ON TIME'S DOORSTEP – sequel to Augustine's Ring

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Author's Note: This is a sequel to Augustine's Ring, you really do need to read that story first in order to understand what is happening in this one. But, don't worry this story will still be here when you get back.

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Chapter One

'Chambre de la Mort'

Winchester's House

Dresden, Kansas

May 1878

Previously on Supernatural – Augustine's Ring

'I do not know what else to say.' Jonas floundered unable to hide his shock, 'your brother is a true sensitive?'

'Yeah, yeah he is in a way, he has visions and stuff.' Dean sank down on the edge of the bed, 'ya know not so long ago Jonas all we had to worry about was celebrating my twenty-eighth birthday and Sammy was teasing me about grey hair, now we're in a time and place we don't belong and my brother has a broken back and a weakened heart. Tell me Jonas what do I do now?'

And now on Supernatural – On Time's Doorstep.

Dean stepped out of the tub and absently picked up the large square of towelling. He and Sam had been, trapped in the nineteenth century for the last two months. For the last two months, Sam has suffered from paralysis, heart problems and a bout of pneumonia with no modern medicine to help heal him. But he remained strong and determined not to give in. Dean shook his head and sat down heavily on the window seat, his fresh clothes next to him remained untouched as he thought of the last eight weeks of their lives.

Dean and Samuel were gone, destroyed by the spirits of their own ancestors, Sam and Dean's ancestors and that freaked Dean out more than he could ever admit to Sam.

Tomorrow will be Sam's birthday, but instead of celebrating it in true Winchester style, beer and pizza, they were effectively stuck in the past.

'Freaking back to the future crap.' Dean muttered as he finally dressed, 'so not gonna happen little bro.' Sighing heavily, he finished dressing and immediately started to itch, the stiff coarse material irritating his skin, 'what happened to good old cotton T-shirts and flannel?'

'Dean? I'm sorry did you say something?' Jonas asked as he appeared in the doorway.

'No, no thanks Jonas ... how's Sam?'

'Resting comfortably in the sunroom.' Jonas reported, 'it is his birthday tomorrow is it not?'

'Yeah it is.' Dean mumbled unable to stop thinking of how it was only a few months ago when Sam was teasing him about grey hair and turning twenty-eight.

'Ah he's still only a boy.' Jonas grinned, 'allow me to take care of a celebration dinner for the young Master, it is the least I can do.'

'Sure but one thing Jonas, no one is your Master here, so you don't need to...'

'I am sorry it is ... habit.' Jonas shrugged and grinned at Dean, 'I will go and prepare breakfast for you.'

'Thanks, I'll eat with Sam.' Dean mumbled his thoughts staying jumbled to say the least.

Jonas shook his head and went to go downstairs when he heard someone banging on the front door. No one knew that they were still living there, the Winchester brothers always reclusive, and so when the nineteenth century brothers died no one was suspicious of their disappearance, they were used to it.

Hurrying to the heavy double doors, Jonas paused to check that neither one of the modern Winchesters were around before he opened one. 'Oh my Sweet Lord.' He gasped, his knees buckling in shock.

'Papa?' the young woman held her hand out to steady her father, 'papa what is it?'

'I am sorry daughter, I know things have changed but it is still a shock to see you, especially after the fire.'

'Fire? Oh daddy Sam pushed me out before the roof collapsed remember?' Jess felt tears stinging her eyes as the haunted look in her father's eyes imprinted itself on her memory forever.

'Jess girl?' Jonas passed his hand over her face, 'where you been?'

'I – I had to get better.' Jess admitted slowly, 'Papa you're scaring me.'

'Sorry Jess, please come in, we ah, we have to talk.' Jonas shepherded his daughter in and shut the door behind them, sliding the bolt into place. 'Things aren't ... well let's just say that things have changed around here.'

'Jonas where's Dean?' Sam called slowly making his way towards the foyer where he heard voices coming from, using a cane now he dragged his left foot slightly but was at least walking and no longer reliant on the wheelchair. 'Jonas?' Sam stopped and stared at the young woman standing next to the older man, Sam's face paling as he stared at Jess, his knees started to buckle and eyes roll up, a buzzing noise drowned out any other sound or voices.

'Sam?' Jonas cried out as he watched the traumatised young man swoon in front of him. 'Sam?' He managed to break Sam's fall and lowered him gently to the floor, he checked his young charge's position and then called for Dean.

'Father what is it?' Jess cried out, 'what happened to Sam?'

'What the freaking hell is going ... Sam?' Dean thundered when he looked at the woman and Jonas standing over the prone body of his baby brother.

'He fainted Dean.' Jonas told him quietly, 'he saw Jess and ...'

'Jess?' Dean blinked turning his attention to the young woman, 'Jess?'

'Ya'll not Dean, who are ya?' Jess cried her tears falling freely now as it all became too much for her to comprehend. 'I don't understand what's going on?'

'Jonas?' Dean turned his attention to the older man hovering over his brother, 'oh God Sammy?'

'Everyone please calm down, Dean we need to get Sam up onto the chaise.' Jonas took control of the situation and within a few minutes, they had Sam comfortable on the chaise lounge with a soft rug over him. Dean pulled a straight-backed chair next to him and sat down, moving slightly to keep both Jonas and Jess in full view of each other.

'So someone had better start talking.' Dean said his anger barely concealed in his tone.

'Dean this is my daughter Jessica, Jess this is young Dean, Sam's true brother.' Jonas explained suddenly sounding very weary.

'I-I don't understand Papa.' Jess let her tear filled gaze rest on Sam's face, 'how?'

'It is a long and sordid tale my Dear, but rest assured he is not the corrupt one.'

'Oh, please forgive my ignorance Mister Winchester.' Jess pulled her gaze away from Sam and let it rest on Dean, taking in the slight differences between this one and the Dean she knew.

'Dean please, what happened to Sam?'

'He saw Jess and then collapsed.' Jonas said as the realisation hit him, 'oh of course he thought that you were dead.'

'Excuse me?' Both Jess and Dean asked at the same time.

'I'm a silly old fool.' Jonas shook his head, 'when Samuel changed the timeline trapping Sam in the fire he changed other ... instead of Jess dying ...'

'They, they hurt me and ... they did horrible things to Sam.' Jess took over the explanation from her father, her face bright red with humiliation she gave them a sketchy account of her rape and beatings. They threw me onto the floor next to Sam, and the other man he ... he forced Sam.'

Dean choked convulsively, gasping for breath as a new panic attack took him by surprise. All he could see in his mind was Sam lying helpless at the hands of a human monster and there was nothing that he could do about it.

'Dean are you alright?' Jess ran to his side and held his shoulders, 'just big deep breathes.'

'I'm fine,' he rasped, 'go on.'

'The man did things to-to Sam.' Jess continued, 'and then – then there was a fire and I remember Sam pushing me out of the way when the roof collapsed.'

'The whole timeline has been changed Dean.' Jonas said glancing down at Sam and then back up to the older brother, 'this does not bode well.'

'Ya think Jonas?' Dean snapped breathlessly turning to face his brother he tapped his face lightly trying to rouse him. 'Sammy, hey come on dude wakey, wakey.'

'D-Dean?' Sam pushed his brother's name past his lips and then started to move experimentally, testing each limb and muscle as he did so. 'Wh-what happened?'

'You fainted you girl.' Dean teased him lightly, 'how you feeling?'

'Like crap, Dean I – I was dreaming of Jess and ...'

'Dude it's no dream ... Jonas' Jess is right here.'

'No, no she died in the fire.'

'When Samuel changed everything and injured you, he really did change everything.'

'Jess is alive?'

'Here anyway.' Dean said hesitantly secretly wishing that the girl had stayed away completely and Sam would be none the wiser.

Sam sat up slowly, pulling his lower body into more seated position, he peered over Dean's shoulder and stared at the young woman sitting next to Jonah. 'Jess?'

'Hello Sam.' She smiled not sure of what else to do.


Doctor Graves sat behind his desk studying his guest's face for a few minutes, digesting the information. 'You sure that this is reliable?'

'Yes Sir, he was seen in the Winchester house.'

'Hmm and is there anyone else in the house?'

'Another man who looks like a close relative, you would swear that it was Dean Winchester himself ten or more years ago, the old houseman and a young woman.'

'A young woman hmm.' Graves stroked his short beard, 'I want Samuel Winchester back here he is a committed inmate and needs treatment.'

'I understand that sir, but...'

'But what?'

'It will not be easy Sir, it seems that he is well guarded.'

'Do what I have paid you to do Elias no more, no less.' Graves said his tone of voice brooking any other argument.

'Yes Sir,' Elias smiled smugly and left the doctor's office. Soon he would have Sam Winchester back where he belonged, with him, naked, chained and available. Elias licked his dry lips and tossed a look of scorn at the doctor's door, yeah he would do as he was paid but then when Sam was back where he belonged, Elias would take measures into his own hands to make sure that he stayed forever this time.

'Here you ... you work at the asylum?' A young woman's voice came from a shadowed buggy; intrigued Elias sauntered over to the contraption and tried to peer in.

'Yer what of it?'

'I have need of information and I can pay quite handsomely.' She said holding out a gloved hand she dropped several coins in front of him. Scrambling around his feet Elias picked them up and then stared at her in shock.

'Whatcha want?' His eyes narrowed, 'I don' do none of that stuff.'

'No, no you oaf, I don't want that. I want information on a previous inmate of the asylum.'

'Dunno whatcha on about.' Elias went to pocket the money and walk away when a sword appeared from the darkness and pierced the loose skin on his throat.

'Samuel Winchester was an inmate in the Daimonledge tombs was he not?' The question made him stop still, a sharp intake of breath the only indication of his continued presence. 'Tell me what you know and I can make it very ... profitable for you.'

'I don' know thing,' Elias shook his head and glared at the threatening blade, 'he escaped long time go and don' know where he be now.'

'Oh but I am sure that you would find out for me wouldn't you?' the voice was so sweet, cajoling, Elias felt himself drifting, 'please Elias we need to find Samuel.'

'He's ah ... wif his brover.' Elias admitted unable to help himself.

'Good, and tell me Elias can you bring him to me?'

'Sure, but ...'

'But what?'

'Doc Graves he wants the kid back too.'

'Oh does he? Hmm all of the better then, Elias find Samuel and bring him back to the asylum, let doctor Graves think he has won but then I want you to send word to me.'

'To you?' Elias felt himself floating when he felt her hand on his cheek.

'Yes send a boy to this address,' she pressed a card into his hand, 'don't worry about not being able to read what is on it, just instruct the boy to come here and to let me know when Samuel is back in your hands.'

'Me-me hands.'

'That is it, Elias I know of your ... feelings for the boy, and I can assure you that we can work this out for both of our ... desires.'

'Yeah Marm I can do that.' Elias muttered taking the card and her money he staggered away towards the tavern, he had to start planning.


Sam lay quietly on the chaise letting Dean and Jonas fuss around him, he couldn't stop thinking about all of the changes with the timeline, if Jess was still alive then perhaps?

'Dean?' Sam pulled himself out of his own reverie to look up at his older brother, taking in the haggard appearance, the fine lines appearing around the eyes, he knew that for the most part he was responsible for the way Dean looked and it made him want to cry.

'Dude? Sammy what is it?' Dean sat on the chair next to Sam and gazed at his brother with a growing look of concern.

'If, if Samuel changed so much with the timeline, I mean with Jess now alive like she is ...'

'Yeah go on ...'

'What about Doctor Cross? The doctor that helped get me out of Daimonledge.'

'I dunno Sammy.'

'Dean, the other Dean was the cause of his death when he was possessed.' Sam couldn't stop the words from flowing from his mouth, now he had started they flowed like larva erupting from a volcano. 'Eugene he, he at first believed what they said about me, but when, when he realised that they were wrong he helped me. He saved my life Dean, he took me into his home and cared for me when everyone else just wanted me for ... then Dean and the ... guards ... they came bursting into Eugene's home, killed him and tried to take me back.'

'Wh-what happened?' Dean asked feeling the pit in his stomach grow to a full sized ravine.

'That's when I ran and ended up meeting Jess.' Sam glanced over at the young woman curled up in a large wing-backed chair napping fitfully. 'She strapped my ankle and nursed me through a fever, and was the one who brought me back here.'

'You know Sammy that all of this is so fucked every way possible.' Dean ran his fingers through his hair and gave Sam a wry grin, 'one way to find out I guess.'


'Hey Jonas is there anyway we can find out about someone?' Dean called out knowing that the houseman was not far away.

'Why yes there is Dean but ... who do you need to find?'

'Sammy what was his name?' Dean turned his attention back to his younger brother. 'Yo earth to Sammy.'

'Huh? Oh sorry, um Doctor Cross, Eugene Cross .. he worked at the asylum.'

'Oh yes I have heard mention of Doctor Cross.' Jonas nodded, 'I believe that he has a small practice just opened in Avalon Street.'

'Eugene's alive?' Sam uttered feeling his chest constrict again, 'he's alive?'

'Why yes, from what I have heard ... Samuel sorry Sam why did you believe that he died?'

'Dean the other Dean and the men from the asylum broke into Eugene's home when he was helping me, they killed him.'

'Oh ... let me see from what I know is that there was a home invasion and he was injured but made a remarkable recovery and has such set up a small practice in the poorer part of town.'

'Can, can I see him?' Sam asked his breath catching as the pain in his chest worsened.

'I will send a boy for him.' Jonas said with a curt nod to Dean.

Dean stood up and held his hand out to Sam, 'come on sasquatch let's get you back to bed, you've had enough excitement for one day.'

'Dean I ...'

'Yeah I know, we're gonna get this fixed Sammy I promise.'

'Th-thanks Dean.' Sam let his brother help him upstairs to the bedrooms, thankful that he finally had him at his side even if the times were screwed, well more than screwed but at least he and Dean were together.


Eugene sat down heavily and stared at the young boy in shock, 'are you sure that is the message?'

'Yer Mista Jonas said to tell ya that ... Masta Sam Winchester is in need of ya serv'ces.' The boy bobbed his head as he repeated the message verbatim.

'Very well, wait for me boy and you can show me where to go.' Eugene picked up a cane and his coat and limped after the young messenger. 'He's alive.' He repeated to himself as he settled into the buggy and waited for the boy to scramble up next to him.

Dean greeted the young doctor with an air of scepticism but let him into the front room determined to find out for sure what the man was about before he let him near Sam.

'You are his brother Dean?' Eugene asked clearly confused, 'but, but I met Dean Winchester and while I admit there is a family resemblance you are too young by a long shot.'

'Thanks I think,' Dean groused, 'Sam and I are brothers and kind of nephews to the other Samuel and Dean.'

'Oh I – I see, where is Sam?'

'First up, I wanna know ... what did you do to my brother in that place?'

Eugene swallowed deeply and stared at Dean, noticing the murderous look on his face, 'before I ... I am not defending myself or those at Daimonledge, conditions are deplorable to say the least but ... they do what they can within their means, I know that often the sentinels are ex-criminals ...'

'Excuse me?'

'The sentinels or guards, those who take care of the inmates are ex-criminals who don't care what they have to do to get a wage.'

'And these animals were the ones in charge of my brother?'

'When he was committed ... Sam was showing signs of a complete and violent psychotic breakdown.'

'The fact that someone had already beaten the shit out of him ... failed to ring any alarm bells?'

'Sir, I do not even dare to contradict my superiors, it was not my place. I was given my instructions and as a doctor straight out of medical school and impelled to follow them without question.' Eugene exclaimed indignantly, 'Samuel was violent and delusional on admittance, it was standard practice to place the harder to control patients in the tombs where they are less of a threat to themselves and the other patients.'

'And the stripping them down and chaining them to the floor like a dog?'

'Standard practice.' Eugene said horrified at his own words, 'the more they behave the more privileges they receive back.'

'Clothing is a privilege?'

'It does sound worse than ... though when Sam first came in he fought everyone so hard that they decided to use the water treatments on him. I had no power in what was done to him, I just followed the instructions given to me by Doctor Graves. Believe me Mister Winchester ... Dean I had no idea of the repeated rapes and beatings Sam suffered and when I did ... I tried to have it stopped, several times in the end I managed to rescue Sam. Doctor Graves was going to use him in his experiments with electrical shocks. Electricity is such a new concept and he wanted to see if it could play a part in curing mental illness.'

Dean sat silently listening to Eugene's confession, his first instinct was too beat the living crap out of the man but the more he heard, the more he realised that Cross was just another victim of a backwards age, and he did help Sam to escape. 'Do you want to see Sam?'

'Yes, yes if could that would be...'

'Sam was the one who asked for you,' Dean said his eyes narrowing as a threatening look descended over him, 'but rest assured doctor Cross if my brother is hurt by you in anyway I will not hesitate in killing you, do you understand?'

'Y-yes Sir I do.'

'Fine then, we'll get on just fine.' Dean smiled coldly and led the way up to Sam's room.


Sam stared in silent terror at the intruder at the end of his bed, unable to move or to cry out he watched in numb horror as that all to familiar face loomed over him.

'Well, well aint I da lucky one, findin' ya so quick.' Elias grinned and ran his tongue over his dry lips, 'thought dat I might haveta search everywhere for ya.'

'No, no please.' Sam whimpered, hating himself for feeling so pathetic and weak, but he still felt the hands on him, the intrusion of his body and the pain.

'Aw whatsa matta Sammy boy, don'tcha member.'

'Go, go away.' Sam cried out, his entire body trembling as he forced himself to calm down and to call for Dean. Dean would make it all alright.

'Sh now Sammy boy we don' wan' anyone ta hear us.' Elias moved closer his hand running along the length of Sam's leg, 'sure lucked out when I saw ya window open.'

'Dean!' Sam cried out when Elias' filthy hand slid across and cut off anything else he could utter.

'Now, now Sammy we don' wan' anyone else' ta ruin our fun.' Elias bent down and ran his tongue along Sam's cheek taking delight in the reaction he provoked, 'aw whatsa matta, don'tcha wanna play anymore?'

Sam's eyes widened and he fought against the hard hand pressing against his mouth, he could feel the tender skin of the inside of his lip cutting on his teeth, digging his own fingernails into the fleshy forearm Sam tried to make him let go but all it served to do was make Elias press harder.

'Let's see whatcha got unda 'ere.' Elias whispered in Sam's ear, dragging the blankets away with his free hand, he stared down at Sam with a lascivious grin, drool dripping down his chin as he took in the smooth expanse of skin disappearing under the sleeping pants. 'Tsk, tsk we cant 'ave that can we.' He sneered, with one fluid motion he yanked the cord free and ripped the pants away. Sam froze, unable to take his stare from his attacker.

Expertly Elias used the cord to tie Sam's wrists above his head and then climbed onto the bed to straddle Sam's narrow hips. Pinning his victim beneath him Elias ripped a piece of sheeting and used it to gag Sam before sitting back to admire his own handiwork. 'All trussed up like a turkey.'

Breathing roughly through his nose, Sam felt the tightening of his chest as his heart pounded against his rib cage, his legs floundered uselessly, still too weak to be effective against the brute of a man on top of him.

'Lookin' like a trapped deer aint ya boy.' Elias smirked as he bent over Sam and started to bite and mark his way down the long thin torso. Giggling with heady delight when Sam inadvertently jerked under him. 'Ah like that huh?' he spoke with his mouth against the soft skin, his teeth grazing and nipping causing bite marks and bruises wherever he attacked.

'What the fuck is going on?' Dean's loud voice broke the tense silence startling Elias enough to sit up and turn around, his eyes narrowing when he saw the younger version of Dean Winchester and the snivelling doctor Cross behind him. 'I said what the fuck is going on and get the fuck off my brother.'

'Move an' he dies.' Elias ground out pulling a wicked looking blade from his boot and held it to Sam's throat as he climbed from the bed dragging his victim with him.

'Drop it now,' Dean ordered his cold, calm stare fixed on Elias, 'leave Sam alone.'

'Or what? Ya'll kill me?' Elias laughed dragging Sam with him he backed towards the open window. With a vicious laugh he pulled Sam up in front of him and bit his ear lobe viciously, 'I'll be back luva.' He whispered shoving Sam into his brother, Elias made his escape out of the window.

Breathlessly Dean caught Sam and lowered his brother to the ground, worried at th vacant and glassy appearance of Sam's normally expressive eyes. 'Sammy?'

'Dean?' Cross whispered pulling himself out of his own shock, he dropped to his knees on the other side of Sam.

'Doc can you do something?' Dean cradled Sam's motionless body close to him, 'I can't lose him here.'

'Let's get him back onto the bed.' Eugene said placing a hand on Dean's arm, 'I can examine him then.'

Carefully, they lifted Sam and guided him back to the bed, both worried with the younger man's compliant almost submissive behaviour. Tenderly Dean undid the gag and the cord around Sam's wrists before covering his brother's naked body with a blanket noticing the shivers wracking him.

'We need to warm him up quickly, he's going into shock.' Eugene said grabbing another blanket and quickly covered Sam with it.


'Talk to him Dean, talk to him let him know that he's safe.' Eugene tucked the blankets in and then went to get his medical bag.

Dean cupped Sam's face with his hand and made his brother look at him, 'Sammy, hey dude it's me you're safe here, I promise Eugene Cross is here with me and you're going to be fine.'

'N-no d-dream, all d-dream.' Sam resisted Dean lost in his own horrific memories.

'No Sam, listen to me it's not a dream, you're safe ... I promise.'


'Yeah dude I'm right here.'

'No, no Elias.'

'He broke in but he's gone now Sammy.' The use of Sam's childhood nickname burst the dark bubble around Sam and he drew a shaking sob and sat up to hug Dean tightly to him. Not wanting to let go and find out that it was just a dream.

'Hello Sam.' Eugene said placing himself in Sam's line of sight, not wanting to disturb the brothers anymore than necessary.

'Eugene? You're alive?' Sam blinked but still didn't move out of Dean's strong embrace.

'In the flesh, do you mind if I examine you?'

Sam pulled back enough to look at Dean, the hesitation clear on his face, 'D-Dean?'

'It's okay Sammy, I'm not going anywhere and that bastard won't get near ya again.'

'Kay.' He nodded to Eugene and let Dean settle him back down on the pillows. While the young doctor examined Sam Dean prowled around the room, closing and locking the window he checked the others before turning back to the bed.

'That's fine Sam.' Eugene smiled at his young friend and patient.

'So what's the verdict Doc?' Dean asked trying to make his voice sound light. 'Sammy still gonna be an annoying baby brother or what?'

'That will never change Dean, though there is one remarkable thing.'

'Eugene?' Sam asked his gazed flittering between his friend and his brother.

'I will need to study a few things and do some more testings but I have a feeling that you're getting better, from just a cursory examination ... your back was not broken Sam, there is still some swelling I can feel which is what probably caused your numbness.'

'That's why he's feeling more?' Dean asked not wanting to get too hopeful.

'Yes, but the most stunning thing is that aside from the effects of the pneumonia there is no sign of any heart problems.'

'But, but I don't understand it was all diagnosed, the surgery ...' Sam stumbled to find the words to voice his question.

'I can see the scars of the operation and perhaps that is what fixed the problem but from what I can see and what I can hear, your heart sounds are fine, strong and regular beats, everything I would expect from a young man your age.'


'Dunno Sammy we're truly in freaking weird waters here,' Dean ran his hands over his eyes trying to hide his own tears, 'fuck Sammy you're going to be alright.'

'Eugene?' Sam stared in disbelief at the young medic. 'Are you sure?'

'As sure as I can be given what I can discern from the examination, of course I would prefer to have you in a hospital and do the testings properly but given ... I do need some things from my surgery and I should be able to do most of them myself.'

'Dean?' Sam blinked and turned his attention to his older brother, 'where's Jonas and Jess?'

'Okay random.' Dean muttered, 'but ya think that they would have come up by now to find out what's going on.' He stood up and hurried to the door, 'don't you take your eyes off him or leave him for a second, ya hear me Doc?'

'Just hurry back Dean.' Sam yawned and slid further down in his bed clutching the blankets to himself like a barrier against evil. 'Cold and tired.'

'Go Dean I'll look after him.' Eugene said, 'don't worry about a thing Sam I'll look after you.' He added after Dean dashed from the room. 'You'll never have to worry about anything again.'