Chapter 6 – The Fights Have Begun

"You've both done very well," Urahara cheered, while performing a slow but loud clap for both of them, "Now, with that being said, I believe it is time for you to go, but before you go, I'd like you two to have these," Urahara handed them both a badge like one you would see a Boy Scout wear with the same insignia that were on Jinta and Ururu's gloves.

Urahara was quickly interuppted, "Wait! That's it? No bankai? No real fighting, are you kidding me? All we get are these little trinkets?" Karin retorted. Urahara smiled at this, she was just like Ichigo; rushing through everything. Urahara simply shook his head and said a few things to comfort her. Still not satisfied, but accepting of the situation, after returning to her body, Karin left the room with Yuzu at hand.

"And that's how I almost beat Aizen," Tessai said briskly to Isshin when he noticed the man's two daughters arrival. Isshin said his goodbyes to Tessai and took the girls out of the Urahara shop. Both girls looked at him, they noticed that he looked more serious than usual. I guess it's expected, Karin thought, everybody has been feeling the same way. There walk was quiet, each of them still restless with the fact that yet another member of their family was gone, each of them knew this was what was on the others' minds which gave them a sense of placidness.

Isshin decided to break the silence, "So, what did you two do down there while I was upstairs?" The girls retold the events and Isshin muttered under his breath, "Who would have thought my violent, physical daughter would have sucked at combat and been good at kidou?" Karin heard him and was about to hurt him, but she quickly sensed something. Isshin did too. Both of them looked at where their senses directed them and as expected, a hollow was appearing. Yuzu wondered why both of them had stopped and hurried back with a confused look on her face. Karin tapped her shoulder, pointing to the direction in which the hollow was coming from.

Yuzu immediately noticed how much smaller the hollow was then the one they encountered the previous night. She looked at her father, expecting him to save them again, but he stood there and did nothing. Both girls were looking at him now and he said, "I'm not always going to be here to help, this hollow is weak, and I know you two can take it," Isshin pointed to the badges that were handed to them only a few minutes ago by the strange man who wore sandals, "Use those to turn into shinigami," Yuzu quickly raised hers into the sky above her head as the sunlight made it glisten, but nothing happened. Isshin quickly instructed them how to use it and they then hit their chests with the small, bronze objects. Soon enough, their living bodies fell and they stood their as shinigami.

Karin glanced back at her father for reassurance when she noticed her sister was already charging towards the beast. Karin quickly joined Yuzu, she wasn't letting her get hurt, that was her duty. Yuzu quickly drew her blade, and hopped many feet into the air with ease. As the blonde-haired girl raised her arms above her head, the hollow tried to defend itself with one of its four arms. Yuzu cut it off with no second thoughts and went straight for the hollows head to be grabbed by one of the other arms.

Karin was frightened, but knew what she had to do, now at a full sprint, she went to rescue her sister. An arm came down at her, but she blocked it. Brushing the gargantuan arm off to the side, inflicting a small wound at the same time, she stabbed the hollow's other arm that was holding Yuzu. It let out a cry so loud and high-pitched that Karin had to cover her ears. Yuzu remained imperturbable and scrambled to the monsters head. She raised her sword over her head and let it down into her newest enemy's skull. The sound of the cracking mask gave her some sort of pleasure, and she continued to dig deeper, twisting her sword gently to break the mask completely.

Isshin noticed what she was doing and quickly grabbed her. The hollow's mask broke and started to fade away. Karin looked up. She knew why the hollow was so small, she knew why it screamed in such pain, she knew why her father had grabbed Yuzu. It was a child, no older than six or seven. Karin was horrified, but soon saw a smile work its way onto the little boy's face and finally disappear.

Yuzu saw the blue orb, which she instinctively knew was a soul rise up to the sky, but then she asked her father why he grabbed her – she thought she was doing fine. Isshin replied, "Do not ever go directly for a hollow's mask. You could get more hurt than you would ever imagine," Yuzu returned to her old, cheerful self and tried to inquire more, but her father asserted himself and left it at that. Karin needed no explanation as to why one shouldn't go for the mask.