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Spoilers: Point Of View

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Why, why, why, why,why,why,why!????!

I should not be jealous!!!

He's my Commanding Officer for cryin' out loud!

Oh! Gosh were did that come from!!

OK, I'm so not jealous, maybe a little embarrassed but definitely not jealous.

It was just a kiss, with an alternate me no less, but still she was married to "Him" in that world.

It was closure even I can understand that! If I was in that position I would need that kind of closure...hmmm being in that position would be kinda nice..wow!! stop it right now!

He's your Commanding Officer, Commanding Officer, Commanding Officer, Commanding Officer...Brown eyed Commanding Officer, Brown eyed Sexy Commanding Officer...

Brown eyed, sexy, silky hair, muscu...ahhhhhhh!!!! I need a distraction!! hmmm what to do, what to do, what to do... oh Janet said Cassie had a few days off of school. Perfect I should talk to her and set something up. Possibly see if she's free today, well maybe not today it's kinda late...so tomorrow definitely.

With that Captain Samantha Carter walked...ok ran out of her lab to the elevator in search of Janet.

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