Veiled Wings

Chapter Two: Abnormal Sightings

To study the abnormal

is the best way of

understanding the normal

Maximum Ride's Journal

How is this my fault?

Well for one, I could of let the Director fall to her doom from five-thousand feet.

Ending all of our problems once and for all.

But, Nooo.

The Voice had to interrupt.

Yeah, I'm not one to let someone fall to their death. No. Not me. True. It wasn't me at all. But that cockroach would of deserved being squished, after everything she put us through.

Haven't Heard from my voicey friend lately. I suppose that's a good thing.

It means we have to be going in the right direction…

Or something totally screwy is going on, and the voice just doesn't want to talk to me.

I set Total down on the ground, letting him go choose a tree, while I leaned back against my own pine tree, and watched the sky with a wondering sigh. Itex. The center of most of our problems. You Probably know that by now.

Itex, the White-coats, the Director, recombinant DNA life forms..

I feel my life is something out of a badly written science fiction story.

While I leaned against the tree, oblivious to everything else around me, and thinking about how screwy our lives had turned out to be…

I suddenly out of the blue I noticed something in the sky, hovering in a circle were we where.

No, not a bird, not a plane, and I'm pretty sure it wasn't Superman.

Knowing our luck, It was some genetic freak whom wanted us dead, wanted to dissect us, Exsetra, Exsetra…

In a minute, Fang nudged me with his elbow, murmuring something about a flying person in the sky, and wanting to know if only he was seeing the guy.

I blinked. "You see him too? Thank, God. I just thought I was so hungry, I was hallucinating." And that wasn't sarcasm, I kid you not. I was starving.

"Up, up, and away?"

I shook my head, "He can fly."

"You don't think we can out run him?" Fang had an eyebrow raised.

I rolled my eyes, "He hasn't tried to kill us yet. Be reasonable."

"Still…" Grumbled Fang.

Total came tramping back, wagging his tail, "Kay. My pit stop is through. … Hello, up there?" He said, waving one of his paws at us.

We weren't paying attention though, Half the flock was now gazing up, and part of them scooting towards me and Fang.

Angel tugged on my shirt, "Who's that?"

"Duno." I said, pulling my wings back, wishing We had some windbreakers with us. We'd forgotten to pack any… Sadly. Me and my hawk-eyed vision had a better look at the guy now, He had snowy-white hair…

I'm thinking he was wearing something containing spandex, In other words a black, silver, and gray ensemble (As Total would say), on a lean slightly muscular guy. The eyes stuck out the most we'd have to say, a much to bright neon green. The poor fellow hadn't seen much sun, in my opinion. He was paler than a sheet. Or Angel's white-white wings. I wonder what he thought of us. Did he see a bunch of scruffy kids with wings… Or a bunch of targets?

He landed steadily. One foot down, then the next, like he was taking a step down a flight of stairs. He sort of rubbed his eyes for a second before stuffing something small and rectangular under his arm. Nobody said anything. We kind of stood there for a minute staring at each other.

He Stepped forward slowly, and said, "Uh… Hi."

…. Well. It wasn't threatening at least.

-- C --

"Keep That Equipment Steady! It's Breakable, You Idiots!"

Snappy. Annoyed. Defeated. That's about how she felt on the scale. Well. No matter.

"Excuse me!"

The Director, with out moving from the spot she was in, Glanced back, noticing a kid in a beret, pushing his glasses back over the bridge of his nose, Watching her, while messing with a PDA in his hands.

"What Kid? You do know this is a Private Faculty… Right?" She sighed at him.

He nodded, "You asked for the Mayor did you not?" He seemed a bit miffed, "Tucker Foley, Mayor of Amity Park. You are The new Director and One of the Owners of the New Vlad Co. Correct?" He had paused for a moment, to read from his PDA, before addressing the Director and sticking his hand out.

Of Course. This is what the others had meant by…

She smiled, attempting to edit her mistake out, and turned around, "Ah! Yes! Mayor Foley. I Apologize. They told me you were young, but…"

Tucker Smiled. "I get that a lot. You wish to speak about…?"

Her Face turned slightly emotionless, "Might I inquire about this world famous hero you have here in Amity? The Ghosts as well. And I also wish to speak about renaming the building. I know the name has been Officially Vlad Co. for many years, But We at the company… wish to change it." She said, with a precise tone to her voice. Mayor 'Foley' nodded, "Of course, We can speak about it right away. Should we stay out here and discuss it, or do you have a place you'd rather talk inside, perhaps?"

-- C --

Angel Tensed up behind me, and grabbed my arm, eyes wide. Her mouth was slightly agape and she seemed enable to say… or send me any thoughts. She was now hiding behind both Fang and I.

My first reaction to that was, Who ever the guy was, he was thinking… 'Scary' thoughts.

Or at least that was what my 'motherly intuition' about Angel I had was telling me.

Total nuzzled against Angel's leg, in reassurance, and Fang picked up on it too.

In a second, I lunged forward, wings propelling me forward, and fists bawled.

The guy was quick to react. He'd spread Hands in front of him, far enough apart there wasn't a hope in Heaven the guy would be able to stop me from throwing a blow to knock him out cold…

Or at least I'd thought that. Until I was sent sprawling backwards, with a nifty, 'Ooof' sound effect. Glaring upwards, I stifled a gasp: My reaction to the wide darkish green and lime like-green glowing mass; Perhaps better described as a shield; That had protected the Guy.

I have a feeling I shouldn't of been surprised, after all, he'd been flying. And I have wings… And there are others 'like' us in the world.

We'd seen plenty of them at that… Evil Pep Rally over in the Germany Castle.

You know. Miss Spots. Omega. Those color changing people. Woo. Yeah…

Fang helped me to my feet, and I watched the Guy in silence for a minute. His eyebrows were drawn tight over his glowing eyes, and he then said, "Talk about the silent type." He slowly put the shield down, hands glowing a sickly looking ice-blue.

Nudge was unusually silent. Fang was always that way.

Oh, He meant all of us?

"Maybe I don't feel that chatty today," I said, shrugging and standing there with my arms crossed.

Angel tugged on my sleeve, and my arms came undone.

I want to leave…

She thought in a almost mumbled terror in my head. I nodded at her, and glanced at Fang. Behind my back I flashed a couple quick signs.

They corresponded loosely to 'Hit and Run', in this case. More or less of the hitting and the running. But, we'd be flying anyway... I fingered a five on one hand, slowly counting down. When I hit one we were out of there.

He also shrugged, and I was on three.

More Silence.


An Eraser would have tried to kill us five times by now. This guy was either patient, or trying to confirm he was seeing people with wings. Was it so hard to believe, anyway?


Fang jolted forward so fast, The guy had no time to react. Angel was the first in the air, Iggy, Nudge, and Gazzy behind her in a jiffy.

Fang stabbed the guy in the stomach with his fist practically, and the White-haired guy managed to block his second, looking a bit angrier than before. I was about to join in, when Total looked up at Angel in dismay, "Max, can we-"

Fang let out a little yelp of surprise at something, when I and Total got in the Air. We both glanced back down. For one the Hand the Guy had caught was now half frozen. And Fang's other hand had gone right through the guy's abdomen now. No-I don't mean like he'd hit the guy so hard, he'd gone through him… I mean it was like his stomach wasn't even there….

… Like a Ghosts'.

-- M --

Danny Phantom's Journal

Getting hit in the gut is one of the more painful places a person can hit you in.

It's where a lot a vital internal body parts are, and it hurts like heck when someone rams their fist into any where bellow the ribs.

Being able to go intangible, is a help in any fist fight, I would suppose.

And at the moment, I'm standing in the midst of a pack, or (Er-What's the term for a group of birds anyway? Come-on. You know I'm not passing science at the moment right?) is it Flock? … Maybe a Murder?

…. Well. A Pack of kids with wings.

Yes. Wings.

They were a bit grungy, as if they'd stayed out in the woods for a few weeks. They were all thin, and probably younger than I, except maybe two or three of them. And they all had wings hanging around attached to their backsides.

They seemed threatened the moment I touched back to earth.

Awkwardly, I said, "Uh… Hi."

I sort of felt like an idiot afterwards.

Maybe that comes with being a Fenton… ?

None of them spoke.

I saw one of the littler ones latch onto someone with a definite leader vibe, looking at me with wide eyes. The Elder of the Two seemed to look at the other for a moment…

Then she sprung forward, at me, both hands curling into fists.

She was using her wings to propel her, and I sort of got the idea they worked.

Oh. Gee. I really didn't want this today.

Watching, I slowly put up a ghost-shield.

… I wonder if they watch the news.

All sorts of thoughts drifted through my mind.

Were they ghosts? … Maybe they were angels… Eh.

They seemed a bit scruffy for that, I thought with a small smile.

Someone falling backward caught my attention.

The Leader-Girl with the golden-brown wings was sitting in the dust, glaring up at me.

I caught myself staring at the wings, and shook my head, and said, trying to break the silence, "Talk about the silent type." I let my shield fall, freeing my hands for a quick ice blast if needed.

I caught her staring at my hands. She stiffened up and said slowly, "Maybe I don't feel that chatty today," she then shrugged, and crossed her arms, leaving me to the unsettling silence of the outskirts of town. She seemed cross. I wasn't sure though. She kind of reminded me of my sister when she wanted to get me to talk about something. Determined… and Prepared. Which leaves me with a bad feeling…

The one-scared kid moved forward again, tugging on Leader-Girl's sleeve rather sharply, eyes staring at me for a moment. I sort of felt a pang of some sort of weird guilt. Leader-Girl's arms dropped to her side, and she nodded, hands settling behind her back.

After what seemed like five seconds, The tallest of all of them launched forward, must faster than the last… and I forgot what the hell I was supposed to be doing.

I received a good punch to my gut, and I winced. I caught his other hand before he could swing at my head. That hand was still loaded with an ice-blast as well. In a few seconds, I could hear someone talking, then I heard The Tallest give a little surprised bark.

I had remembered I could go intangible.

And-His hand was probably a block of ice by now.

"Fang-" I heard Leader-girl Spew, "Wha-"

This Fang, Or 'The Tallest' was staring at the hand that was all the way through my middle, and was moving it back and forth slowly, wondering what the heck was going on.

"What's the matter? Ghost got your Tongue?"

I couldn't help but ask, You know…

D --

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