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---Chapter 1---

Naruto woke up in an unfamiliar room and saw Sasuke smiling down at him.


"Shh... don't wake the kids."

Naruto turned his head a little to the right and saw his two brand new kits.

"My... babies..." was all Naruto could say.

"Naruto," Sasuke said while he wrapped Naruto in a bear hug, "we're parents!"

"I know..."

Tears of joy started flowing from both Naruto and Sasuke's eyes. This is the happiest moment of my life. Sasuke looked into the blonde's eyes and felt that he was thinking the exact same thing.

"Why don't you hold them?" it was Tsunade.

Naruto blushed. "I don't know how. They might... break." (Omg lol)

"And they're asleep." added Sasuke.

"Aww, cute little newbie parents, they've been awake all this time. Their eyes aren't fully opened yet that's why they look like they're sleeping."

True enough, the babies didn't seem asleep at all. They were wriggling in their blankets and testing their fingers. Close, open, close, open...

"...and don't worry Naruto," said a very amused Tsunade, "they won't break."

The Old Lady taught them the 'art of baby holding' and minutes later the two parents each had a baby in tow. The boy, Nagaharu, was with Sasuke and the girl, Saraki, was with Naruto.

Nagaharu looked a lot like Sasuke but his features were softer. Surely he would have black hair as there were already small black tufts on his tiny head. He looks like a mini-me! But unlike Sasuke, whose skin was pale, the baby boy was pink and had Naruto's blue eyes. Wow, his grip is really strong! Saraki, on the other hand, looked more like a mini-Naruto without the blond hair. She had a hint of black hair and sparkling blue eyes.

"Ooh, Sasuke, look! Saraki also has my whisker-scars."

"Yeah, Nagaharu has them, too." Sasuke replied while taking a closer look at the baby.

Now no one can deny that these really are my—no, our kids. Their so cute, I wish they'd never grow up!

"Oh, for the love of god," growled a pissed-off raven-haired man who tried to block out the noise with his pillow.

"Hn, it's a Tuesday, Sasuke. It's your turn with the kids." mumbled the half-asleep Naruto.

Sasuke couldn't go against him. It really was a Tuesday. It really was 1am in the morning. It really was his kids that were crying and it really was his job to take care of them three frickin' times a week. It's not fair. Whenever it's Naruto's turn to take care of the kids only one of them starts crying.

"Please go now." said Naruto as he gently shoved Sasuke off the bed.



Sighing, he grabbed two full baby bottles, a couple of diapers, and some baby wipes.

Okay kids, STFU now. Daddy's coming... Wait, I shouldn't be thinking like that. Geez.

Sasuke decided to go to Saraki first, not only because her room was nearer, but also because she was crying a lot louder.

He entered a pink room full of stuffed toys, frilly curtains, unicorn mobiles, and a hell of a lot more girly stuffs.

"Aww," said Sasuke as he went closer to her crib, "why is my little princess crying?"

As he bent over to pick her up, he immediately found out the reason why.

Oh my.

After several minutes of wrestling with Saraki's full diaper, Sasuke finally managed to get her cleaned up and back to bed. Somehow I just can't seem to get the hang of changing diapers. He kissed his daughter's forehead, cleaned himself up and then headed towards Nagaharu's room.

"Now, now, boys don't cry."

Sasuke picked up his howling baby and bounced him up and down gently in his arms. The baby started to calm down a bit (much to Sasuke's relief).

After a bit more bouncing, Nagaharu finally stopped crying and started to suck on his tiny little fingers. I'm guessing that you're hungry... So, Sasuke, the ever-prepared dad, took out the blue baby bottle with little orange fox kit pictures and placed it near Nagaharu's mouth.

The baby found his way to the nipple and started sucking on it happily. He sat down and looked at Nagaharu and felt all warm and fuzzy inside. So unlike before... cold and indifferent... wanting nothing more than to kill his own brother... he shook his head free of those past memories. And he started to feel warm and fuzzy again.Wow, so this is what it feels to have kids...

Sasuke, now looking more asleep than awake, traced his steps back to the master's bedroom and heaved his body back to bed.

"Nnnn...So how're the kids..." Naruto managed to mumble.

Yawn, they're fine... came the reply, which will probably never be heard by Naruto who was already snoring.

Sasuke gave a grunt and turned his body away from Naruto.

His eyes started to close when he felt Naruto snuggling closer. The raven, still slightly pissed because of the lack of sleep, moved away slightly.

"You're doing a great job, Daddy. Now, get some sleep." And with that, Naruto gave Sasuke's cheek a loving peck.

Sasuke didn't react or anything so Naruto assumed he was already asleep. The blonde wrapped his arms around Sasuke's waist and drifted back to sleep.

But, Sasuke wasn't asleep...

"You're doing a great job, Daddy..."

The words kept echoing in his head.


Smiling, he closed his eyes and tried to sleep. In his mind, he somehow saw his kids sleeping soundly in their rooms.

Goodnight, Daddy.

Turning his body to face Naruto, he thought to himself

Okay... I guess they can stay in their baby state a little longer.

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