Sakura panted heavily. She dodged a kunai heading straight toward her. She kicked her enemy in the stomach. He had hit a tree and went straight through.
She was holding back. They knew that. What would Sasuke say she was being? Ah yes, weak. She was being weak by not killing her enemies. They were more of friends.

She dodged a punch from the green wonder of youth. He was holding back tears. She only smiled at him as she kicked him away. Punch. Kick. Punch. Kick.
It was getting repetitive. A shuriken whizzed past her. It merely scratched her cheek and managed to cut off a strand of hair.

The now Konoha Eleven fought her. Her closest friends. After all, you should always keeps your friends close, but your enemies closer.

They were as close as they could possibly get.

Ino tried her mind jutsu. Inner Sakura kicked her out. Sakura smiled. None of them knew how much this was hurting her.
They wore serious looks on their faces. She merely smiled. Smiled through the pain. Smiled through the tears.

Smiled through the torment.

Sasuke activated his chidori and ran at her. She grabbed his arm ans twisted it, breaking it. He scowled. She smirked.
Handsigns, she breathed out "Petals of flame no jutsu."

Naruto, and Sai dodged. Tenten continued to throw kunai and shuriken at her. She blocked them with her own.
However motherly Tsunade may be, she was getting crueler by the second.

Honestly, she was sending her closest friends to kill her. Tsunade knew her weaknesses well.
But it wasn't good enough.

Sakura ran through the forests of Konoha. Entered Tsunade's office, her friends behind her.

"Haruno Sakura."


It was dawn. Sakura was chained by her ankles and wrists. She walked beside Tsunade, never speaking a word to her.
On the executioner's platform stood the man she loved. The man she gave her life to. The man who taught her to be free.
The man who taught her to be strong.

He merely looked at her. She smiled back at him.

"Haruno Sakura, you are sentenced to death with Uchiha Itachi for betraying Konoha, joining the group of S-class criminals called the Akatsuki, murder'
Sakura ignored her former mentors words. She turned to her lover. He stared down at her with the cold onyx eyes she loved.
She walked to him. Tsunade's voice fainted. Everything seemed to be going slower by the second.

Slowly, she walked to him. She reached up with both hands and gently caressed her face. He leaned forward, she leaned into him.
Slowly, passionately, she kissed him.
Their first kiss was at dawn.

So would be their last.


Naruto looked up at the now dead Sakura. A katana went straight through both her and Itachi. They looked blissful. As if they didn't have a care in the world.

He probably would be to, had it been him an Hinata.

He faintly remembered something.

"Happy Birthday, Sakura-chan."