Chapter 1 – The Twin Phoenixes

"You did so well today, Karin!" said Yuzu ecstatically, "That winning shot was amazing; I'll be sure to bake you something extra special when we get home"

"Ha! It's nothing, Yuzu. It's just what I'm good at . . . sort of like how you're a great chef!" replied Karin in a humbling tone.

Yuzu pondered this for a moment and then replied quickly, "Yeah, I guess you're right, but it was still a great shot." Karin smiled, and the two girls continued walking home together. The rest of the walk was rather quiet, for both of the girls were in their own worlds. Yuzu thinking about her entire family, while Karin continuously thought of how great of a sister Yuzu was.

Yuzu and Karin kept walking down the oh-so familiar path to home at a steady pace, staring at the scenery and other various things. "Look, Karin." Yuzu said, "The sun looks so pretty this evening." Karin shrugged this comment off, because she wasn't particularly interested. Slightly agitated, Yuzu decided to prod Karin to get her attention. Karin quickly turned around and nodded in agreement.

Karin paused and looked up to the sun. Yeah, it really is beautiful today, she thought to herself. Suddenly, Karin felt a strange tingling in her stomach. She had this feeling a few times before, and she knew exactly what it was. She grabbed Yuzu and said what seemed spontaneous to Yuzu, "Hey, Yuzu, I was wondering if you would be up for going a different way home this time." Yuzu looked at her awkwardly, shrugged and nodded in agreement.

Karin then grabbed her by the arm, and took a sharp right turn onto a different street, instead of going straight as they normally did. Now, at a more hurried pace, Yuzu had a little trouble keeping up with Karin by merely walking. As Yuzu jogged to catch up with the ever-quickening Karin, she stopped when she noticed a large, black tear in the sky. "Karin, what is that in the sky?" Yuzu anxiously inquired. Karin paused and tilted her head up sluggishly. She then paused in shock; she could barely bring the words out of her mouth, "Yuzu, run!" Yuzu looked at her baffled, and then Karin only pushed forward and repeated, "Run!"

Both girls ran at a full sprint in the opposite direction. In a stuttered speech, Yuzu asked Karin, "Why are we running? What is that thing, Karin?" Karin only continued to run. Yuzu asked again, and then Karin finally replied, "There is no time now, just keep running." Soon, enough, there was half of a body of a large, demon-like creature with a white bone-like mask on its face, slowly prying its way out of the rip in space. Then, there was a great roar across the plane. Yuzu turned around and saw the beast. In astonishment, Yuzu fell and shouted Karin's name. Karin rapidly turned back to aid Karin, but it was almost too late. The creature had already gotten out of the hole and was heading in their direction.

Helping her now-injured sister from the ground, she dragged her slowly upon her shoulder. This proved useless, but she would not leave her sister there to die. As the beast drew closer, she let her sister down and retrieved her soccer ball from her mesh-bag that was strewn upon her back. The beast was now only around fifty feet away from them. Karin was terrified, but she braved through her fear in order to protect her sister. As she dribbled the spotted ball between her legs, the beast only stared. Soon, she let out a cry and launched the ball with all of her might towards the tremendous ogre. As the ball whizzed through the air, it emitted a faint, yellow glow, and made a faint whistling sound, like a small bird continuously chirping on one note in the distance.

The ball then battered the beast, which caused a cloud of dust to surround its shoulder. Karin stood there and merely glared at the monster; Yuzu, also staring in anticipation noticed the beast was not phased by Karin's attack. It then chuckled and unhurriedly neared closer to the girls as a red and black ball of energy started to form in front of its mouth. Then, there was a small silhouette, which eclipsed the sun that swiftly descended down from the sky in front of Yuzu and Karin. "Ichigo!" the girls howled in excitement and relief. Ichigo glanced back at the two and then returned his stare at the beast. "Ah! So you must be pretty strong if you can use cero, hollow." Ichigo sarcastically joked to the hollow.

The hollow's eyes then shifted from amusement to anger, and the energy that was being collected in the form of a sphere in front of the hollows mouth bulleted forward towards Ichigo and the girls. Ichigo snickered and then raised his colossal blade just above his head. When the beam hit his zanpakuto, he tossed his arm wielding the blade to the right of his body. When this happened, the cero blast was deflected to that same direction.

Ichigo then moved toward the hollow so quickly, that neither Yuzu, nor Karin could see him. When he reappeared, he was adjacent to the hollow. Confused by where Ichigo had gone, the hollow frantically looked around to find Ichigo. When he finally saw him, he jutted backwards to evade any upcoming attacks. Ichigo then pushed the hollow even further backward with the flat of his blade, as a titanic, yellow ray of light descended upon him. When he was completely engulfed by the ray, he recklessly tried to break out; all efforts were unsuccessful.

The hollow stared at Ichigo and chuckled, "What a pleasant surprise" he said in a raspy voice, "instead of rescuing me, they caught themselves a powerful Shinigami. Too bad, too; now you can't save these two girls, no matter how hard you try"

Infuriated, Ichigo replied, "Bastard!"

The hollow only laughed as Ichigo proceeded in his ascent towards the legion of hollows. The hollow then continued towards Yuzu and Karin. The girls, staring in astonishment and fright, quickly reversed their feelings to anger and hate. Both girls let out a shriek as they saw Ichigo disappear into Hueco Mundo. Soon, their emotions stirred, depression, anger and fear moved them into hate. When this hate was formed, an imbalance in their untapped source of reiatsu was unlocked; soon, the reiatsu went through their entire body, eventually, it reached their spirit chains. As the chain was induced with the great amount of reiatsu, the chain started to dismantle; bit by bit each segment started to disappear, once the final chain broke, the ground started to break beneath them and a faint glow continuously developed larger around their small bodies. Soon, the glow altered itself into a large explosion of energy as Yuzu rose from the ground, which formed a cloud of dust and debris around the street. When the dust cleared, it revealed Yuzu and Karin in a black kimono, with a katana at each of their side. "We look like, Ichigo, Yuzu." Karin said in amazement.

Yuzu was about to utter something, but was then interrupted the by hollow, "My, my, three shinigami in just one night. What a treat." The hollow then began to collect energy in front of its mouth again. The girls were not fearful of this and only unsheathed their swords. As their naked blades glimmered in the light of the cero, the girls gazed at the hollow ready to attack, but then, almost instantaneously a large man with a beard and a shinigami captain's uniform appeared behind the hollow. The hollow whipped around to see what was going on, but before it could make even a 180 degree turn, it was cut in half and dissolved into the wind. Yuzu and Karin stared and then gasped.

"Dad?" both girls shouted simultaneously. The man pivoted towards them and only grinned.