Ok guys, I don't normally write this kind of stuff, but my friend has been encouraging me, so here it is for all you EO finatics out there. I'm one too. lol

This short little ditty was inspired by GloryBox by Portishead. El makes Liv feel like a woman...ahem, lol. So if you want to give the song a listen, might put you in the mood. Ok, I'll stop now. Just read it and enjoy, but not too much... ;-)


Olivia sat in the stiff chair, back arching uncomfortably over the stack of reports they needed to finish. Daring to look at the clock, she sighed loudly. God, when did it get so late?

Stealing a glance at her partner, he was equally tense, and had been overly moody at work lately.

They were coming down from a fierce battle, tempers flaring all day. It had not been a good one, and she longed to go home, but she didn't want to leave it like this. She hated leaving angry, especially at El. But was he in the mood to make up?

She realized they were alone, their Captain had left nearly an hour ago, and he was apparently the last one, besides them.

Getting up, she felt the need for both energy and conversation, the solution was always coffee. She smiled to herself. Cop-talk conversation starter.

"I'm getting a cup of coffee, you want one?" She looked hopefully at him.

"No." He was apparently still angry. At her?

Rolling her eyes at him, she walked over to the coffee cart, grabbed the coffee pot and tipped it over a flimsy white cup. A single drop made contact with the bottom of the empty and now useless container. Damnit Munch!

She slammed the pot back into its cradle, letting out an exasperated growl.

Elliot looked up, slightly alarmed. "What?"

She took a deep breath and leaned her hands on the counter; her back remained to her partner. "Munch drank the last of the coffee."

Elliot shrugged and looked back down at his work. "Make more."

Frustration swelled up inside her. "What, a whole pot for myself? Good idea El."

He looked up, hearing her tone of voice. "What's your problem?"

She gripped the counter, not wanting to turn and lash out at him. Telling herself that she was tired, he was moody, now was not the time to mix words. But she couldn't stop herself. He could be such an ass.

She turned to face him, seeing his accusing look made her snap. "My problem Stabler, is that you have been walking around here all day in a shitty mood and I get to bare the brunt of it. But you apparently don't want to confide in me, even when I tried to talk to you earlier. So I should be asking you, what's your problem?"

He just stared at her, a dangerous look crossed his face, and for a second she thought he might come after her. Then his face went blank again and he looked back down at the work on his desk. "Maybe you should go home Olivia."

"What?" She was so angry and frustrated. Why is he so damn stubborn?

"I'm tired. I'm not in the mood to talk about this, especially not to…" He stopped, regretting his words.

"What… To me? That's it, isn't it?" She switched emotions so fast, her body barely had time to keep up, anger to sadness, her heart felt shattered. "Whatever El, just forget it, I'll finish tomorrow, I gotta go." She moved deliberately to her desk, grabbing her coat and turning towards the doors.

Elliot watched her in stunned silence. He couldn't leave it like this, he couldn't let her go.

Getting up, he moved towards her retreating frame. "Liv… Please, wait."

She stopped, but didn't turn around. She didn't want to betray her emotions to him. He couldn't know how much his words had hurt her. Damn him, why does he always have this affect on me?

"What El? There's not really anything to say, ok." She just wanted to get out of there, out those doors and to safety. Away from these dangerous emotions twisting inside her.

She felt him close, too close, but didn't move away. The feel of his body, his heat was so intense. She wanted to run, not trusting her strength, her will power. The pressure of his hand found her shoulder, an act of reassurance, of friendship, she knew that, but why did it speed up her heart rate, sending shivers throughout her body?

He felt a tremor and leaned in closer, pressing himself against her. "Liv, are you ok?"

No. "I'm fine." She was such a liar.

"I didn't mean…" He couldn't find the words. "All my hours away from home, I just never saw it till it happened."

"What?" She knew she shouldn't let him finish, but he needed to talk and she was his partner.

"When we separated, all I wanted was my family back, I will always love them, more than anything." Was she jealous of that love?

He sighed deeply, stepping back slightly. She didn't want him to, but there was safety in distance.

"But now, with Kathy, it's just not there anymore, and I…" He was quiet for a long time, the silence felt heavy, pressing in on them. She turned to face him, to see his eyes.

He looked up at her, their eyes meeting; there was a fire there, almost too intense to bear. "…I'm afraid that I made a mistake."

She stood so still she feared any movement and she'd fall and break, shatter across the squad room floor. "El…"

He moved closer, just one step but even that incremental increase in heat was too much for her. She fought to control her breathing.

His gaze never wavered, his focus direct and overwhelming. "I made a mistake." He moved in so swiftly, she wasn't aware till she was looking up at him, feeling his hands cupping her hips.

"El…" She was terrified of her feelings. "Don't make another one."

He smiled at her, fierce and feral. "I'm not." He leaned in and pressed his lips against hers, pressure building inside them, needing release; years worth of longing and stolen looks and fevered thoughts. Now it was happening, and she needed more, craved it. She slid her hands around his muscular frame, clawing through his thin dress shirt. She returned the kiss with brutal force, parting her lips, allowing his tongue to explore her mouth. Their heat scorching, they breathed each other in. She had dreamed of his lips, his touch, so strong and inviting. His hands exploring her body, relinquishing all control, she surrendered to his embrace.

He picked her up, lifting her into his arms, pressing her against him, so close she could feel the steady beat of his heart. He carried her to his desk, swiping the tedious files off the surface in a flurry of scattered paper. She laughed at the site, watching the papers glide to the floor, smiling at Elliot's enthusiasm. He set her atop the desk; she leaned into him, inhaling his intoxicating scent. Never had she wanted or needed someone more than at this moment.

"El… I need you." Her voice muffled against his neck.

He reached down and lifted her shirt above her head, pitching it aside in one graceful movement. Leaning back, he took her in, a hungry look in his eyes. She returned his gaze, as she slowly unbuttoned his shirt, kissing his chest as she went. Buttons undone, shirt lying open, she caressed his muscular form, tracing the creases with her finger tips. Lifting her hands to his shoulders, she moved the shirt along his broad frame till it fell to the floor at his feet. He smiled, leaning in to taste her neck, the feel of his teeth sent a jolt through her body, and she gripped his back tightly, digging her nails into bare skin.

His hands found their way to her belt, undoing the clasp, one quick snap of the wrist and he had slid the belt through all the loops. She listened as the gun and badge hit the floor with a dull thud. She mimicked his movements, unsnapping the clip on his belt, slicing the leather through his work trousers, the whoosh as it whipped out and across the room. Pleased with the satisfying sound as his gun and badge dropped to the floor, taking refuge with hers. There was symbolism there. She laughed at the thought.

He slid her tight jeans off curved hips; leaning down, he ran his tongue along her stomach, tasting her scorching flesh, teasing her. He stood again, arms moved around to her back, and released the snap of her bra, watching as the fabric fell away, revealing her completely. There was no shame, no insecurity in her nakedness, she felt safe with Elliot, it felt right.

She reached again for his pants, undoing the button, she watched as they dropped to join his shirt. She could feel his need for her, and she pulled him into her embrace. "Now El…"

He kissed her deep, the pressure increasing as their bodies connected, a gasp escaping her lips. She wrapped her arms around his neck as he gripped her hips, firm but gentle. They moved together, their bodies instantly finding the perfect rhythm, having to break away from the kiss, her breathing deep and hurried. She could feel his rapid breath along her shoulder, the heat of it sending chills along her back.

The clashing of their bodies became more frenzied, slick sweat beading along their skin, hearts racing, breath rushed and labored, their minds were dizzy with lust. All they could feel was need, the rapture was all consuming. A final burst of air broke from her lungs as her nails dug into the soft flesh of his sides, their bodies convulsing, tremors holding them hostage. They collapsed upon the desk, bodies entwined, she held him close, feeling his substantial weight atop her, pinning her beneath him. They struggled to catch their breath, focused on the residual sensations within their bodies. She wanted to lie here with him forever.

After tonight they would need to deal with the consequences, find their place again, but for right now, she was here with him, and it was everything.