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Chapter Three: Sin

The Millennium Earl smiled down at her.

"Did you call for me?"

Linali looked up at him, uncertain of what to do or say. The Earl's smile stretched across his face even further when he noticed the exorcist jacket she was wearing.

Linali gave a small shiver.

"Oh! So and exorcist called me!" exclaimed the Earl. He grabbed the brim of his large hat and tipped it to her. "And what might I have the pleasure of doing for you?" Linali stared up at him in silence except for the occasional sniffs and hiccups.

"Why?" she finally asked "Why are you killing all those innocent people? Why!?" she demanded.

"Silly child" said the Earl in a surprisingly calm and gentle voice. "I'm not trying to kill anyone. It is your own fault for your people dying. You don't need us to kill off each other. Didn't you know I've been trying to save them all this time?"

"Stop shitting me!" yelled a furious Kanda whom suddenly appeared behind Linali. "You don't fucking do anything for anyone besides your own fucking self!"

"My! What enthusiasm! Now if only you used it for the right thing" The Earl looked back down towards Linali once again. "Joining me is exactly what you want. Exactly what you need to save everyone"

"Don't tell her your damn lies!" spat Kanda. Not even bothering to pull out Mugen, he charged at the Earl.

The Earl side stepped Kanda's attack with surprising grace and agility. He spun around to face the only window in the room. He pushed the window open and stuck one foot out before turning back to look at the exorcists.

"This is not the time and place for this" and then turning to Linali he said "Sweet child, if you ever need me, you'll figure out how to get in contact with me", and with that, the Earl stepped out the window, opened his umbrella and flew off laughing into the night.

If Kanda hadn't been so furious at the moment, he would have been amazed that such a jolly fat man was able to fit through such a tiny little window, but then again, most people wonder the same thing about Santa Clause.

Linali stared up at Kanda, as Kanda continued to stare out the open window. The silence between them was unbearable, and Linali itched to say something, but remained silent.

"I thought I heard someone outside Komui's office" Kanda finally said, breaking the unbearable silence between the two exorcists. "I had a feeling it might be you"

Without looking at her, Kanda turned around and walked towards the door as if to leave. But he stopped when he had one hand placed on the door knob.

"I suggest you go to sleep" he said. There was the slightest hint of sorrow in his voice. "Be careful, not only from the Earl, but from the people in the order as well" Kanda finally turned around to look at Linali straight in the eyes.

"Because for an exorcist, calling the Millennium Earl is the ultimate sin" and with that, he left.

Linali, still sitting on the floor, stayed where she was, thinking about what Kanda had just said. She then decided to take his advice of going to sleep, and for the second time that night, Linali prepared to go to bed.

She was fast asleep before her head even hit the pillow.

Linali was standing in the garden with the boy. She was holding the fruit, and she gently raised it to her mouth and took a bite.

It was deliciously sweet and juicy, and she smiled as she handed the fruit to the boy. He bit into it, and then closed his eyes, smiling as he savoring the fruit. But when he opened his eyes, he frowned and blushed, his cheeks turning a bright pink.

Linali looked at him closely and suddenly realized what it was. This wasn't the boy. This was a younger brown haired Allen, and for the first time, she noticed he was naked.

Linali instantly felt her face burn, and she looked down, only to notice that she too was naked.

Both teenagers instantly ran into the surrounding foliage. They covered themselves with large fig leaves.

Suddenly Linali heard a laughter from behind her. She spun around, only to stare into the serpents face.

The serpent stood up, and it slowly grew taller and taller, larger and larger. It's teeth became sharper and more visious as it grew. And before Lianli could even blink, the serpent had dissapeared and the Millenium Earl was now standing before her.

The Earl smiled down at her.

"Good job my darling child" he said was happiness.

Linali stared up at the Earl in horror until she noticed a dark haired teen standing behinf him. Kanda.

Kanda was staring intently at her, his face completely void of all emotions. He then raised his arm and pointed towards his right. Linali's gaze followed it to see a large gate leading towards the outside of the garden. The very gate protecting the Garden of Eden.

"You have committed the ultimate sin" He said slowly. The was a slight trace of sadness and even possibly shame. Linali could instantly feel the guilt wrap around her, and it was threatening to push her down.

Kanda motioned towards the gate.

"Adam and Eve, the children of God, you must leave the garden of Eden at once"

So ya, that's what happened. The Millenium Earl didn't really do much in this chapter, but I promise that he will have a bigger role in future ones. I'll also try and update as often as I can, but I'm not promising anything. Sorry.