ON TIME'S DOORSTEP – sequel to Augustine's Ring

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'Hey ah think I'm lost can I get some directions?' Dean sauntered into the cavern and stopped dead when he saw the faces of Jazael and Darius. Both men resembled his own father and it made him gag.


Jim managed to calm the woman enough to get her to come with him, she clutched the baby tightly to her breast and kept closer to him than he intended. He could smell her when he moved in and now in close quarters the poor woman did more than stink, she probably never had a chance to bathe in her entire life.

As they got closer to the end of the tunnel, Jim started to wonder at just how easy their escape was, 'stay with me,' he whispered taking her hand and breathing through his mouth he started to run towards the cave opening.

Bobby saw Jim running towards them with someone close behind and got Augustine into position, hiding behind the tree line with strict instructions only to come out if needed.

Jim barrelled through the devil's trap with the woman close behind him, the baby squealed and cried as she passed over the trap but was unharmed and able to be carried through to safety, Bobby led her to where Augustine hid and got the boy to guard both nurse and baby.

'So we just need Dean to come running anytime now.' Bobby quipped taking his position once again at the cave's entrance.


Jazael snarled when he saw the eldest Winchester standing so boldly in front of him, 'how can't I kill you?'

'Good genes.' Dean wisecracked as he broke from his momentary attempt at a statue, turned and started to run down the tunnel, relying on the two demons to follow him. The heavy footfalls behind him let him know that they played into the game. 'Time to up the ante.' He muttered as he kept up the steady pace keeping an ear out for any change in his pursuers.

He skidded around a bend, had to right himself quickly and then sprinted just as fast as he could through the cave entrance, knowing that the demons are right on his tail.

Collapsing to his knees Dean fought to catch his breath, finding the caves claustrophobic even for the brief time he was in there. A furious roar behind him let him know that even though these two could master time travel and yet they let themselves get caught in a simple devil's trap.

'Hey there Jazael must say it's no great thing meeting ya properly.' Dean said as he climbed to his feet and sauntered over to stand between Jim and Bobby. 'And you must be Darius, must say dude ya gotta learn to keep little Darius in the pants when it comes to human women.'

'You are dead.' Jazael growled, and then let out a feral scream as he attempted to pass through the trap.

'Sorry not today, and well not in this time.' Dean shrugged, 'though you two fugly dudes should know just how much of a pain stuffing up time is.'

'Augustine let us out.' Darius called over to his son. 'Augustine now.'

'Sorry father but I have another life waiting for me and I don't need the two of you anymore.' Augustine said as he walked closer to the cave he pulled a knife out of its sheath, the blade thin and curved and looking extremely sharp.

'Augustine what?' Dean turned just in time to see the young man rip his shirt open and drag the blade down through the binding brand.

'I disavow you.' He screamed as he once again pulled the blade through the brand making a grotesque looking cross in the centre.

'Dammit kid.' Bobby caught Augustine just as his knees buckled and he started to collapse, tenderly he lowered the young man to the ground.

'We finish this and we finish it now.' Dean ground out, 'Jim?'

Without any further discussion, Jim started to chant the exorcism flinging holy water and chrism alternately at the two demons.

Dean watched for a moment and then went over to where Augustine was slowly coming back to consciousness. He ripped the hem from his shirt and pressed it hard against the bleeding brand. 'Geeze kiddo what did ya do that for?'

'Broke me free from them.' Augustine managed a small grin and shrug. 'What is happening to my grandfather and father?' He asked as he sat up and looked over at the exorcism.

'They're going back to where they belong.' Dean said and then saw the look of confusion on the teenager's face, 'ahh they're going back to hell, the pit. Jim is exorcising them.'

'So they cannot hurt anyone anymore?'

'That's right.'

'What about Lilith?'

'She came through the trap, she's gonna be fine Augustine, I'd say that they would have raised her to be a vessel for another demon when she was older. Raised by them she would have no idea that she's human and a free person.'

'Then it is good that they are going back to ... the pit.' Augustine said with a firm nod of his head, 'may I see the baby?'

Dean looked up and then beckoned the young woman to come over, the baby in her arms now wide awake and stared around in curiosity, her large blue eyes coming to rest on Augustine's face and she broke out in a big smile her little arms going straight out to him.

'Hey little one.' Augustine cooed, 'missed you.'

'Ga, Ga,' She giggled and covered his face in sloppy kisses.

'Awe she likes you.' Dean laughed and looked over to where Bobby and Jim were checking the bodies lying in the trap. 'Are they?'

'Sorry guys looks like they're both dead, been dead a long time by the look of it.' Bobby said standing back he watching as Pastor Jim Murphy took over and blessed the remains.

'Wow bit of an anti-climax huh?' Dean said shaking his head, he still had a bad feeling but at least the big boogies were gone. 'What about the green stone?'

'They would have hidden their stash of the stones, they had all that existed.' Augustine said, 'without them though...'

'So we blow the cave up?' Dean asked his eyes shining with excitement, 'we get to do the whole dynamite thing? Yay, gotta love it Wiley Coyote.'

'Who?' Confused Augustine looked at Bobby and Jim for help.


The Farm of Annie Singer

The Plains

Just outside St Augustine



Annie carefully removed the poultice and checked the lump on Sam's leg, admittedly, it didn't look a lot different but at least it had stopped weeping and the indent had now crusted up nicely.

'So how are you feeling Sam?' Annie asked as she covered his legs up, 'any feeling in your leg?'

'Yeah, kind of.'

'Kind of?'

'Like umm, pins and needles? Tingling?'

'Oh okay, hmm like if you fall asleep lying on your arm and wake up with it numb at first and then you get tiny tingles and sharp pains?'

'Yep like that.'

'I think it is good, very good means your leg is getting better.'

'Do you know what caused it?'

'From what I can tell, I would say a spider bite but I can't be sure unless you saw the spider.'

'Didn't feel a thing, all I know, was I had to sit on the floor of the storeroom, and it wasn't very pleasant.'

'Your slight fever has gone I'd say that you are very lucky this time.'

'Thanks to you.' Sam said softly giving Annie a shy smile.

'You will be leaving when the others come back?'

'Yes we have to Annie, we've been gone too long as it is.' Sam took her small hand into his and squeezed it gently, 'thank you for everything I don't think I would've made it if it wasn't for you.'

'Well thanks to you and your brother, I finally have a family so I guess that we're even.' Annie squeezed his hand back and cupped his cheek with her free hand, 'I will never forget you.'

'Miss Annie.' Lucia called out as she ran into the house breathlessly, 'Miss Annie.'

'Here Lucia, and don't worry bout the Miss, remember it's just Annie now.'

'Oh and hey Sam, umm oh yeah they're back, Augustine's back.' She squealed happily.

'I'll be right out.' Sam said, 'go I'll be fine just gotta get my pants on.'

'Okay.' Annie grinned and took Lucia's hand to go and greet the hunters.

After three attempts to get dressed, Sam finally managed to finish dressing but decided to go barefoot it was just too hard trying to get to the socks let alone boots.

The next task was even more daunting as he pulled himself up off the bed and limped heavily towards the door using the wall to brace himself with.

By the time he had gotten to the door, Sam had decided that numbness was much better than pins and needles. Taking a moment to catch his breath Sam opened the door and stepped out into the bright sunshine just as the others came riding up, with Bobby driving a small wagon behind them. Sam shook his head in amusement watching his brother ride up, looking so like a cowboy with his hat pulled down, his jeans and shirt covered in dust and stubble covering his lower face. 'Hey guys.'

'Sammy?' Dean looked up and smiled broadly seeing his brother upright and looking a lot better. 'Dude.'

'Hey Dean.' Sam gave him a matching grin, 'Bobby, Jim.' He waved to the others, 'welcome back Augustine.'

'Oh the baby.' Lucia squealed and stared happily at the infant, 'can I hold her?'

'Sure just be careful.' Augustine handed the baby to his sister, 'Annie I know...'

'No, no it's fine Augustine, it's fine what's her name?'

'Lil...Lily.' Augustine said proudly, 'our sister.'

'Welcome Lily.' Annie said taking the baby from Lucia when Lily started to squirm and whimper, 'and you are?'

'June, Ma'am I was the baby's wet nurse.' The woman huddled in the wagon said without looking up.

'Well come on June, let's get you cleaned up and feed this little one.'


Jonas' Cabin

The Plains



The four hunters stood in the small cabin just as dawn broke over the horizon, they had left Annie's farm before any of them woke up, not wanting to drag out goodbyes or to try and explain where they were going and why to the younger children.

'So Sammy ready to go home or want to play farmer a little longer?' Dean grinned and clapped his brother lightly on the shoulder.

'Oh funny Dean, so funny.' Sam rolled his eyes and grinned back at Dean, 'let's go home guys.'


Cabin 12

Plains Cabin Motel

Dresden, Kansas

May 2007

Dean and Sam went through the portal experience first; quickly followed by Jim and Bobby, all four of them returning to the small cabin Sam and Dean originally stayed in, in what seems like years ago.

'Everyone alright?' Dean asked as soon as they all managed to regain their footing.

'Yeah we're fine.' Bobby and Jim replied.

'Sammy?' Dean stared at his brother with a concerned look in his face.

'I'll be fine Dean.' Sam huffed slightly, 'honestly.'

'Yeah well, maybe we should get the doc and Heather to check you out.' Dean said though part of him just wanted to pack Sam into the impala and to disappear.

'Dean ... I just want to get going, just ...'

'Just what Sam?'

'Just get in the impala and hit the road, but hey I understand you and Heather...'

Dean stared at his brother for a moment and then looked over at the other two, 'I care for Heather a lot, but ... maybe it'll be better if ... I don't want to drag her into any great wars or hunting.'

'You sure Dean?'

'Yeah, anyway if ya think about it we don't know if anything is changed here yet. Heather and the doc may not even remember us.'

'That is true Dean.' Jim nodded his head solemnly, 'we need to find out exactly what the date is.'

'And if Jonah is still in the cabin across the yard.' Sam chimed in, 'he seems to be the central character in all of this.'

'True, very true geeky-boy.' Dean slapped Sam's arm affectionately and looked around at the cabin, 'dude all of our stuff ... it's exactly where we left it.'

'Owkay random.' Sam said easing himself down onto the closest chair, the pins and needles were fast becoming small shooting pains from his knee down to his toes.

'You boys stay put.' Bobby said, 'I'll check out the cabin across the way and bring the impala around to you.'

'Bobby!' Dean cried out, 'I'm comin' with ya.'

'No ya aint! Yer gonna stay put with yer brother until we make sure that everything is okay.' Bobby said.

'Bobby is right boys ... I'm going to find out what I can from the office here and check you two out.'

Sam and Dean watched the two older men leave, both too stunned to say anything.

'Ah Dean?'

'Yeah Sammy?'

'Did we just get told?'

'I think we did.'

'We need to break up those tiles Dean they're the key to the portals.'

'Yeah you're right Sammy but you stay put, I'll do it.'


'Nope I'm gonna pull the big brother card on this one, you just stay put kiddo.'

Sam sat back and listened as Dean systematically destroyed the tiles in the shower, his mind started to wander a little as he relaxed even more, finally after so long Sam was able to breath freely again.


The dining room of Pastor Jim Murphy

Church Rectory

Blue Earth


May 2007

'Happy birthday Sammy.' Jim, Bobby and Dean all chorused as they placed the large chocolate cake with blazing candles in front of Sam.

'It's Sam guys.' He muttered blushing under the attention.

'Awe ya'll always be Sammy to us so just git used to it.' Bobby laughed dropping a hastily wrapped present in front of Sam.

'Bobby?' Sam blinked and looked down at the small box, 'thanks but ...'

'Uhhuh Sam no buts today.' Jim said as he placed another present in front of the young man.

Sam smiled at them, a warm smile with full dimples and shining eyes, 'thanks guys.' He said huskily.

Bobby and Jim made their excuses to go and fix drinks for a toast to the brothers' return leaving Dean and Sam alone for a few minutes. 'They ahh have to go buy the drinks?' Sam asked looking around at the suddenly empty room.

'Subtle like a brick huh?' Dean grinned sitting down next to Sam, 'here dude.'

'Dean?' Sam looked at his brother and then down at the small package in his hands, 'thanks man.'

'Ah it's not much so quit tearing up princess.' Dean mumbled eyeing the cake, 'chocolate fudge with chocolate frosting,' he grinned, 'I ordered it.'

'Could've guessed that dude.'

'What do ya mean?' Dean tried to look affronted but failed miserably when Sam smiled even wider.

'The M and Ms decoration dude dead give away.' Sam laughed as he opened the present and found a watch lying in the box. 'Dean?'

'Aint much but I know you lost yours back ... well this time you can keep on top of time!'


'It's engraved on the back.'

Sam turned the watch over and on the back of the watch and read the inscription with tears in his eyes. "Sammy Winchester 2007, On time's doorstep dude."

'Kind of well ...' Dean felt his cheeks redden and once again focussed on the cake, although this time he ran his finger along the bottom catching the thick, chocolate frosting and one of the M and Ms.

'Dean Winchester you stop there.' Jim warned him carrying in the plates while Bobby followed with a beer each.

'Thanks for the presents guys.' Sam said softly, he stared at his birthday gifts in awe, Jim had given him the latest Stephen King novel, and Bobby gave him a small hunting knife with intricate symbols carved on the blade. 'They're awesome.'

'We got the best present though.' Jim said as he produced a camera.

'Jim?' Dean and Sam looked at the preacher with curious stares.

'We got the two of you back, alive and in your own time.' At those words Sam smiled brightly, he might still be healing and still having nightmares about his experiences in the past but he's alive, and Dean's alive and yeah they're back in their own time. Everything the way it should be; even with the threat of the yellow-eyed demon still hanging over them.

'Yeah we're back.' Dean grinned, 'so now can we do the cake?'