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Amy was standing with her boyfriend and his brother at the gorilla position. She was pacing back and forth in front of the two as they just leaned against the wall in a laid back fashion.

"Amy, quit stressing," Matt said. "Why are you freaking out so much? You just have to stand there and look pretty."

Amy stopped her pacing and faced her boyfriend.

"Good job, Matt," Jeff whispered to his brother. He knew that Amy was about to explode.

"Just stand there and look pretty? I'm sorry, Matt, that I actually care about my boyfriend! I don't want you to do this match! Okay, I want you to do that match but I sure as hell don't want you to pull that spot!"

"Ames, we aren't called Team Xtreme for nothing," Jeff interjected as he rolled his eyes.

"Jeff, you aren't the one that has to fucking jump off of the jumbotron!" Amy yelled as she threw her arms up in disgust over the whole idea. "Not the WWE titantron, the arena's jumbotron. That thing has got to be at least one hundred feet in the air!"

"Amy," Matt said, wrapping Amy in his arms to calm her down and to stop her pacing, "I've been training to take this fall for months now. I'll be fine, baby."

"Accidents happen, Matt! This is…this is just how Owen went. That was a freak accident, too. And it doesn't help that you're doing a Swanton Bomb off of the fucking thing, and that's not even your finisher!"

Matt held in some laughter "Amy, you know why I'm doing the Swanton. Christian and Jeff are going to take each other out and pretend to be hurt. The ref is going to throw the X up to say that the injuries are legit. They'll get carried out on stretchers. I take out my anger on Edge for his partner taking out my baby brother. After I lay him out on a table on the outside of the ring by the ramp, I get some encouragement to climb the lighting scaffolds on the stage and head up to the catwalks above the ring. And you know who is supposed to tell me to get up there, right?"

"Yeah," Amy huffed. "Me."

"Correct!" Matt smiled. "And then I hop onto the jumbotron, toss up the Jeff Hardy guns and perform a one hundred foot Swanton Bomb, dedicated to my little brother. I'll be fine Amy. It will especially be easy to sell. That's gotta hurt."

"Yeah, because that makes it sound better," Amy replied as she rolled her eyes in her sarcasm.

Their argument started once Howard Finkel started to announce the match. This was Wrestlemania, after all. "The following contest is a TLC match for the World Tag Team Championship! Introducing first, the challengers…"

Team Xtreme walked out to the ring. The boys hopped in the ring as Lita stood on the outside.

Edge and Christian came out next. They were the current World Tag Team Champions. TLC matches were their specialty, and this match was called on their terms. After Edge and Christian handed their glasses and title belts to the referee, the ref hung up their title belts and they creeped back up towards the ceiling until they were hanging at the appropriate height. The bell rung and the match begun.

A good twenty minutes into the match, Christian and Jeff were both laying on the outside of the ring. Christian ended up setting up the table that would end up being smashed by Matt landing on Edge. What had happened was Christian received a Twist of Fate from Jeff off of the ladder, followed by a Swanton Bomb off of the ladder. After Jeff was tired and hurt from both of those moves, Edge gave him a vicious Spear.

Matt ended up taking over in Edge's beat down whilst the paramedics came and carried Jeff and Christian away to the safety of the locker room where they could continue to watch the match while eating cake and drinking soda.

Lita, as she was meant to, helped Matt beat the holy hell out of Edge. There were no disqualifications in a TLC match, and they took full advantage of that. Once Edge was beaten to a bloody pulp, the remaining members of Team Xtreme propped Edge up against the ropes and gave Edge a tough double clothesline. After he landed on the concrete floor, they picked him up and placed him on the table that Christian had earlier set up.

The real life couple looked at each other and smiled. Lita looked up towards the sky and saw the arena's jumbotron high above. She pointed skyward and Matt got the hint. He looked over at Edge and Lita assured him that he wouldn't be going anywhere. Matt jogged up to the stage and started to climb the lighting scaffold on the right side of the stage. Once he got up there, he hopped on top of the WWE titantron which was about four feet below the nearest catwalk. Matt climbed up onto the catwalk and carefully made his way to the middle of the arena. When he was where he wanted to be, he bent below the guard rail the carefully stepped onto the jumbotron.

He tiptoed over to the side that was facing the stage. He surveyed his fall, peering down at Edge, a crimson mess on the table. Lita was looking back up on him, and he could just make out he worried look on her face.

Matt stood up to his full height and turned his head from the right to the left, glancing over the crowd. With a primal yell, he formed both of his hands into the guns that his brother would use, telling everyone that this was for Jeff. Matt took a deep breath in and let go of his fears, jumping down and flipping over halfway down.

As Matt fell, Amy let out a sigh of relief. He's got it, she thought to herself.

She thought too soon.

They didn't realize it at the time, but the table was too close to the ring. Matt did successfully perform the Swanton Bomb. His midsection crashed onto Edge and broke the table.

Matt also broke something of his own.

Seeing as the table was too close, and Matt always wanting to do everything correctly, Matt wanted to get Edge right, even at the expense of his own body.

This time, it was at the risk of his own life.

Just as the table cracked, so did Matt's skull.

You see, Matt hit the back of his head on the ring as he hit Edge.

Amy nearly fainted. She rushed over to Matt and dropped to her knees by his side. The paramedics were instantly there. They wrapped a towel around his head to clean up the blood that was pouring out. They finally got him on a stretcher and they rushed him out to the hospital, Amy running faster than the paramedics with Matt.

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