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Chapter One

Robert Goren stood outside the precinct. He watched the busy streets of New York for any sign of his partner out of habit. She would no longer be coming down the street or anywhere else for that matter. She was in hiding. Somewhere he was not given the chance to know.

He remembered. They had been investigating an eccentric banker's death when they discovered a corruption within the banker's business. Alexandra Eames, his partner, had gone undercover alone and gotten too close for comfort to the head honcho. Her life had been threatened and so therefore, she had been placed in the federal Witness Protection Program.

The last night before she was taken to the Program, they spent the night alone. Seven years of being partners had chained them together. They were inseparable, but now they had to take time away from each other. Goren planned a nice evening of dinner and a movie. They ate at a nice four-star restaurant and rented a couple of movies to take back to his apartment. Goren snuggled close to her, memorizing everything about her. Her perfume was still on the clothes he wore that night. She knew his oddities and gave him her half-full perfume bottle and her pillow among other things, mostly things that could be set around the apartment.

She looked up at him, content on their current position and warmly smiled at him. He smiled back, and Alex took him by surprise. She kissed him softly. He was hesitant at first, not sure if she should have done that. It hadn't quite hit him that she was leaving. Alex was patient and let him take the lead. Now, away from the stiffness of work and professional life, Goren took the lead and kissed her more passionately.

They spent the one night making love and enjoying each other's company. The next day, she left for whereville. He missed her ever since and that was a week ago.

"Goren? Please come back in. We need to go over the material."

Goren came back to reality. His new partner, Julie Killman, stood at the top stair of their precinct. He was 6'5"; she was 5'5". Killman was in no way similar to Alex. He wasn't particularly fond of his new partner; she was a rookie like he had been once. However, he tried to be patient with her like Alex had been with him. So far, it was only halfway working.

Alex? Wherever you are…I hope you're safe and happy. He silently thought before heading back into the precinct with his partner.

Crash! A broken plate landed into the kitchen of Alexandra Eames. She had been preparing lunch and accidentally dropped a plate. Her thoughts were tied to Robert Goren, or Bobby – as she liked to call him – and how much she missed his company. She desperately wanted to call him and let him know that she was alive and okay, but she knew it was not an option. Until the threat on her life was over, she was stuck in this sleepy mountain town.

The Feds gave her the identity of Alexa Goren – at her request, of course – and that she was a secretary for the local police department. Granted, it wasn't anything compared to what she used to, but it was something to the life she once had. She was due to start on Monday, which was in three days. She was ready to get back into some kind of routine, but her heart still pulled for Bobby. Hoping to have at least a piece of her past with her, she was excited that they let her have his last name. It was like she had a part of him with her always, even if they may never see each other ever again.

No one has called her or seen her. She was alone. The Feds had left her alone after debriefing her and bringing her to her new house, a little cottage hidden in the woods. She had nothing with her, except a small photo of her and Bobby at an awards ceremony for them. They were the greatest team that had the most closed cases and most arrests. They hadn't caught her at snatching it. She smiled at his smile and genuine happiness. They were dancing, and it was so obvious that they were in a world of their own. She saw it now what she was surprised their bosses hadn't said anything. They were in love with each other.

Another picture she'd snatch was taken at the same place but they had each other within arm's reach smiling for the camera. She missed those days.

Bobby? Be safe and take care of yourself. She silently thought as she looked up to the ceiling.

She picked up the broken plate and threw it into the waste can, then she grabbed another one.