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Three Years Later...

Bobby and Mike lay the blanket on the ground in a grassy place while Alex and Carolyn set out drinks, paper plates, plastic utensils, and a variety of food. All four adults sat down. Nearby, seven-year-old Ian was leading his little two-year-old sister, Gracie, around along with Mike and Carolyn's one-year-old twins, Jace and Mallory. All four children were laughing excitedly.

It was spring time and Ian had been begging his parents and "relatives" to have a picnic. So on a Saturday in mid-May, the two families got together and had a picnic. They were so joined by Ross, his two sons, Deakins, his wife, and three grandchildren.

While the children played, the adults discussed several topics. In the end, Bobby and Alex were finally back to being Goren and Eames, the best NYPD detectives (aside from Mike and Carolyn, who were later paired together again) the world had every seen. They had additional people depending on them and a life neither expected that they would be in before Alex had to go into WPP. Now, the world was equal again.

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