Gaara's secret Plan

I look to the dawn

Knowing I can't be saved

But I keep seeing the

Smiling face

Of who

I want to

Be again…


Kiba groaned, lifting his head from his pillow, grunting from being so tired as he frowned, sitting up and rubbing his eyes, looking out the window once he was finished. The morning sun barely shining. Of course he woke up before it finished rising, that's how he always was.

"Kiba! Get down here! We have something to tell you!" his mother Tsume shouted, the brunette jolting out of his bed, rushing down the stairs after pulling a pair of blue jeans on, standing in the doorway to the living room, panting heavily. "That was quick." she sighed, shaking her head. "Anyway…you are going to tend to the house while we're gone; we have to go on an assassination mission and won't be back for a long while."

"And no parties." his sister warned, glaring at him as he frowned, crossing his arms.

"Come on, I'm fourteen, I know better."

"After getting your ass beaten by ma twenty times a day."

"Shut up, Hina!" he growled, narrowing his eyes with death hinting in them as she giggled, both women walking past, Tsume placing her hand atop Kiba's head.

"Kiba, you're taking after your father now."

He blinked. How am I taking after him?

"He grew up at the age you are now," she grinned, removing her hand, following her daughter and both bolting off as Kiba stood in the doorway, blinking and sniffing the air shutting his eyes. Smelt like…sand, make-up, and some faint scent of…puppets. He hated that smell. Puppets smelt really weird, but pleasant as well, but just plain weird. He could barely make out the words he could hear his mother saying, so he dove over there, standing behind a tree with narrowed eyes once he saw Kankuro, Tsume crossing her arms with a displeased look. "Listen here, boy…I'm not letting you through, not unless you have business here."

Kankuro held up a sheet of paper, sighing. "I do. Lord Kazekage sent me here to get Inuzuka Kiba-kun to help me on a mission."

Tsume snatched the paper away with a hiss, glaring at it as she turned swiftly. "Kiba! Come on out! I know you're there."

The dog-boy cursed under his breath, damning his lineage. The dog senses sucked if it was being used on another one of the clan. Pretty difficult to hide a scent from the Inuzuka's, who carefully post a name on each and every single one. Stepping out, he glared at the puppet-master.

"This had better be good, puppet-freak; I'm tired of helping you on every single mission."

"Do you think I asked for you to help me, mutt?"

"Hey!" Kiba barked, baring his fangs and disappearing for a second, appearing again in front of the Sand ninja. "Don't…" He held a kunai at the teen's throat. "…call me…" His body was close to the puppet-master's, pushing him against a tree, his mother shaking her head as Hina giggled, the poor thing was going to learn the hard way what happens if anyone calls Inuzuka Kiba a mutt. "…that."

The blade was pressed a bit into the pale flesh, making blood slowly drip down as Kankuro sighed, pulling his middle finger towards himself, Kiba gasping and falling, his reflexes making him grab hold of the teen's hood, falling down with it as Kankuro blushed.

He hated being seen without it. It was a trademark signature to him, showing people he had pride, in a sense.

"Ow! You bastard! That hurt!" he howled, sitting up as Tsume jabbed Hina in the side, pointing with her chin in the direction they had to go, both bolting off as Hina glanced over with a grin.

"Have fun, little brother!"

He hissed, glaring in his sister's direction, leaping back with a gasp as Kankuro advanced toward him, stopping a few feet away with a grimace. "Listen here, mutt…Gaara told me to get you, but didn't tell me why, all right? I lied about the mission part. He just wants to see you, to ask you for a favor."

"Then who's gonna watch the house?!" he shouted, narrowing his eyes, his lightly tanned chest raising slowly, decreasing slowly as well. "I can't go! Tell Gaara I can't. So I'll see you around, puppet-freak." He turned and was about to leave before Kankuro frowned deeply, pulling both his middle fingers toward him, with his left pointer.

"I don't think so," he breathed, into the boy's ear as well, having yanked him into himself, holding him there with his chakra strings as Kiba bit his lower lip, squirming. "I'm not going back and possibly getting a broken arm, got it?"

"I…I don't care! Let go!" he cried, a soft red tinge appearing on his face. He never liked being this close to guys, especially with his back against them, but the brunette seemed to have done it a million times that it was nothing, making Kiba growl. "Let me go you homosexual rapist!"

"You…are one to call me 'homo'," he snarled, his face beside Kiba's now, looking at him from the corner of his eye, "you should hold your tongue in the presence of a Jonin."

"So?! I'm a Chunin…and when I get another mission finish- ah! Hey! Don't touch me!" Kankuro smirked, his arms wrapped around the dog-boy's waist, dragging him along. "Let go you fucker!" he muttered, biting his lower lip, struggling as he was being carried off to the one place he didn't want to go to.

"Shut it, mutt, I don't have time to be playing with you." he hissed, looking forward and leaping quickly to the gates of Konoha, trying to avoid the public eye, and thank goodness Kiba's family partially lived in the small forest. The young brunette growling, but lifted his left hand, glaring at the hoodie the Sand ninja owned, tightening his grasp around it as he glanced up at Kankuro, stopping his struggling, realizing resistance was futile. "And let me get one thing straight, mutt, I'm attracted towards women, not men, so don't think that I'm gay."

"How can I believe you on that one?" he snarled, his glancing turning swiftly into glaring. "I hate the smell of sand, what don't you people understand? Tell Gaara that I'm not going there again after this mission…and - holly shit!"

"What are you complaining about now?"

Dark eyed glanced down on him, seeing that he was only in jeans and wearing his sandals, nothing else, making him stop in a clearing, a small lake splashing, the sound soothing to the ears. Being put down, he stood, slamming his fist against Kankuro's cheek, glaring at him with death hinting in his eyes.

"I'm half-dressed! You don't have the decency to let me get dressed before dragging me away?! What's your pro-"

The puppet-master wrapped his fingers around the boy's neck, slamming him against a tree, narrowing his eyes. "You would've locked me out of the house, snuck out your window, and ran if I hadn't! And don't deny it, you would have!" he hissed, eyes narrowed to almost slits. He had a normal temper, but with Kiba each line went three instead of one. "Now shut the hell up!"

The Inuzuka's face was flushed, biting his lower lip, holding in his urge to gasp for air. He'd been in far worse situations than this, but he couldn't help but smirk, although he hadn't meant to.

"What are you smirking about?"

"N…nothing," he stuttered, trying to act like he didn't need air, but his words were strained and it hurt to speak. "Just…about the fact…that you suck…"

Kankuro's brow twitched, pressing himself against the dog. "Oh really? But what I couldn't help but notice…was that," He leaned closer, "you're blushing."

It was true, and the young brunette would admit it. "I…just hate…" He wheezed clamping his eyes shut. "…guys being…this…close."

"Hn, interesting," he smirked, "and what I don't get is why you won't beg for me to release you."

"I've been…through worse." It really, really, really hurt to talk now, grabbing onto the puppeteer's hand, placing his feet onto the tree and gasping. "And…it's the Inuzuka pride…that……won't make me beg. Especially…to a bastard…such as yourself."

Kankuro frowned, throwing his arm to the side, tossing the trembling form into the lake, walking over to see him have his eyes shut, mouth open, falling into the water. It's a trick… he thought, but the feeling in his gut told him he went too far. He'll come up any second now. A few seconds passed and he cursed, finally realizing that his captive wasn't playing around, stripping out of his clothing, leaving his boxers on, he dove in. And although he hated water, he took showers and swam in it anyway. Fuck…

Kiba was almost at the bottom, bubbles floating from his mouth as he slowly opened his eyes. Tch, my smart-ass…that's why I'm drowning. I can't breathe… Darkness began to consume him, making him want to sigh. And…I can't see… Blinking slowly, he swore he saw Kankuro's figure moving towards him as fast as he could. The young Inuzuka wanted to lift a hand, to do anything. But couldn't.

Grabbing onto the Inuzuka's wrist, Kankuro yanked him towards himself, wrapping his left arm around Kiba's waist, turning and swimming up as he looked down on the weak form.

I went too far. Damn my short temper… he thought with a frown as they got to the surface, gasping for air as he steadily made his way to shore, resting the motionless Inuzuka on the ground, sitting beside him with a scowl. Don't tell me…I gotta… He lowered his head, placing it against Kiba's chest, barely hearing a heartbeat, making his head snap up, and staring at the lifeless form with wide eyes. …CPR… He never liked the procedure, nor did he enjoy the fact that he had to use it on Kiba. Why me?

-----chapter 1 end