When you're in pain

I'll heal you

But you need to tell me

What's wrong

And how I can mend

Those deep scars


"Hey, don't get pissy with me when I don't know what's bothering you!!" he growled, blushing once Kankuro pinned him onto the bed, blade close to his throat. "A-Akamaru!"

The white animal snarled, tackling the Sand ninja down, glaring down on him as drool dripped from his bared fangs, snarling at him with the full intent to kill. Snapping into a sitting position, Kiba walked over to the frowning form once he stood, crouching down and looking at him with a quirked brow, seeing that there indeed were bandages around his forehead. Looking at Akamaru, he gently nudged his arm, indicating that he get off his prey. Reluctantly, the large dog got off, still snarling and watching the puppet-master with intensive eyes as Kiba placed a hand on the form's shoulder, seeing those closed eyes slowly open.

"I'm such a messed up…asshole…" Kankuro muttered, sitting up and dropping his head, brushing the brunette's hand off his shoulder. "Just…leave me alone until I see what we were assigned."

"Puppet-freak," he sighed, furrowing his brows in frustration, rubbing his temple with his left hand. "I'm getting a headache wondering what the hell is the matter with you, you usually don't act this way, nor do you smell like you…haven't had a decent time in a bath." He blushed at the bath statement, looking away with a shamed look. "So…can you just tell me what's bothering you?"


Kiba veered over at him with narrowed eyes, his temper slipping each and every single time there was only 'no' as a reply.

"Quit…being such an ass and tell me!" he snapped, pinning Kankuro to the wall, somehow, and his eyes looking at the hands the puppeteer owned. "Your hands are twitching…why?"

"It's none of your business, mutt!"

"It is now!"

"Why don't you just drop the subject?!"

"'Cause I care about my friends! How's that?! I care, okay?!"

"Let me go, I don't care whether you do or not, we aren't friends."

"Yes we -"

Kankuro got a hand free, punching the Inuzuka across the face, blood dripping from his lower lip once he crashed to the ground, the red liquid flying out once the impact burbled the substance, making him gag, turning onto his front, hunched over with his left hand on his face, crying out in pain once Kankuro kicked him in his side, biting his lower lip from the dreadful feel of it.

"You don't need to know!"

Akamaru stared with wide eyes, angered that his master let this happen. Waiting for a command.

"We aren't friends!"


Another handful of painful blows came.

"Why don't you just die?!"

Then all motion stopped, Kankuro panting heavily and staring at what he'd just done, eyes wide and dropping to his knees, reaching a hand to brush blood away from the boy's brow, away from his eye, but the brunette jerked away, expecting to be hit again, coughing as he wiped the blood away by himself, shutting his eyes, trembling.

I…didn't expect him to…want me to die…I just…

A hand was placed on his shoulder, eyes snapping open, looking into soft eyes, Kankuro's eyes. "G-get away from me!" he shouted, lifting his right leg, about to kick the brown haired sixteen year old, but being stopped by the figure wrapping his fingers around the limb. Seeing the dog-boy tremor made the Sand ninja feel so terrible, so terrible that he could die. "Don't come near me! Aka-"

Kankuro slapped a hand over the dog-boy's mouth, interrupting his sentence, sighing. "I'm the one that should be beaten…I'm sorry."

Kiba shut his eyes, his brows furrowed, twitching from fear. He was never this scared of anything. But being beaten to death by the very person that saved him before? That could scare anyone shitless.

I just wanted to help him!

Lifting his opposite hand, releasing the lightly tanned form's leg, he wiped away the blood, removing his hand from the fourteen year old's mouth, placing his fingers against the non-dried ointment, taking some off and applying it to some wounds.

"I'm sorry," he repeated.

Those canine eyes slowly fluttered open, blushing once he saw the Sand ninja's forehead against his right shoulder, the Leaf ninja hesitantly placing a hand on the puppet-master's right shoulder, slowly, and shyly, wrapping his arms around the broken form, hugging him, holding him in a reassuring embrace, sighing as his gaze went up to a growling Akamaru, shaking his head.

"Don't attack," he mouthed, the dog slowly turning and walking over to the balcony.

"I'm such a bastard…I'm no better than that fucker."

Kiba blinked, looking at Kankuro, feeling his hands being pressed against his chest, grasping onto the fabric he was wearing. Pressing close, breathing shakily.

"I…didn't want to turn out like this…" he mumbled, fighting back the tears he held in after so long. "Kiba…I'm sorry."

"I…it's fine," he laughed nervously, "you were angry, I get it…and I respect that you held back after…telling me to die."

"You're trying to help,"

The dog-boy was silent, sighing and patting the older teen's back.

"And I just…haul off and beat you bloody." he spoke slowly, lifting his head with closed eyes, pulling away. "I'm such a monster."

"Kankuro…" Kiba said softly, slowly standing, his left thigh throbbing persistently from pain, demanding he sit back down. "…who made you so…unstable?"

"It's nothing, just drop it, okay, I don't wanna lose it again."

The Leaf ninja reluctantly nodded. Although he badly wanted to know who did this to him. Frowning as he limped over to Kankuro's bed, sliding his pants off so he was in his boxers, looking at the bruise that had slowly begun to develop. Blinking, he looked up, seeing Kankuro walk over to the dresser, grabbing some things and walking back.

The dog-boy growling once he smelt the ointment.

Why does it always have to smell like shit? he thought bitterly as Kankuro reached four fingers into it, pulling out a good amount, slapping it softly onto the bruise. Rubbing it slowly and as gently as possible, a hiss of pain slipping past Kiba's lips. He's trying to be gentle…but it hurts…

"I'm sorry," he sighed, his eyes slowly closing half-way, a shamed look on his face. "And you're right, I am unstable."

"I…didn't mean it like that." Kiba admitted.

"No, I got what you meant, and I am."


The puppeteer looked up with a questionable look, his name came from those lips with emotion, unlike the other times. Sympathy, or…something.

"What I meant was your mental state. You freak each time I ask about it," He looked up at the ceiling, trying to ignore the fact that the soft hand reached up to his chest, a soft tinge on his face. "I'll…let you tell me when you're ready, how's that?"


He looked down on the saddened form, seeing him shut his eyes with a sigh, his hot breath grazing his skin, making a shudder bolt up his spine, shuddering for only a second before gaining control of himself again.

"I guess, but it may take a long time, before I feel up to it."

Kiba stared at him, his blush visible when Kankuro leaned close applying the stinking medical liquid to his swollen cheek.

"H-how's that gonna help my -"

"I made this myself, works for almost anything."

"'Almost anything'?"

"Yeah…" he sighed, bringing the bandages into play, wrapping it around Kiba's left forearm, his right shoulder down to halfway his chest, placing a hand on it for good measure and the Leaf ninja, not expecting that, falling over, accidentally dragging Kankuro with him. "Oof!"

"I-I'm sorry! I didn't mean too!" he cried, slamming his eyes shut, trying to ignore the contact and how good Kankuro smelt when he inhaled his scent. It smelt so good, making him, by instinct, lean his nose to the skin. "Ah…" he softly moaned, then pulled away automatically. "Uh…sorry, you just…smelled…er…" Kankuro just chuckled softly.