Personally, I'll be happy if you two just went to check up on them and their masters."

"I haven't heard anything from the informants." Liliana raised an eyebrow as she skimmed the American Dragon's file. "… But if it'll make you feel better, I can head to the Big Apple."

"And why, exactly, dear sister… " Vincenzo was cut off by Liliana's upheld hand.

"Because I said so." Liliana tossed the other folder at her brother and left the room, heading for the portals to the mortal realm.

Vincenzo looked over at Maigo, who was trying to stifle laughter behind her hand.

"Quit that." Vincenzo rolled his eyes and headed out of the room.

A/N: I know it's short! It's set up funny like that.