Marmalade Boy: The lost episodes of Senior Year

Episode 1

Author Note: This Fanfiction takes place at the end of the anime series. It begins directly from the last episode, #76, after Miki and Yuu's talk with their parents regarding their relationship. It is my utmost intent to keep the fanfiction as close to the original story line as is possible, based on my knowledge of the series. This is a continuing series, currently consisting of 9 chapters with plans for a few more in the hopefully near future.

Disclaimer: Marmalade Boy is a manga created by Wataru Yoshizumi, which was later adapted by Toei Animation into a 76-episode anime TV series. I claim no rights to the characters or original story line.

After confessing their love for one another to their parents and getting it straightened out that they were not half brother and sister, Miki's Father Jin told them to "Feel free to date or whatever."

Rumi, Miki's Mother, even asked, "Did you really think we didn't know about you two?"

"Day by day it was a joy to see you two falling in love," added Chiyako, Yuu's Mother.

Miki's head spun, she could hardly believe their parents. All this time when she and Yuu thought they were being so careful, and their worries over how their parents would react to their relationship, it was all for nothing. If it weren't for so many people being around her, she thought she might collapse again. As it were, Jinny, Doris, and Meiko were all crowded around her.

"Well Now!" Exclaimed Rumi as she clapped her hands together. "Since we're here, in America, what shall we do?"

"I Know, I Know!" Chiyako cried excitedly while jumping up and down with one arm raised high above her. "Let's tour New York!"

"Sounds like a great idea," Jin agreed, nodding his head in sync with Chiyako's jumping.

"Hey Brian, do you think you could give us some sight seeing and hotel recommendations?" Asked Yuu's father, Youji, placing an arm around Brian's shoulders.

"Uh…..Y-Yeah, sure," Brian, one of Yuu's classmates, stumbled over his words and glanced at his girlfriend Doris for assistance.

"YEAH!!" Exclaimed a quartet of voices as Miki and Yuu's parents embraced one another with Brian and Doris caught in the middle. "We'll see you back at home," they all winked to Yuu and Miki as they escorted Brian and Doris through the door.

"Michael, you don't mind that Meiko and I join you for the night, do you?" Hinted Satoshi while draping one arm over Michael's shoulders and the other arm over Meiko's to guide them towards the door.

Miki and Yuu blinked back at Bill and Jinny, surprised over the sudden departures. "Uh…Well…" Bill began as he started to wrap an arm around Jinny's waist.

"Actually, I was hoping that Miki might take a short walk with me," interrupted Jinny, pulling out of Bill's embrace.

"S-Sure," Miki stumbled over her words, unsure of being alone with the girl across from her. Especially not after their last encounter alone. Yet Jinny appeared to be dating with Bill now. Everyone had been especially nice to her since her incident in Manhattan, Miki thought to herself.

"Bill and I have a few things to discuss anyway. We'll meet up with the two of you in a bit." Explained Yuu while giving Miki a gentle nudge.

Miki followed Jinny out onto the school grounds and down a walking path. Keeping her eyes on the beauty around her she nearly bumped into Jinny who had just stopped in front of her. "I'm sorry, I wasn't paying attention!" Miki quickly stammered.

"You're too kind…" Jinny smiled slightly before taking on a more serious look. "You are not the one who should apologize."

Miki studied the girl across from her blankly for a moment. Miki thought the girl to be really pretty, a lot like Arimi. Also like Arimi, Jinny had tried to steal Yuu's affections. Yet, could it be possible that, like Arimi, Jinny's interest had changed? Jinny now seemed really close to Yuu's roommate, Bill.

Jinny broke eye contact from Miki, suddenly feeling very awkward about what she had to do. She raised a hand to her cheek, remembering how Bill had slapped her after discovering what she had said to Miki the last time she had flown to New York to see Yuu. "I am the one who needs to apologize to you," Jinny began. "Nothing ever happened between Yuu and I. You are the only one in his heart." Pausing for a moment, Jinny grabbed both of Miki's hands and stared at her intensely. "I am so sorry for causing so much pain between you two. Yuu loves you very very much. When he thought your relationship was over, he would sit out on the roof for hours every night looking at the stars. He wouldn't let anyone close to him. Now even Anju."

Miki blinked rapidly to keep her tears from falling. She was deeply moved by Jinny's apology, but it pained her heart thinking that Yuu loved her too much to cheat on her, yet she had dated Kei because she was so lonely. Clearly Yuu loved her more and she suddenly felt unworthy of such deep devotion.

Seeing the tears in Miki's eyes, Jinny felt horrible and sniffed back tears of her own before hugging Miki as though she were a long lost sister. "Pull yourself together, Miki, Yuu and Bill are coming," Jinny whispered before pulling away to hold Miki out at arms length. "I promise you that if I ever see any other girls looking at Yuu with interest, I'll be the first to tell them to back off because his heart is already taken."

Quickly rubbing at her eyes, Miki smiled gratefully at Jinny and noted the sound of footsteps coming up from behind her. "Thank you, Jinny."

"Miki's smile was more then words could say and Jinny immediately felt lighter and a sisterly affection towards her. Jinny practically skipped to Bills side. Looping her arm into Bills she exclaimed in a cheerful voice. "Ok, lets go!" Looking at Yuu, she added, "You better take good care of her!"

Yuu pulled Miki into an embrace, not sure what to think about what Jinny had said. Upon looking down at Miki's face, his stomach flipped at the site of her tear filled eyes. Seeing the question and concern in his eyes, Miki immediately wiped at her eyes and smiled brightly. "It's nothing, don't worry about it!" Miki responded in her most cheerful voice. Not entirely convinced, the depth of Yuu's gaze deepened. "Really!" Miki smiled, turning out of his embrace and pulling him further down the path. "Show me more of your school, Yuu, Please?!"

That afternoon was spent touring Miki around the campus of St. Andrews high School. Yuu had spent the remainder of his junior year and would attend his senior year here in America.

That evening, Yuu ordered pizza delivery and they ate together in the common room of the dorm. It was quiet and slightly awkward. She and Yuu had been alone together often enough at their home in Japan, but this place was strange to her. She didn't understand English well enough to follow the show playing over the T.V. and thus the noise seemed more silent.

Noting her uneasiness, Yuu stuffed the last bite of pizza into his mouth and started to gather up the empty pizza box, of which he had eaten the most, tossed it into the garbage and walked around the sofa to turn off the television.

At that moment the phone rang. Having blinked out of her daze, Miki and Yuu stared at one another for a moment. "Now who could that be?" Yuu wondered, walking out into the hall to answer the call.

"Hello?" Yuu answered in the traditional English American custom.

"Hi, Yuu?" Came Satoshi's voice over the receiver.

"Satoshi-san? Hi, is everything ok?" Yuu questioned back in his native language.

"Yes, everything is well. I was just calling to let you know that I have arranged for our flight back to Japan. Michael, Miki, Meiko, and I will leave tomorrow at 9:25 in the morning," Satoshi Informed him.

"Hai, Satoshi-san. Domo Arigotou," thanked Yuu as he returned Miki's look of confusion with a smile.

"Good, Brian told me to tell you we will be there bright and early to pick you and Miki up in the morning. He said also that your parents are staying at The Shoreham Hotel, where they plan to stay the remainder of the week. They will be calling you later to make plans for the five of you to fly home together," Satoshi explained before adding, "I expect that everything is well over there?"

"We just finished eating dinner," answered Yuu

"Ok, now listen to me, Yuu," Satoshi began. "You and Miki have another year during which you will be in America. You don't want to do anything that is going to make the situation harder then it needs to be on both of you." Satoshi paused, waiting for a form of acknowledgement. "Do you understand me, Yuu? Don't take advantage of the situation."