Title: In need of help
Author: Ree
Theme: Post-series
Genre: General
Version: Manga/Anime Crystal Tokyo
Rating: G

All the characters you know aren't mine.. well I borrowed them for just a small while, and without permission. Any that are mine, I hope you like them.

In need of help

AN: This story is based in my "Tainted Gifts" universe. It follows "Diplomatic Mission?".

Jadeite propped beneath the surveillance office window while he waited for the others to arrive. He absentmindedly listened to Kameko giving quiet orders to the security guards. Eventually, the sound of her voice was drowned out by the sound of the approaching group. Standing up straight, Jadeite watched as his friends and members of the Chinese delegation rounded the corner. Bowing to them, he joined them on their walk.

Mei's manipulated everybody until she was walking next to Jadeite. Observing him out of the corner of her eye, she decided that she could live with him quite easily. 'Blond hair, soft spoken, not too tall. And he is free according to the gossip last night. Perfect.' With great care, she started to gently flirt with him.

Jadeite side stepped the dignitary's daughter once again. Reaching out his hand, he stabilized her before she fell. He barely suppressed a snort. The dignitary was acting completely oblivious to his daughter's antics. This was the third time she had tried to fall into him. She had finally given up on the squealing at every bug and then trying to jump into his arms. Chieko had offered to escort her back into the palace if the bugs scared her that much.

Shaking his head just slightly, he continued to escort her to see the rose garden. As they walked into the garden, he spotted the surveillance camera. From somewhere deep inside rose the urge to call out to Kameko for help. He had no clue how to get rid of this child.

Kameko glanced at the screens tracking where Jadeite was. It had started out subconsciously, but after the last half hour, she was quite conscious of what she was doing. When he caught Miss Ling again, she glared at the screen. 'Get away from him! Can't you tell he wants nothing to do with you?! Really!' Jerking her attention away from the scene, she continued her routine checks of the grounds.

The next time she spotted them, Jadeite was looking straight into a camera. His eyes called to her for help. Shutting off her monitor, Kameko signaled to her second in command. "I'm taking a break. See you in a little while." She headed out the door.

As she wound her way through the garden, Kameko wondered why she was doing this. 'Jadeite is a grown man. He can handle that thing quite well on his own.' The memory of the girl's smirk when Jadeite wasn't looking flashed through her mind. 'Of course, the chit is being sneaky, and there isn't much he can do to thwart her.'

She made it to the rose garden. Listening carefully, Kameko tracked down them down.

Mei had gotten Lord Jadeite alone, and was finally making progress. She felt that if she could just get him to kiss her, she would have won. He would be hers. Standing up on a log, she pretended to fall once again. Jadeite considered letting her hit the ground, but knew that it would be considered an incident if he did. Reaching out, he stopped her from hitting the ground. Mei angled her head in attempt to line up with his lips.

Kameko stopped dead as she surveyed the scene in front of her. Rage started building up from deep inside of her. It took her but a few moments to understand what had happened. The rage climbed even higher.

Jadeite knew that they were not alone. He turned his head at the last moment, and his eyes landed on Kameko. Mei's face landed on his shoulder. Jadeite froze as he stared into the face that he had never expected to see again. The face of Beryl. He immediately released Mei and stepped back, his eyes never leaving Kameko's face. 'No, it is not Beryl, it is Kameko. A jealous Kameko... Kameko is jealous of me?'

Kameko clamped down on the rage. She knew she could not let it out. 'It helps that he isn't holding her any more.' She decided not to think of why that made her mad.

Jadeite waited for the fear, but instead he all he felt was trust. That trust was rewarded as Kameko gained control of herself. Striding quickly to her side, he bowed slightly to her. "Am I needed?"

Kameko detected the silent plea behind the question. "Yes, I need you, but we need to escort Miss Ling back to her party." Turning to the girl, Kameko used all her control to keep her face blank. "Please, come this way."

Using her minicomputer, Kameko determined where the others were. As she directed them back to the main party, Jadeite made sure that Kameko was between him and Mei.