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Never Leave You

"Bathroom…." was all Ron and Hermione heard Harry say as he bounded out of the drawing room at Grimauld Place. Hermione reached for her beaded hand bag and dug out the sleeping bags she had brought for herself, Harry, and Ron. After she laid them all out she sat next to Ron on the couch.

They had been silent the whole time Harry had been in the bathroom, but it was not an awkward silence, but rather a comfortable one.

"So this is it isn't it?" Hermione said breaking the silence. "Voldemort has started to take over everything and absolutely no one is safe…." She looked at Ron and he was just sitting there nodding his head as if he had a hard time saying it aloud.

After a few more minutes of comfortable silence Harry returned and immediately crawled into his sleeping bag. Hermione grabbed her pajamas and went into the bathroom. As she closed the door she leaned against it and sighed.

It was starting to sink in that this journey that she had just embarked on with her two very best friends could very well end in one of their deaths or possibly all of them. The very thought cause her to shudder. After running into those two Death Eaters earlier that night she realized that anywhere they went was not safe and they could easily be found.

As she changed into her pajamas she thought about how her feelings for Ron had developed from just friendship to something a little more over the last few years. Ron had always been there with her and she had started to fancy him and she hoped with all her heart that he fancied her as well. This summer while she was at the Burrow she noticed how he would just slightly touch her as he walked by or when she was sad he was immediately by her side with his arm around her. She admired him for the way he was so in tune with her feelings and her likes and dislikes.

Hermione brushed her teeth and headed back into the drawing room. She walked in and put her clothes away and turned around to crawl in bed. What she saw when she turned around made her smile. Ron had taken the cushions off of the couch and had placed them under her sleeping bag for her to sleep on.

Hermione crossed over to her sleeping bag and slid in so that she was lying on her stomach and Ron rolled over to face her.

"You comfortable?" he asked.

"Yes, thank you Ron." she said.

He smiled. They just lay there looking at eachother for a moment when Hermione quietly whispered, "Ron, I'm scared."

Ron looked at her and said, "What's wrong Hermione?"

"I've just been thinking," she started, "what if we get caught? What if Voldemort, honestly Ron don't shudder, what if he catches us? It would be aweful. Ron, I'm scared of dying. What if he kills one of us? I don't think I could survive if he did something to you……..or Harry." She added Harry's name onto the end even though she had no thought of saying his name in the first place.

A tear slid down her cheek and Ron reached over and brushed it away with his thumb. He stroked her hair and said, "Don't worry Hermione, everything will be ok."

"But what if he gets to you or Harry and I'm left all by myself?" she asked.

Ron grabbed her hand interlaced his fingers with hers and covered the top of her hand with his other hand and said, "Hermione, you are the bravest girl I know. If something were to happen to me or Harry I know you would be ok. But that's not going to happen. Hermione, I promise you that I will not leave you. I will always be beside you and protect you. It's going to be ok, alright?"

Hermione just faintly smiled and quietly said, "Ok." Ron smiled and rubbed the back of her hand with his thumb and said, "Let's get some sleep. It's been a long day." Hermione was sad then, she didn't want to let go of Ron's warm hand. She loved the way it felt in her own. His hand wasn't soft and smooth but it felt right and was a perfect fit with hers. She was surprised though when he rolled onto his back and continued to hold her hand and rub it with his thumb. Hermione smiled and allowed herself to close her eyes. She slept better that night than she had all summer, just because of Ron Weasley holding her hand.