Title: Unplugged

Author: Amethyst Hunter

Word count: 200

Rating: G

Warnings/Spoilers: None

Notes: Done for ugbun's birthday. I'm sorry this is so late, but I hope you enjoy it:)

Disclaimer: I don't own any GBers.

Summary: Electric eels are a handy thing to have around during emergencies!


The sudden hissing noise from the electrical outlet made clear to everyone in the Honky Tonk that the coffee machine was sizzling in a way it never ought to. After the fireworks died down, Paul cautiously poked at it.

"Well, that does it. She's fried for the day," he announced, with more than a hint of irritation in his voice. On top of his regulars' ever-mounting bill, rewiring a charred outlet was yet another expense to pile on.

"You mean – " Ban was horrified by the thought that he wouldn't have his daily cup of coffee. Caffeine was a vital link in the food chain for retrievers, after all.

"'Fraid so," the master told him unsympathetically.

A pronounced crackling of electricity over knuckles next to Ban drew their attention. Ginji smiled, a sly expression that bore a disturbing resemblance to Dr. Jackal's. "Well, that depends," he said.

"On what?" his partner demanded.

Ginji smirked. "I still want that ice cream cone, Ban-chan…"

"I said no! We need the money to bail the car out of hock!"

Ginji shrugged. "No ice cream, no coffee."

"Why you – that's dirty pool!"

Ginji grinned unrepentantly. "He who has the current, makes the rules, Ban-chan!"