Dear Naruto,

I hate you. I can't stop thinking about you. Why? It pisses me off so much. We are rivals. You don't think about your rival the way I think about you! It's wrong! I try to justify these feelings, but the one thing that keeps coming back over and over is... god, I can't say it. The way you make me feel when you smile at me is so real and there, I just can't ignore it anymore. I tried, I really did, but the feelings just get stronger. Our friendship is the same, the more we fight the stronger we get. How can the one who makes me stronger be the same person who makes me feel so weak? You make my legs shake and my belly squirm every time you get too close to me or give me that rare, but cute smile. You hardly ever smile for me. I nearly go mad every time you do though. I can tell, I am the only one you give your real smile to. You always smile at people. You are like me, you have your mask you made for the worlds viewing. Sometimes, when we are alone and the time is rite, I let my mask fall and I smile for you. Only you. I shouldn't do that, it's not safe. Neither is the way I feel for you. You are a risk, you have gotten close enough to hurt me if you wanted. I should know better. I hate how weak you make me feel. Your eyes can easily look rite through me. I just can't hide from you, or rather, I don't. Naruto, ever sense we became shinobi, I have been in love with you. Naruto Uzumaki... I love you.

Yours forever,

Uchiha Sasuke.

The Uchiha boy looked over the letter one last time, then shoved it gently into the waiting envelope and walked out of his house to find a surtin blond.

This is my first fan fic so please don't be too mean. Its also 3:30AM so the writing energy is a little low, sorry. Well, i hope you liked it anyway! I think I'll try some smut next!