This is my second written Danny Phantom story, the first one to be actually posted on It's a crossover story between Maximum Ride, And Danny Phantom. It's set after The Third book in the MR Series- 'Saving the World and Other Extreme Sports', and after the final episode of DP- 'Phantom Planet'.

Those who haven't read the third book, or seen PP, There are going to be definite spoilers, and you might get a touch confused at some parts. And you may not get the reference jokes. (Which would be sad! Seeing as I spent time on those, Ya know?)

The Plot is Simple.

What Do You Get when You Mix, The Flock, One Halfa, New Ghosts, Itex, And Vladco?

One Incredible Story Line. A Cross over Between Maximum Ride, And Danny Phantom.

Vlad has Retired From his Reign as a Space Nomad, And Has Come back to earth, Displeased with his Own Deafeat. Discovering That Vladco has been taken over by another Company, Though Vladco has yet to Change their Name, He Now Seeks exactly who now Has Vladco. Discovering Dr. Janssen, The Head Of The Resently Crumbled Itex, Now Owns Vlad Co.-Vlad Does a Bit Of scheming...

And Max and Danny Might have a Bit of a Problem, When Ghosts Go After the Flock, And Flyboys after Danny, his Family, And The Guys...

About it.

This story's inspiration Came out of Two things. Or maybe three.

The first was me and a friend discussing favorite books/shows. She came up with a book we both liked, and I came up with a show she'd only seen once. Maximum Ride, and Danny Phantom. Both Heroes, Or heroine and hero, and as we further discussed the similarities, We came up with a rather long list.

Both were hybrids (Half human, Half something else). Both could fly. Both had a smart-mouth, and a cocky attitude to match. The best and most hilarious thing was they both used puns excessively, and had saved the world at least once.

(And we talked about this over a thirty-five minute lunch period at school. All thirty five mintues.)

It was a long track record to think about. That set the wheels in motion for this Story.

The second inspiration, Was watching the final episode of Danny Phantom and having my heart about torn out. It was Beautiful, but the end wasn't satisfying enough. I mean, yeah, Danny saves the world from a giant ghostly evil meteoroid, Gets the girl (FINALLY!), Vlad is Banished to live in solitude as a Space Nomad, And Danny has a statue of his ghost-side holding up a humongous globe at every major capital of the world, (plus Amity Park)….

But I really wanted to see the After of that. Him and Sam together, Tucker of all people being mayor, How he was going to deal with rabid fan-girls, And everyone knowing his secret! There was so much stuff you could do after it, It was kind of a bummer Nick pulled the plug. No more new episodes. It really tore my heart in half. I know it probably tore a lot of other people's hearts in half. I wanted it to continue.

This Story was the Answer to that longing for continuation. Only, I'm getting to write the script.

Butch Hartman owns the Phantom though. And.. Nickelodeon and Viacom own the show as well, No matter how much I loathe those two Companies for that. Yeah. That's a Straight out Disclaimer. I don't own Danny Phantom, nor ever will. Nickelodeon, Viacom, And Butch Hartman own Inviso-bill.

The Third and final inspiration was those last lines in the third MR book. 'Hopefully we'll be back. And if we are it won't be pretty.'

More inspiration. It was Heaven sent. That Gave me in the Intro to start this Story out.

And Yes. This is a Very long and tedious, yet needed, Author's introduction. So sue me. It's needed!

To Send anyone who hasn't seen the last episode or read the last book A Spoiler Warning.

Anddd… Give Disclaimers. Cause I'll Probably Forget if I don't stick them in here.

Ah! I need one more Disclaimer in here: The Maximum Ride Series is totally not mine, and is copyrighted, legal owned, and written by James Patterson. He Rocks.

And Now! After you've read the entire page of author notes, Get on to Chapter one.

(If you haven't already rolled your eyes and skipped this entire thing. Kay?)