"Good morning, Juniper!" Vincenzo called as he left his car and started up the walk to the Lee house. "You're going to be late!"

"I didn't know the school sent a tutor to pick you up." Mr. Lee looked down at his daughter as she pulled her shoes on.

"He's actually our new history teacher." June looked up at her father. "Our principal elected me to show him around the city today."

"I see." Michael nodded slowly. "And if I call the school to corroborate?"

"There's a letter on the table. Mom saw it." June motioned back into the house. "Don't worry, dad. Mr. De Angelis is cool."

"De Angelis… where have I heard that name before?" June's father pondered for a moment as Vincenzo stopped at the door.

"Good morning, Mr. Lee." The incubus smiled, extending his hand. "I trust that your daughter showed you the school's letter?"

"She showed her mother. Apparently." Mr. Lee glanced down at his daughter.

"Michael, she'll be fine." The incubus met the Chinese man's gaze. "It's me."

"… Vinnie?" Michael blinked. "Vincenzo! Is that you?"

The incubus removed his fedora, his hair changing to red for a moment. "Who else would be interfering with the lives of the Te Xuan Ze? I'm on an assignment to watch June. I'll be out of here in a couple of days."

"Wait… you know him?" June looked up at her father.

"Vincenzo would babysit me from time to time when your Ah Mah was busy." Michael nodded. "But those are stories for another day. You're going to be late for school, young lady!"

"Okay!" June gave her father a kiss on the cheek as she headed out the door, following the incubus to his car. "I'm going to Ah Mah's for dinner!"

"Be careful!" Michael waved to the pair as Vincenzo opened the passenger door for the Te Xuan Ze.

"I will!" June waved back as Vincenzo started the car.

"So, you're really on the level?" Ray Ray's voice piped up from the back of the car.

"I am, little man." Vincenzo smiled, pulling out into the street.

"Did you find out anything new?" The little boy continued.

"Nope." The incubus shook his head. "Either I'm asking the wrong questions, or the informants around here are the stupidest ones I've ever seen."

"You could easily go with stupidest." June nodded. "What happens if you can't find anything out around here?"

"I have to ask the soul reapers." Vincenzo shrugged, turning a corner. "Death is everywhere, and nobody's dumb enough to lie to a reaper."

"You're seriously going to ask Death who's trying to get June?" Ray Ray raised an eyebrow.

"If it's where I can get the answers from, then yes." Vincenzo shrugged. "Okay navigator, where are we going from here?"

"Ah…" June blinked, contemplating what the incubus said. "Turn left at the end of the block."


At the school, Ophelia, Judy and Roger waved to the Te Xuan Ze as she got out of Vincenzo's car.

"So, you're the new history teacher?" Ophelia raised an eyebrow.

"I am, my dear." Vincenzo nodded. "You must be Miss Ramirez."

"How do you know my name?" Ophelia tilted her head.

"June was telling me about you kids on the way over." Vincenzo shrugged. "So, what were you kids learning about before Mrs. Jones went on maternity leave?"

"We were learning about Rome." Judy chirped.

"Excellent!" Vincenzo clapped his hands as the kids led the way into the school. "I wrote my senior thesis on the Roman Empire!"

"Thesis?" Roger looked up at the disguised incubus. "Mr. De Angelis, how long have you been a teacher for?"

"About four years." Vincenzo shrugged. "I majored in European and Eurasian history at Barcelona before coming to America to pursue a teaching degree."

"That's so cool~!" Judy clasped her hands together.

Vincenzo raised an eyebrow as he looked down at June. "Is she…"

"…Always like that." Ophelia answered.

"I see." Vincenzo nodded slowly. "Well, I have to get ready for my first class. I'll see you kids in third period."