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Fawkes flew slowly towards the entrance to the Chamber as the four passengers began to relax. Ginny burrowed closer into Harry's grasp and as her mind began to wander along with the phoenix's song her last coherent thought was "Never will I go with another, never will I be another's. Truly I am his." Lost in the gloom of the tunnels was the flash of golden light that briefly encircled her wrist.

Molly and Arthur were not happy with Minister Fudge at the moment. "We will not allow our daughter to be forced to relive the events of the past few weeks Minister!" Madam Pomfrey decided to weigh in with her professional advice as well "The girl is to weak at the moment for the questioning you want to do and as her Healer, I forbid you to continue."

Fudge sighed and put the bottle of veritaserum back in his pocket, "Very well Poppy. Please inform me when she is well enough to answer some questions." He turned and left thinking to himself that Lucius and the Board of Governors will just have to wait for their answers.

Later that evening, after dinner, Harry found his way to the hospital wing and sat talking with the Weasley family as they waited for their daughter to awaken. Harry's eyes kept being drawn to the girl, regardless of whom he was talking to at the time. Molly and Arthur both noticed this and thought that perhaps it wasn't a bad thing they already thought of him as a good friend, maybe Ginny might become something more.