"...yes... Uh-huh... so, how many are you sending in...? Yes, that's fine, thank you. Alright."

Naruto put the phone down and sighed. That's odd... there's nothing to do. He stood up from his chair and got an empty scroll from the cabinet. Then, he started doodling random shapes as his mind wandered off to far places. Eventually, he began drifting off to sleep when the phone rang again.

"Hello?" he answered sleepily

"Oi, Naruto," said the familiar female's voice from the other end, "Where are you already? The kids are waiting for you!"

"Gaah! Crap, I forgot! I'm on my way, Ino. Thanks for reminding me."



Man, that Naruto can be such a scatterbrain sometimes thought Ino as she continued her lecture with the class. Naruto was supposed to be her special speaker that day.

"...and if you will look at that side of the mountain, you will see that it's the Fourth Hokage—"

"Minato Namikaze!" said the pupil in front of her

"Right you are. The Fourth is considered to be the most powerful Hokage of Konoha as he was the one who saved the village from the Nine-Tailed Demon Fox, Kyuubi."

The children nodded in understanding. Ino continued on.

"Konoha is truly blessed with strong and powerful ninjas. Many ninjas have also given up their lives for our protection. It is all because they have inherited, as the Third often said, 'The Will of Fire' or the strong determination to protect this village and everyone in it as though it was their own family. But, even though they are very strong and powerful, they never forget to be polite and respectful,' said Ino with a smile.

A pupil at the back raised her hand and was about to ask a question but she was cut off as someone yelled from the door behind her.

"Ow! Hey careful with that plank, you crazy bastard!"

Ino could feel her eye twitch. Why me? The door flung open and Naruto stepped out nursing a rather large lump on the back of his head. His face was scrunched up as he mumbled silent curses and walked toward Ino. Realizing that he was standing in front of children, he stopped the flow of fluent curses from his mouth and beamed at them.

"Well, good morning!"

"Good morning, Hokage-sama!"


"Umm... dad?" peeped Nagaharu

"Yes?" replied Sasuke, who was currently finishing up a mission report.

"How do you change diapers?"

"Oh, no..."

Nagaharu smiled sheepishly as he scratched his head. Sasuke put down the report and sighed.

"Go get the powder."

The boy, who was more than glad to be fetching the powder than to be wiping baby butt, hurried off.

Sasuke then went to the living room where he saw Saraki holding the baby a full arm's length away. He approached them but had to pause because the stink made his eyes water. Taking the baby from his daughter's hands, he then brought the little one to the bathroom and began the painstaking process of diaper changing.

Shirou Uchiha, the newest member of the Uzumaki-Uchiha family. Only two months old, this kit could already dismantle a brand new toy within a minute with his own hands by bashing it onto the walls. He's the only other pure blonde in the family aside from Naruto. The twins often labeled him as 'the unexpected one' because he literally was born in an unexpected place at an unexpected time in a much unexpected manner (girls bathroom, mall's closing time, Naruto was sitting and having contractions in the toilet bowl). Sasuke laughed.

"What's so funny, dad?" asked Saraki as he handed the bottle of baby powder to her father.

"Nah... I just remembered how Shirou was born," he replied. Saraki laughed as well. Sasuke continued to clean Shirou up when he remembered that he had asked Nagaharu for the powder.

"Hn," Saraki snorted, "his girlfriend called. Naturally, he had me go and get the powder for him."

"Kids." He said as he carried Shirou back to his room and tucked him into bed.


"Ne, Hokage-sama," said a pupil at the back, "Why do you look like the Fourth?"

"Well... because he's my dad."

"So you're the guy that the Fourth sealed the Kyuubi in?!" said the same pupil with a look of utter disbelief in his eyes. Naruto wasn't sure on how to answer. How did he know about the Kyuubi? Ino sensed what Naruto was thinking so she nodded for him to continue. It's okay, the kids know about it. We're not keeping it a secret anymore.


"Well, Hokage-sama?! Are you?! Are you?!" asked the kids. The Rokudaime scratched his head and answered meekly, "Uh... yeah."

Their reaction wasn't the one he expected. Actually, he was waiting for them to get all scared and stuff because he was the Jinchuuriki and all. But how they reacted was completely the opposite. There was complete silence for a full minute, then, when everything seemed too awkward...

...his very first fangirl screamed.


Naruto was then crowded around by the excited little kits all wanting him to either show his 'tails', do something Kyuubi-like, or get his 'paw print'. One over-excited kit in particular actually grabbed his ass and asked, "Hey, where's the tail, where's the tail?!"

Oh Lord.


"Naruto..." said Sasuke as he planted a kiss on the blonde's forehead before pulling out. He let himself drop on top of Naruto as they tried to catch their breath. The blonde, clearly too exhausted to go against Sasuke lying on top of him just nudged his neck and whispered into his ear, "That was amazing," before kissing lightly the raven's long, slender neck.

"Hn. I know." Sasuke grinned, "You were kinda loud there, dobe."

Naruto blushed, "W-well... it...it's been a while... so I..." and the rest of the sentence trailed off.

Sasuke rolled off of Naruto and lay down on his side of the bed. Naruto snuggled up closer to him and wrapped his arms around his pale waist. Sasuke absent-mindedly twiddled his lover's blonde hair around his fingers and stared at the ceiling. He could feel Naruto's heart (and his own) start to settle. This... I want it like this forever...

Naruto's breath had evened out.

...even with all the questions...

The blonde started to snore softly.

...and the occasional secret...

Sasuke turned to face him.

...and some unavoidable lies...

He kissed the sleeping one's forehead again and pulled the blanket over them.

...I've finally found what I've been searching for all my life and I'm not willing to let it go so easily...

His eyes started to close.

...no matter what, Naruto. I won't leave you...

"Sasu..." Naruto mumbled in his sleep. Sasuke smiled.

...No matter what.

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